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Revitalise Your Blog Make More Money

revitalise your blog

Yes, if you want to make more money blogging, you must revitalise your blog! Even if you’re going to continue to make more money blogging, you must revitalise your blog. It’s essential to revitalise your blog to continue to increase the amount of money you’re making online.

Revitalise Your Blog Meaning

So, what do I mean when I’m talking about revitalising your blog? I suppose the best way to answer that question, is by telling you what I’m doing to revitalise my blogs.

Update Your Affiliate Links

It’s 2019, and I’ve decided to take a hard look at all my affiliates. Which ones are performing and which ones are not? The ones that are not converting I’ve given the flick. The ones that are I’m reviewing their landing pages as well as the banner images. Perhaps new banners will perform better. That’s something I should be doing more often.

Affiliate Banner Placements

We all know that the best place for advertising banners and affiliate links are above the fold. This is because that’s where the majority of views will be exposed to them. Not everyone will scroll below the all-important ‘fold’ of your post.

Revitalise Your Content Creation

Read more? You Know You Want to

Blogging For Money Revisited

I’ve done a lot of posts on blogging for money. I even have a page devoted to it. Yeah, I know, I’ve still to work past step six :wink_ee: but I’ll get there. I’m not one to lie to my readers so I’m not going to tell you that my blogging for money earnings is enough to allow me to quit my job. If only that was true.

As far as my blogging for money attempt is going check out the image below.

Blogging For Money Proof

blogging for money proof

You will notice that although my earnings are up for this year I actually made less because of my expenses. You’ll also notice that has dropped by more than half. This is because traffic for this blog has dropped a fair bit ever since I stopped commenting on other blogs. This has caused my Alexa ranking to drop and my advertising earnings dropped with it.

You’ll also notice that my earnings have grown and that is mainly to do with my two lottery sites, Buy Online Lotto Tickets and Get Online Lottery. The earnings from these twos sites will continue to grow and I’m hoping it will be enough to retire comfortably on. If you’re interested in getting your hands on some of this cash you should read my Lotto Affiliate post.

You’ll also notice that my hosting and domain costs have gone up. To increase my profits I’ve decided to get rid of one of my hosts and to sell some of my domains. The first one to go is my load of bullshit which I wrote in my Selling Your Domain post. Offloading these ‘dead’ sites will give me more time to concentrate on building my more profitable blogs.

You’ll also notice that I’ve spent more money on software. But that’s a business expense and I have no problem with that. In fact, most of that is video production related and I’m hoping to use that to increase my youtube earnings.

Online Stores Blogging For Money

Apart from my lottery sites and my EZ e Sports Betting site I’m also going to focus on my online stores. Especially my Gifts Guru Gift Store. Luckily I can use my other blogs to help push traffic and SEO points to that site. My post on affordable wedding dresses is designed specifically to promote the beautiful wedding dresses I’m promoting.

I’ve also started commenting, and will continue to do so to garner as much link juice as possible. Naturally I will following my own commenting guidelines to make sure not only that those comments are accepted but to show others I’m a blogger to be reckoned with. :wink_ee: Digiprove sealCopyright secured by Digiprove © 2017

Selling Your Domain?

Ever thought about selling your domain? Looking at my about page I decided that I have way too many blog sites. This of course means I have too many domains as well. That being the case I decided I should get rid of some of the dead weight, so to speak.

How To Go About Selling Your Domain

The first one I decided to let go was my load of bullshit site. I hardly ever post on that blog anymore and I’m sure that there is someone out there who will be able to utilise it a lot more.

When it comes to selling your domain the first thing you need to do is to find a reputable site for selling your domain. After a lot of research I decided that Sedo was the best one for the job!

When first decided to sell my domains I thought about just listing the blogs on Sedo. I thought that perhaps some people would be interested in taking the whole blog over.

Then I discovered that when selling your domain with Sedo you’re better off to park the domain with them. So that’s what I did. You may even make a little money before the actual sale by parking your domain with Sedo.

Below you’ll see a screenshot of the domain parking statistics of

selling your domain sedo

As you can see, no money as yet but hopefully that will change soon. Either that or I come up with a quick sale. Either outcome would be great.

Moving Your WordPress Content To Your Computer

What I didn’t realize when parking my domain with Sedo was that I would lose all the content. That’s an awful lot of blood sweat and tears. I had to find a way to move those files from the web to my computer. It took a lot of Googling but I finally came up with this tutorial.

Once I got it all working on my Mac I was able to use the export/import feature of the WordPress Tools in my dashboard to transfer those posts, with comments, to my Well Blog Me blog. Over time I’ll refurbish those posts giving that blog a whole lot of new content.Digiprove sealCopyright secured by Digiprove © 2017

Gravatar’s And The Importance Of Good Comments

Having a Gravatar is another benchmark that I use when judging comments.

Good comments have always been important to me. That’s why I have a Comment Policy. I’ve even written a post trying to educate folk as to the proper way to comment. Unfortunately most folk just don’t get it. They think they can just drop in, leave a crappy comment and then rush off. To think that a lot of these comments are left by people who are paid to leave comments. If only the poor saps who are paying for them knew what they were getting. Then again some of them do know which is why I get so many emails asking to remove comments because they’re hurting their Google rankings. I wrote about that in Google Updates And The Disavow Tool.

Only Good Comments Are Important

As important as comments are to me they’re not that important that I’ll accept just any comment. In actual fact I’ve even been deleting comments from commenters that don’t have an Gravatar. Naturally, if it’s an exceptional comment I’ll make an exception. :smoke_tb:

As a rule, people you don’t have a Gravatars usually leave pretty poor comments. Take the following for example.


While this guy has an Gravatar he has made two fatal flaws, poor grammar and a little off topic to boot.


Looking at the above two comments you’ll notice that they’re of pretty poor quality.


Finally we have another comment from someone who has an Gravatar, but not the kind that I approve of. This guy thinks all he has to do is tell me what a great post it is and I’ll approve his comment. Nope, I’m afraid it doesn’t work out that way on this blog. :thumbup_tb:

What Sort Of Gravatar Should You Have

Personally I believe that you Gravatar should be an image of yourself. That way people know who they’re talking to. That’s you’re an actual person and not just some bot leaving random messages. Or someone getting paid to leave crappy comments.

I also believe that if you use and actual Gravatar of yourself you’ll try harder to leave good comments because those comments are now associated with you.

How Important Are Comments To You As A Blogger

Really, how important are comments to you? Are they important enough that you will accept nearly every comment that people leave on your blog. If the answer to that is yes then you’re probably doing more harm than good.

Bad comments do not add any value to your blog. If anything they’ll detract from a post’s quality. Imagine reading a really good post and then being flooded with a whole heap of poor comments. As far as I’m concerned those poor comments mean the post’s author has no real confidence in himself or his abilities. If that’s the case why would I want to have any business dealings with him/her?

Good comments on the other hand add to a post. Not only that, I’m sure it will also have a good effect SEO wise.

Are you prepared to delete crappy comments on your blog?

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