I spent most of yesterday working on the insides of this blog. You could almost call it spring cleaning, being spring and all. :lol_ee: The reason behind it all was that I wanted to speed this baby up a little as it was starting to drag its sorry little ass and we can’t have that now can we?

I’ve read around the traps that the loading speed of any given website is very important because search engines such as Google will penalize slow moving sites. Truth be told though there is something so much more important than the search engines and that’s your visitors. If your site takes too long to load you’re going to piss your visitors off and they’re going to leave without ever seeing what it is you have to offer. So anyway, here’s what I did to improve the loading speed of this blog.

Making Your Blog Load Faster

You really make this a regular part of your blog maintenance, because even though you’ve done it before chances are that over time you’ve gotten slack or added things to your blog that ultimately slowed it down. I reckon that making it part of your spring cleaning routine would be a great idea. The last time I did it was when I wrote about Speeding Up Your Blog To Keep Your Readers Happy sometimes last may. You may want to check that sucker out just to see what I did to make things go faster. That was then and this is now so here’s some of the stuff I did yesterday to improve my readers experience.

  • Remove Useless Scripts: These are scripts that are not really providing any real value. The first one to go was a poor performing Adsense ad. Then I removed several that resided in the footer and a few others like the Alexa icon.
  • Pruning Your Plugins: My plugin arsenal was starting to become a little unmanageable. Luckily the new CommentLuv Premium enabled to dump several plugins as Andy built them all into the plugin. The Top Commentators plugin also had to go as it was taking too long to access the information. All in all I tossed 10 plugins.
  • Optimizing Images: Having a lot of images on your blog is almost like trying to run with an open parachute attached to your back. Optimizing them reduces a lot of that load making things move a lot faster. I used a free site called Dynamic Drive to optimize my images. You can either upload the image from your computer or you can provide the url to the image. What I liked about their service is you can select from several optimized images so you can select the one you’re happiest with.
  • Hosting Your Own Image: By this I’m referring to any banners that you’re displaying on your blog. Most of the time those images are hosted somewhere else and if their server is being placed under a heavy load it will be taking a lot longer to access those images thereby slowing your load time.
  • Using The More Tag: I never used to use this tag but using one can improve your blog’s home page speed quite a bit as it only shows a truncated version of each post, and if that post has images and videos it can really improve your blog’s loading speed.
  • Pingdom Tools: Pingdom tools was great, partly because it tested the load time of my blog but mostly because it helped me to find out some of the things that was slowing it down.

That’s pretty well it and I’m hoping you guys can notice the difference. I know it’s working a hell of a lot faster on my end. Before I go I want to leave you with a funny video.



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