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Do You Want More People Commenting On Your Blog?

When looking back at my blogs I get the feeling that although I am doing all the right things and most of my blogs are getting lots of hits, very few people are taking the time to comment. Now if you’re like me you just have to agree that getting comments virtually breathes life into a blog. Without comments it’s sort of like talking to the wind. If we think of our blog as a room and the readers as visitors to that room then perhaps getting that initial comment would be like what would happen when someone breaks the silence and a conversation ensues. So, what we need is a way to break the ice, and what better way than to offer an incentive and the incentive that I have in mind is that we return the favor by commenting on a post on their blog.

Considering the vast amount of bloggers out there who would dearly love to increase the comments on their blog I reckon the solution should be very popular. I want to start a “You Comment And I Will Comment On Your Blog” movement, and to show who is involved in the movement we should display the following icon.

In addition I feel that like the ‘dofollow’ movement we should also get rid of the no-follow tags that is standard with most blogs.

Anyone who wants to get involved in this movement needs to meet the following requirements

  1. Always follow the commenter to their blog and leave a comment otherwise it defeats the purpose of the movement.
  2. Try to leave a quality comment that relates to the post. Comments like, ‘nice blog’, or ‘nice post’ should be avoided.
  3. Do not spam while commenting. Yeah I know this is obvious but I don’t think we should leave anything to chance.
  4. Let people know you are part of the movement by displaying the icon. If you don’t like mine feel free to make one of your own.

Displaying the icon is as simple as copying the following code onto your blog. The code will also link to this post but it would be a great idea if you introduce your readers to the movement by providing your own post.

<!–Start I Follow–>
<a href=””<img title=”You Comment And I Will Comment Back” src=”” alt=”You Comment And I Will Comment Back” height=”40″ width=”88″>
<!–End I Follow–>

If there are any other requirements that you think we should add to make this a better system then why not leave me a comment.

Before you leave I want you to just think about all the blogs you have left a comment on, and how many of the bloggers have actually reciprocated?

Edit: In case you are worried that any Tom, Dick or Harry from a totally unrelated blog, leaves a comment forcing you to reciprocate, something that you would not be comfortable with, then perhaps you could set a few rules in your comment policy.

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  1. Great idea! Glad I thought of it over a month ago. :-D

    Of course my graphic is a bit big and in your face. (I want to make sure people see it)

    Seriously though, we all need to do something like this and get a commenting frenzy going till commenting becomes automatic for everyone.

    If bloggers commented on just 25% of the posts they read each day then there would be enough comments to go around and no blog would have to look like the author is talking to himself. And giving 25% will have a million% return. Trust me.

    And when you are commenting, don’t even bother to check pages to see if they are nofollow first. Checking is wasting your time. Just leave the comment. There is great benefit to commenting besides SEO…like winning loyal readers.

    Let your thoughts flow freely and the traffic to your site will too.

    apps last blog post..Barbie Wants to Code

  2. Well app, I didn’t expect to be the first to come up with this idea. the blogging world being as big as it is, but I was hoping that it had some interesting unique qualities that other bloggers might pick up on. Oh, I did find yours to be pretty good, perhaps it was that woman’s touch? :wink_ee:

    Sires last blog post..Mother Humpback Deserts Her Calf In Sydney

  3. Hey kristarella, so nice of you to stop by. I am just trying to add that bit of incentive, and I am only trying it on this blog in case it takes off and I get swamped by comments. :cheese1_ee: Unless that happens I will reply to all quality comments.

    This is something I try to do on all my blogs anyway, but I am going to make a special effort on this one.

    Sires last blog post..Fridays Funnies #9 Mother Knows Best

  4. I am familiar with “You Comment, I Follow” blog culture on the web, but I have to admit, I haven’t officially taken a part in it.

    So, this call to action is just what I needed.

    I will go ahead and make that commitment, and I’m even going to add this blog to my blogroll. You post good stuff, so that’s a no brainer anyway :-)

    Thanks for this, and for the free icon!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words I.C., I can assure you that it is really appreciated and surely does lift up my blogging spirits.

      I am sure that if more of us get behind this it is sure to succeed. Also the more bloggers that are following the movement the greater selection that will present itself so that we can follow those who are closely related to our blogging niche.

      As for the blogroll, I shall certainly return the favor.

      Sires last blog post..Fridays Funnies #9 Mother Knows Best

  5. Since I enable dofollow and keywordluv, the number of comment have increased dramatically.
    I also restrict myself to dofollow blogs. The main reason is that, yes, you can build a good relation with other blogger, but there many, many dofollow blogs out there so that it is perfectly possible to restrict yourself to those and still meet a lot of people.
    So why bother with nofollow blogs as the quality is certainly not better?

    1. What if they haven’t heard of dofollow? Or they don’t use WordPress, so they can’t change the nofollow? Do you actually check their source code to see if they have really removed nofollow or do you depend on an image in the sidebar? What about blogs that dofollow, but don’t announce it?

      I’m torn between thinking that this is noble, or this is arrogant. You’re trying to support a movement (noble), but it’s a movement that quite self-serving (so you think you’re too good to comment on nofollow blogs, even though that’s their default state). Many people have found that implementing dofollow has increased their comments, but it’s decreased the quality, so they’ve turned it off. They try to thank their commenters in other ways. What would you say to those people? “Hmph, you don’t have dofollow so I can’t comment here.” Or perhaps you wouldn’t say anything at all because you won’t get any link juice for your efforts…

      kristarellas last blog post..Event of the day: car crash

  6. Yes Olivier, dofollow blogs are definitely the go. I do occasionally comment on nofollow blogs but only if I really have a strong opinion on a subject and I can’t drag myself away without leaving a comment.

    Imagine if all those dofollow blogs actually reciprocated by leaving a comment on your blog, now that would really be something.

    Sires last blog post..Fridays Funnies #9 Mother Knows Best

    1. Is there a quick way to tell whether you have a do follow or a no follow on a blog? I’ve looked at mine and can’t tell. (I’m still feeling my way around but with your help and everyone else’s I’m learning.)

      Just gotta ask questions, is all.

      1. Yes there is Deborah and it is as easy as pie. When someone leaves a comment their name normally has a hyperlink to it that will link to their blog. All you have to do is to right click on their name and check properties. If it’s a nofollow blog you will see “external nofollow”, if its a dofollow it will simply display “external”

        Happy Blogging. :drunk_tb:

        Sires last blog post..Miss Gullible Another Cog In The Scam Busting Machine

        1. Wow that is a great tip. I used to go to the menu and select view source code. I would then search for the link and look for the nofollow attribute. Your way is much simpler.

          However now I have a plugin for FireFox that highlights in different colors the links whether they are nofollow or not.

          Ned Carey´s Last blog post..The Power of Positive Thinking

          1. Now that is interesting Ned. You wouldn’t happen to know the name of that plugin?

          2. Thanks Ned, I will certainly check that out.

          3. Sire,

            The one I use is NoDoFollow.

            If you scheck the Firefox site for add ons and search for SEO you will see several tools that do this and much more.

            Ned Carey´s Last blog post..The Power of Positive Thinking

        2. Thanks for raising that question Deborah and thanks for answering Sire. It was really a great tip to me identifying do follow blogs.The one I used was a plugin told me that no follow blogs colored red and do follow colored blue on the comments. If a post doesn’t have comment yet, I can hardly identify either it’s a do follow or not.
          .-= Janice´s last blog ..Shooting Tethered with Lightroom 3 Beta 2 =-.

          1. Glad I could help Janice

  7. I think it’s a great idea and I’ve seen similar movements before.

    I’m not sure how I feel about rules. From experience, whenever you say that you’ll *always* do something, you’re basically setting yourself up for failure.
    Also, if I displayed an image about returning comments, I would wonder what people’s motivation for commenting is.

    Despite those two things, I think it’s a good goal. It’s actually something I would like to do myself, but under my own steam… by doing it and making people feel appreciated, not having to tell them I’ll do it before they comment.

    I guess I think that the quality comments we would love to get on our blogs will come because people like to say stuff when they have something to say… Or maybe everyone is so busy that they need a little more incentive to comment and this might be a brilliant system.

    kristarellas last blog post..Thesis theme

  8. Hi, Sire:

    I love the red widget you created. Very cute. Glad you liked my Crikey post at Groovy Veg.

    I was just referring to its look. But its not a super big deal. Nice blog. Thanxs for visiting mine earlier.


  9. I love to drop into your blog when I can. I used to be a vegetarian you know, and then I got married. :rolleyes_ee:

    Sires last blog post..Fridays Funnies #9 Mother Knows Best

  10. When you’re trying to build a community on your site (I’m referring to anyone here), the biggest and simplest thing you can do is: 1.) respond to comments (so many people don’t even do that much), and 2.) reciprocate by commenting on that commentators own blog. Is the biggest way of saying “thank you” and “I appreciate your time.” Ya know?!

  11. That is so true and yet so few people do it, even when they only get one or two comments per post. Replying to a comment is like offering a guest a cup of coffee or something. It’s simply being polite and grateful.

    Going that one step further and commenting on their blog is like returning a friends visit. If a friend always takes the time to visit or give a phone call and you never reciprocate, pretty soon they will stop calling.

    Sires last blog post..Fridays Funnies #9 Mother Knows Best

  12. Sire, I agree with you that commenting on blogs is an important part of the whole blogging culture. However, so many people are blogging now that it’s only natural that there are many thousands of blogs with which you wouldn’t want to be associated.

    Some are on topics in which I have little to no interest. Others are the types of blogs you mention in your Comment Policy, and I don’t want to be associated with them.

    So, while I really like your idea, I’m not going to join the movement – officially.

    However, I enjoy discussing some things and leaving comments is how we carry on conversations in the blogsphere.

    I almost always look at someone’s comments in SezWho and I generally visit their site, but I won’t promise to comment, because I may have no interest at all in what they’re doing.

    If someone leaves a very good comment that teaches me something, offers another perspective, or challenges my thinking, then I’ll at least acknowledge their input.

    Your Comment Policy page reminds me that I need to create a policies and disclaimers page on my site.

    Basically, I agree with your goals, but won’t join the “club.”


    Act on your dream!


    John Dilbecks last blog post..Where do you promote your blog?

  13. Not a problem at all John as I understand that the ‘movement’ won’t appeal to everybody. I also understand your reasons for not joining but I am hoping that my comments policy will filter out the majority of unwanted bloggers. I am also hoping that those having read it will know whether or not their blogs will be approved or not and those who haven’t bothered to read it, well I will judge them on an individual basis.

    I must say though that the quality of comments so far have been above average and if it continues in this fashion then I am going to be one happy blogger. :thumbup_tb:

    Sires last blog post..Fridays Funnies #9 Mother Knows Best

  14. Way to go kristarella, re the rant above. I will leave that open in case Olivier wants to reply. You don’t have to check the source code to see if they have removed nofollow, as all you have to do is right click on their name and check properties. If it’s a nofollow blog you will see “external nofollow”, if its a dofollow it will simply display “external”.

    Naturally, no-one has to officially join, as long as they have come away with the lesson that it is good to reciprocate on their comments, I reckon the post has done a half decent job.

    On the other hand displaying an icon of sorts is a good way to let people know that a blog will reciprocate comments and linking back to this post is a nice way to thank me for the idea. Not necessary, but it may well give you that nice fuzzy feeling that we get when we show our appreciation for a job well done. :innocent1_tb:

    Sires last blog post..Fridays Funnies #9 Mother Knows Best

  15. Hi Sire,

    You said:

    You don’t have to check the source code to see if they have removed nofollow, as all you have to do is right click on their name and check properties. If it’s a nofollow blog you will see “external nofollow”, if its a dofollow it will simply display “external”.

    Where are you talking about clicking? On their name that links to their site when they leave a comment?

    When I look at the properties of everyone in this thread, they all say “external” and none say “external nofollow.”

    OK, wait a second…

    I looked at a couple of other blogs with comments and now I understand.

    This blog does follow, so that’s why I see only “external” in the properties.

    I went to one of my other blogs, one where I can’t add the dofollow plugin, and I see that every link back to a commenter’s site says “external nofollow.”

    Thanks for the tip! That’s a very handy thing to know and it will save me quite a bit of time now that I don’t have to look at the source code any more.

    Act on your dream!


    John Dilbecks last blog post..Where do you promote your blog?

  16. Sorry John, my fault for not explaining the point properly, but then again if I did do that the lesson learned would not be as ingrained into your psyche as it now is. :wink_ee:

    I could also say that it was my intention anyway, for the user to learn the point via trial and error. May I add that you passed with flying colours.

    Sires last blog post..Fridays Funnies #9 Mother Knows Best

    1. Actually Isaac, I think that is only partly true. What made it really famous is that people like Darren Rowse got behind it and promoted the hell out of it.
      .-= haberler´s last blog ..YENİ YILINIZ KUTLU OLSUN =-.

  17. I too won’t be joining officially, but I will try to comment on my commenters’ blogs.

    I guess I should look into this whole dofollow thing… and commentluv too. Gah! I don’t like installing plugins and being dependent on keeping them up to date etc.

    kristarellas last blog post..Event of the day: car crash

  18. Great teaching technique, Sire!


    You’re right, I’ll remember it better now.


    John Dilbecks last blog post..Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It’s Back To Work We Go

  19. One thing that has worked pretty well for me is that I do practice reciprocating the comment by visiting each sites of first-time commenter irregardless of the niche.

    Having the option for the commenter to subscribe to the followup comments makes all the difference in engaging them to stay connected with my blog.


    Yan Shall Blogs last blog post..I’m in the Top 100

    1. Thanks Yan, I have not as yet enabled the facility to allow bloggers to subscribe to followup comments, and I reckon that is a great idea.

      I was just wondering, do you only reciprocate the first comment or all comments? At the moment I am planning on reciprocating all comments, but I will have to see how that pans out.

      Sires last blog post..Beware Running Software From M&T Bank

      1. What I practise is that I response to all the comments but I will visit the site of all the first time commenter and if there is an option to subscribe to the comment, I will surely back for more.

        I do comment a lot on other blogs to the point I tend to forget which blogs I have left my comments so the option to subscribe helps me to stay engaged with the blogs.

        Trust me, there isn’t any other way to get them stay connected than to allow them to opt-in unless it is a touch-and-go case.

        PS: Thanks for listening. I could see the option being put in place here.

        Yan Shall Blogs last blog post..15 SEO Tips for Beginners

        1. Yan, if there is one thing that I have learned it’s that a good blogger is willing to learn from others and to take on board all constructive criticisms.

          Sires last blog post..Beware Running Software From M&T Bank

        2. I’m back! Thanks to the plugin.

          I completely understand your point but it’s sad to see that many are keeping the ego close to their chest and not taking advises with an open heart.

          If there is anything you think I could do better, I’m all ears.


        3. Yan, if I have one fault it is that I can’t keep my opinions to myself :doh_tb: so don’t worry I will be sure to let you know when I feel that there is something that you can do to improve your blog.

          Sires last blog post..Beware Running Software From M&T Bank

  20. So do I Michelle and it would help if people such as yourself link to this post and carry on the good work by proudly displaying the badge and joining the movement.

    Sires last blog post..Beware Running Software From M&T Bank

  21. Hi Sire,
    I have just started a blog, and wanted to know a bit about getting comments on my blog.. This is a very good idea you have got here.. Only, I do not understand the necessity for the icon. Don’t you think it makes the whole idea a bit too tacky ?? Otherwise great idea..
    This is the first time I am visiting your blog, will have a look aorund..

  22. Thanks for taking the time to comment Prasanna. Naturally the main idea is that you apart from responding to comments on your blog, you should also reciprocate by leaving a comment on their blog. The idea of the icon is simply to let others know that they will do the same if you leave a comment on their blog, otherwise how would you know?

    Sires last blog post..Beware Running Software From M&T Bank

  23. That’s it Kristi, and I will take those ‘warm and fuzzies’ any chance I get. I feel it’s also the right thing to do, after a person has taken the time not only to read the post but to leave a comment as well.

    I look at my blogs as being like virtual homes, and those who comment are like visitors whom I have invited into my home. Now if they do all the right things, it would be rude not to return the favor.

    Sires last blog post..Fridays Funnies #10 Buying A Condom Isn’t All That Easy

  24. This is a great idea. Reciprocating comments from your blog lets the commenter know there is a real person who is appreciative of your interest in your post/blog, and that gives the commenter warm & fuzzies and makes them want to come back for more. It does for me anyway. :)

  25. Sires very nice and informative post. The thing about commenting is obviously very uplifting for bloggers, but then again the policy you have shows that you are serious like most of us because some webmasters or bloggers just comment for the sake of commenting.. hope they realize that bloggers these days know what’s spam and what isn’t-

    keep rocking :)

  26. Yes indeed Wakas Mir, I am very serious about the quality of this blog which is why I have introduced the comment policy, the first one in any of my blogs. Depending on how well things go I may introduce it to my other blogs.

    I appreciate it when visitors such as yourself, take the time to formulate a well though comment and for this I thank you.

    Sires last blog post..Fridays Funnies #10 Buying A Condom Isn’t All That Easy

  27. Sire, what plug-in are you using to notify us of followup comments via email?

    That sounds like something I want to do on my blog.

    I’m happy to see the conversation that has developed here.

    Act on your dream!


  28. Hi John, I think you are referring to Subscribe To Comments as it allows the reader to choose whether or not they want email notification of other ensuing comments.

    Sires last blog post..Fridays Funnies #10 Buying A Condom Isn’t All That Easy

    1. Hi Sire,

      Thanks for the info about the Subscribe to Comments plug-in. I’ll check it out.

  29. i love this idea, with one exception. i don’t think the button is a good strategy, as it might make the blogs that carry it look a little desperate for comments, and perhaps the comments themselves may be taken less seriously if non-blogging readers believe they are only there on a tit-for-tat basis. as far as the concept of mutual visiting and respect, i am entirely onboard!

    jackie sheelers last blog post..sarah palin: only good for one thing

  30. Ah, but the button is merely a symbol to show others that their comments will be reciprocated. If you read my comment policy you would have seen that I will only approve those comments that I feel are worthy. Others in time will learn to appreciate this fact when they see the quality of the comments that appear on this blog. They will come to understand that I am in fact very ‘serious’ about what I accept.

  31. This is indeed a good strategy. But some times this can be overwhelming if you don’t organize yourself…

  32. That goes with everything in life my friend :wink_ee: I did leave a comment on your blog but it didn’t appear and I’m not sure if it went into moderation or not?

    Sires last blog post..Fridays Funnies #10 Buying A Condom Isn’t All That Easy

  33. Tate, I think it will work pretty well as long as there are bloggers that take the idea take on. So spread the word and a little link luv to this post wouldn’t hurt.

    Sires last blog post..What To Do With Phone Call Scams And Their Phishing Trip

  34. This is a great idea. I’m slowly getting more traffic, but not a lot of comments. This has got me to thinking about more I can do to improve blog. I hope this works.

    Tates last blog post..Search for MP3’s with Google

  35. This is such a good idea, but I have found that although I leave comments everywhere, I just don’t get people reciprocating. Wish I did, I work so very hard on my blog to write almost everything from scratch and use very little from other sources. I’ve seen some blogs that are RSS’d to death! I prefer to have mine be original, at least at this point.

    The hardest part for me is finding blogs that pique my interest to respond to. I like yours!

    DeBorah Beattys last blog post..Google Chrome – How’s It NOT Hanging?

    1. @Sire: I’m glad to see that the discussion here is getting all the momentum it deserves and keep it coming..

      @Deborah: I know how you feel but let me share with you something out of my own experience, think about it…do you think John Chow or any other probloggers will bother to even read your comment, let alone reciprocating? No..NADA…My point is you are almost invisible to them, be active in not-too-popular blogs and when you have build a larger community around you, you move one step up the ladder.

      Be a silent lurker in popular blogs because that’s where you learn (if there is any) and be an active commenter in less popular blogs (like mine) where you will have all the attention & appreciation but you’d better be quick as I’m moving up the ladder soon..;-)

      Just speaking out of my experience…sorry for such a foolish rumbling, I just thought it makes sense – at least for me..

      Yan Shall Blogs last blog post..Where Did They Go From Here?

  36. This is exactly why I am trying to start this movement and although I know it will not appeal to everybody, I feel that because of the sheer size of the blogging network a sizable market still exists.

    You can be assured that I will be visiting your blog the first chance I get, and I will leave a comment.

    Sires last blog post..What To Do With Phone Call Scams And Their Phishing Trip

  37. I have been lurking on a lot of different blogs. That’s how I know as much as I do now (which is just enough to be exquisitely dangerous to myself and my websites).

    I know it takes awhile to get known. I’ve been blogging for almost two years all by myself. This is wonderful to actually have some comments on there!

    Thanks, Sire for getting this going.

    DeBorah Beattys last blog post..Google Chrome – How’s It NOT Hanging?

  38. That’s what being part of a community is all about, helping each other out, and you will find that Yan is an especially helpful person.

    Sires last blog post..What To Do With Phone Call Scams And Their Phishing Trip

  39. Hi Sire,

    It’s a fantastic idea and I just put up your widget in my blog. I saw someone do this sometime ago, but after seeing your post and your irresistible red widget, I just had to. Thanks for setting the example.

    Peter Lee

    Work At Home Ideass last blog post..How To SEO Rank Your Home Business Blog in 1 Minute

  40. Thanks mate, you may well be the first to do so. You will have to let me know whether or not the comments increase on your blog because of it?

    Sires last blog post..Beware Of Government Officials Bearing Gifts

  41. Hi Sire,

    Now that I’m part of this movement and also displayed my widget on my blog, I like to check if you’ve got a list of such members. It would be good to visit their blogs and post comments knowing that they will in the spirit of this movement, reciprocate.

    Peter Lee

    Work At Home Ideass last blog post..Home Business: Start Link Exchange Program in 5 Easy Steps

  42. Peter, so far as I know you are my only member as no-one else has confirmed their membership. Perhaps I need to do a follow-up post asking people to add their links in the comments to confirm their membership?

    1. Sire,

      Yes absolutely. I really think this is a very good movement you’ve started but why not bring it the next level? You could tweak it a little. Coincidentally someone in my forum started a similar movement with a little twist. Get a personal commitment from each blogger who believes in this movement and create a list of such “members” (my other buddy called it “awesome friends”). Add and maintain this list in your post. People will be happy to get a linkback from you too. Each blogger is assigned another blogger to comment. In your list you can then indicate who is to post on who. (use whatever means you wish e.g. arrow or text ‘a comment on b’). A blogger can comment not only on the assigned ‘friend’ but everyone in the list. In the spirit of observing this new movement in which a commentator reciprocates his comment, a series of commenting can be expected, of course depending on how long your list is. It could be a viral effect. It’s just my 2 cents but what do you think?

      Peter Lee

      Work At Home Ideass last blog post..Home Business: Start Link Exchange Program in 5 Easy Steps

  43. It’s a fantastic idea …I started my blog i will launch to public in couple of days then i will use ur widget …

    Really fantastic idea …
    Good luck

  44. Can’t wait to see your new blog. Let me know when you are up and running.

  45. Mitch. me old mate, we do have an official list. It’s called the F Group and you are currently on top as you were the last to join.

    Every time commentluv doesn’t work I click on the name, just as you suggested, and pick a post to comment on. As for work, sheesh, it’s my middle name.

  46. Twitter:
    Of course, we still need two things. One, we need CommentLuv to keep working with us so we know where to go to see the last post, though I guess we could just click on the person’s name, go to their blog, and post on whatever we feel like. And two, it’d be nice to have kind of an official list where we can all go to see who’s participating and therefore we could pop over and check it out.

    Sire, you’ve got a lot of work on your hands (cough). ;-P

  47. I would also like to be part of the f-group… I’m with I try to follow all my commentators and every will I post their comment and link with my weekly review.


    chatos last blog post..Mental Health Humor: Support Groups, Spill your Guts

  48. No problems Chato. There are more details on this post as to what is required.

  49. You have provided some valuable information here, and I am sure the readers are glad that you have brought this up. I think you could add more value to a site solely based on the readership that expands ideas presented.

    Armen Shirvanians Last blog post..Spoken/Written Words vs. Intent

  50. It hasn’t really taken off yet, but there is still plenty of time, and I am known to be a patient man.

  51. It is true that without comments it’s sort of like talking to the wind.

  52. Nice blog.

    j/k ;)

    I don’t know if I can handle pressure of the expectations that would come with that animated gif, but maybe I can be an unofficial member. Is there a t-shirt? :)

    Lindsay´s Last blog post..$250 Writing/Blogging Contest — Write a Fable for Your Blog and Win!

    1. A T-shirt? That’s a good idea….are you listening, Sire? LOL

      PS: Good to see you here, Lindsay

      1. As soon as I make my first million you will all get a T-Shirt.

    2. You could, but how would people know?

  53. Hey, that’s cool. that provides an incentive for the commentator to come back and leave more comments. That is as long as he knows about it. Perhaps you should include that fact in your comment policy? :wink_ee:

  54. I have just implemented Do Follow and try to respond on my blog to all commenters and also visit and comment on their blog. I think this is just good policy.

    But let me put forth a contrarian opinion. While I appreciate all traffic,but if you come to my site just because I commented here, is that the kind of traffic I desire? Your blog is about blogging. Mine is about real estate. If you are not interested in real estate are either of us going to get much value by you commenting on my site? If you are only coming out of a sense of obligation are we benefiting from that?

    Don’t get me wrong you are welcome on my site any time. You might even find something that interests you, perhaps the humor category. But my hope is that people come to my blog because they truly want to be there, not out of a sense of obligation.

    1. I understand your point well Ned, but I still feel that all bloggers crave good quality comments regardless of where they come from. Those bloggers who have chosen certain niche blogs may well find that comments are few and far between. I feel that regardless of the blog you have most good bloggers have the capacity to leave a quality comment that relates directly to a particular post.

      I would have tried to reciprocate your comment regardless of the the movement that I am trying to start, which only makes me try all the harder. If I can’t come up with a half decent comment then I would have to leave it for a later date. I hope that the two comments that I have left on your blog meet with your approval.

  55. Wow you are fast. I have to admit it made me feel good to see your comments on my blog just minutes after leaving mine here.

    PS: by the way I use Lucias Linky love Do Follow plugin. Unfortunately the limit is at least 3 comments before the commenter gets a do follow link back.

    Ned Carey´s Last blog post..Lessons from Warren Buffett on Real Estate

  56. Good evening, Sire.

    I’m still not ready to formally commit to the movement you’re starting, but over the past few months I’ve come to develop an appreciation for the concept and the way that you and several others not only leave comments, but become part of the conversation.

    So, while I won’t commit to comment back for everyone who comments, I’m doing more of it than I did in the past.

    Maybe you can teach this old dog a new trick, after all.

    Act on your dream!


    John Dilbeck´s Last blog post..Instant Banner Creator Review

  57. Gee, I don’t know John. Can one old dog learn from another old dog? :wink_ee: Mate, even though you haven’t actually committed to the movement, you’re almost there mate and the way you respond to all your commentators is a tribute to your efforts in running a good blog.

  58. Awww, shucks, Sire.

    ‘Twern’t nothin’.

    Seriously, I’m learning from a group of people who set good standards and follow through.

  59. I suppose that like everything in life, when blogging you pick up the habits of those you associate with. That’s why it is always best to hang out with those who have good ethics and strive for improvement rather than those who prefer to sit on their behind believing that the world owes them a living.

  60. This is precisely what I’ve been struggling with (getting quality comments). I think the biggest obstacle is just not knowing what of value you have to contribute. I will admit that sometimes when I get a “nice post” comment, I consider deleting it, because I worry that it’s just someone looking for a back link.

    I recently read that a good way to garner comments is to be controversial, but I’m not sure that’s the best policy either. Many of us blog because we are looking to share our knowledge or experience, so hopefully it would have some level of credibility and general acceptance.

    Andrea Hill´s Last blog post..Six Services to Enhance Conversation and Community through Comments

  61. I think you can safely say that the majority of ‘Nice Post’ comments are there solely for the purpose of getting a back link. Is it really that hard to say why it is a nice post?

    I’m not that into controversy either, although I do tend to do a satirical post every now and again, just to have a bit of fun. ;)

    1. you can safely say that the majority of ‘Nice Post’ comments are there solely for the purpose of getting a back link.

      I recently saw one of my old comments on a site and was embarrassed to see that I wrote something like “great post” I didn’t know it was inappropriate at the time. I worry about the risk of insulting someone who is new and genuinely wants to give a sincere compliment.

      Ned Carey´s Last blog post..How do I Make Money in Real Estate?

  62. Ned, blogging is one big learning curve. Unless someone tells you that ‘nice post, is slightly inappropriate, then how are you to know. Heck, I reckon that even I let a few slip by me in the beginning. The thing is that once something is learned then it is up to us to do the best we can with that knowledge, not only for our benefit, but for the benefit of those we come into contact with.

  63. No worries Peter, I’ve actually fixed your comment for you, and just so you know I have made it especially easy to add links in your comment. First you choose you keywords, then you highlight them with you mouse, then click the ‘link’ tab just above the comment box and finally paste the link in the box that is revealed and you are all done.

    Also you made a good point when you said

    Also you don’t know what you may have missed by not reciprocating; there may be an offer you couldn’t refuse?

    I will be visiting your blog mate as soon as I can.

  64. I guess even commenting can be an art. It is good manners to reply to a comment in any case, Also you don’t know what you may have missed by not reciprocating; there may be an offer you couldn’t refuse?

    Please visit my newish Green Planet blog sometime


  65. A correction to my above comment. bloody stupid of me! It should read

    yes, please do visit my Green planet blog. I think it can take over 60-80 posts for your blog to make some impact!



  66. We certainly need more comments! In real estate, we’re hard pressed to get comments as our stuff isn’t as interesting as yours Sire. ;)

    Coco – Kennewick Real Estate´s Last blog post..Stethoscope! :o)

    1. Well Coco, I reckon that most niche blogs would be suffering the same fate. As for interesting, it’s all in the mind of the reader :wink_ee:

  67. Sire,
    Just joined the movement. I used your image, hope that’s o.k. I have been blogging several years but just starting to learn the intricacies. I wonder how many opportunities I have missed by not reciprocating. Thanks for starting a movement.

    Steve´s Last blog post..What Were You Thinking?

    1. That is excellent Steve, the more people we can get to join the movement the better it will be for those involved. I will add you yo the F Group first chance I get.

      No worries about the image at all. Perhaps I should post a code for that people can use to place the image on their blog.

  68. This topic is very dear to my heart.

    I’ve been talking about getting backlinks, traffic and developing relationship by leaving relevant & well thought out comments all week.

    Like you I always respond to every comment left (if you don’t it’s exactly the same as ignoring someone trying to talk to you) and always visit their site to see what they’re up to. That serves two purposes – 1) makes sure they’re for real 2) allows me to develop the relationship if we have similar views etc

    By the way, to comment on Ned’s point – you never know who is reading this blog who may see your comment and need your services. The niche you’re in really doesn’t matter. All exposure is good exposure.

    .-= Wizzer´s last blog ..Sad News – A Tribute To Maggie =-.

  69. hey Wizzer, I don’t blame you for concentrating on those particular topics as they are close to every serious blogger’s heart. Like you I believe that any exposure is good exposure, and may in the future lead to some forming a relationship of one sort or another regardless of the niche.

  70. No worries John, I’m sure they will appreciate it.

  71. Nice button, Sire. ^^ Impressive!
    I just got my blog do-followed yesterday after reading miscbytes post. Since now mine is a WP blog I figured the configurations should be quite easy. Have planned about doing a post with some self-designed banner for it too until I saw yours and John’s. Now I have some pressure on. lol.. no problem, I love the challenge. Time to learn.

    Good job, Sire.

    Social/Blogging Tracker
    .-= Ching Ya´s last blog ..12 Ways To Reveal Suspicious Shortened URLs! =-.

  72. Thanks Ching YA. That’s the thing with learning, there’s always something new that we have to assimilate in order to grow. The brain is a truly remarkable organ.

  73. I’ve bookmarked your this page, I support your movement! I don’t have a blog right now but planning to start it soon, I like the idea of commenting back to the blog of the person who has commented on your blog and made serious and constructive comments. I am going to make my blog dofollow as well so it’s going to be a good one.

  74. I have come back here Sire through a comment on another blogsite. It is surprising how things go round.I appreciate your comments on my Blogger blogs.



    1. Hey Larry, I think you will notice the difference, I know I did, and just for joining you are now a member of the F Group, which consists of other dedicated bloggers that have taken on this great cause.

      We may be small but we are committed. :drunk_tb:
      Sire recently posted…Blog Save The Akismet, Long Live The AkismetMy Profile

  75. Hi Sire

    Lots of bloggers will return a comment with a comment, I know that you always do, it just seems like good manners to me.

    If the number of comments on this post is anything to go by, you have lots of support.
    Keith Davis recently posted…Look for the Shining EyesMy Profile

    1. Thanks Keith and it makes it easier to return a comment when visiting a blog such as yours. It’s always a pleasure to swing by and read what you’ve posted.

  76. In my opinion, the only way to get more comments is to boost your page rank and then having com luv, keyword luv and dofollow.

    Your You Comment and I will comment back seems to be a new unique approach. Will try it.
    Katrina Kaif recently posted…Katrina Kaif Wallpaper – Most BeautifulMy Profile

  77. The way I see it, there are large corporate ‘brand sites’, and then everybody else. Google has mentioned the importance of brands, which should alert any small time blogger just trying to get a piece of their traffic. So in agreement with this article, I think us independent bloggers should stick together, pool our resources thru mutual linking, and enjoy the spirit of community that comes with co-operation.
    Mark recently posted…HRV For Biofeedback TrainingMy Profile

    1. If you think about it, if all the bloggers were to pool there resources we would outrank the big players. Of course that would never happen so we just have to do the best we can.
      Sire recently posted…The Secret To Online Success Is Passive IncomeMy Profile

  78. I do agree,Alot of people don’t realize and not aware of the power of leaving comments on blogs or even reading blogs,Back links today is one of the strongest source of marketing a business,Business articles is a great way to expose your business online.I love reading blogs and most definitely leaving comments.Great topic.

  79. An oldie, but a goodie, Sire.

    I see you are still sticking with it – good for you.

    I am actually putting together a list of ComLuv dofollow blogs; hopefully, won’t take me too long. :)

    Ana recently posted…How to Build an Email List 101My Profile

  80. A superb idea, easy to follow, easy to encourage others, and in this way making easy for others to encourage every one,so that beginners should also get the chance to have success.You are doing wonderful effort to promote every one who want to do blogging and ready to unfold their abilities in positive blogging .

    1. Well I figured it has to be easy otherwise people won’t bother with it.

  81. It’s a better movement!! Thanks for the creativity, yea I often feel awkward when it’s just like that I’m talking to myself but may the good change became a part of my blogging. Thanks again

  82. I finished my “Comment Policy” Page (remember I’m a copy-cat) :) but I can’t get the You Comment And I Will Comment” badge to show up. I copied and pasted just as I do for my affiliate products, do you have any ideas?
    ps. Tomorrow I’m going to write a post about my Comment back commitment, FYI
    Linda Grace Cox recently posted…Alani Claire ~ Just RightMy Profile

    1. Hey Linda, truth be told that movement never really took off. While I continue to reply to all comments on my blog I no longer follow all commentators back to their blog to leave a comment.

      You are quite welcome to take on the movement yourself if you like. As for the code it should work as long as you place it while in text mode and not visual mode of your post.
      Sire recently posted…Deep Thinkers Sexy Sal Friday Funnies #65My Profile

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