Update On Stolen Blog Content

This Update On Stolen Blog Content is a quick recap on my post, Has Your Blog Content Been Stolen. My first option was to leave a comment on each post demanding that they remove the posts. After several days not only were the comments never approved, the wanker even dared to steal more articles. I decided to take it further.

I contacted Netfirms, the site that hosted the blog telling them of my dilemma and they quickly replied that they needed more information, which was quite understandable as they want to make sure my claim is legitimate. I sent out the email with the required information, and within 24hrs, I received the following.


Thank you for your email. We had already investigated the content of this website as being copied without consent from several other bloggers, have just recently placed the domain name on RegistrarLock status – effectively suspending the domain name.

We appreciate your patience and your assistance in this matter.




Netfirms Abuse Department

Thanks, Chris and the Netfirms Abuse Department for your action in regards to this serious matter.

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