How To Promote A Blog Using Instagram

I’m not much for social media, but I’ve decided to learn how to promote a blog using Instagram. The reason I need to know how to promote a blog using Instagram is so I can promote my latest blog,

Not knowing the proper avenues of doing it myself, I turned to YouTube for help. Thanks to Content Gorilla with the aid of Grammarly, I was able to repurpose what you’re about to read from this YouTube video by Clarice Lin.

How To Promote A Blog Using Instagram 

Because of my latest blog, Laugh Out, which is all about making people laugh, I decided to start an Instagram account with a dual purpose. The first is to put a smile on peoples faces, and the second is to promote my blog. I’m sure it is the best tool to use as Instagram is all about memes and videos that people share. And funny memes, jokes and videos are what my blog is all about so it is the perfect fit.

Promote A Blog Using Instagram

An excellent way to this is to promote at least two or more times by creating a little snippet or choosing one of the images that you are already using your blog by posting it on Instagram. The captions or text can be one of the little excerpts from the blog post, so you are not writing new content but instead promoting a section of the blog post content. 

You can then ask the Instagram viewers to click on the link in your Bio, and if they’re intrigued by what they see, it’s only natural for them to click the link in your Bio. And by doing that your blog traffic will increase.

Once your Instagram followers or viewers go to your website, then after they read a blog post and if you have an email list, which I strongly recommend you to do so, you may even get their email address for your mailing list! In that way, you could be building up your prospects. What a bonus?

To get more people from Instagram to your blog posts, you should include it as part of your schedule to promote at least two to three times a week. Let’s not forget to promote it on stories as well because some people might be flipping on stories rather than over the posts itself. If you enable this two-way approach, you’re maximizing the likelihood of people clicking to your blog posts.

Embedding An Instagram Post

I’m also going to try embedding Instagram posts into some of my blogs to see if I can drive some traffic back to Instagram. That may lead to more Instagram followers which hopefully will drive more traffic to my blog. The image below is embedded from Instagram.

So, that’s the reason why I’m starting a new Instagram account. Because it’s going to take time to build my follower numbers it’s going to take time for —Insert Account— to send me heaps of traffic. If you like to laugh, then you can help me by following MY INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT! 👍

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