Google Adsense Mistakes

If like me, you’re hoping to earn an income with your blog, Google Adsense could be a significant contributor to that income. Because it’s not easy to get Google Adsense approval you want to ensure you don’t make the following Google Adsense Mistakes.

Google Adsense Mistakes To Avoid

It’s important to know Google is a bit of a puritan, as least as long as their advertisers are concerned. You, therefore, do not want to post anything that Google thinks will upset their advertisers.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I own many blogs, and over the years, I’ve managed to piss Google enough to lose Adsense on those blogs.

Nudity And Scantily Clad Women

Take my Hot Sports Babes category, for example; I would never have thought that posting those images of sometimes scantily clad women would cause Google to ban Adsense on that blog. 😳 I can understand why they wouldn’t approve nudity but tasteful pictures of scantily dressed women? Oh well, I know to keep away from posting those sorts of images.

Profanity A Google Adsense No-No

Google Adsense Mistakes

I used to have a blog called, which used to have Adsense for ages. I reckon someone must have complained because Google banned that site because of its name. The same thing happened to me on my YouTube channel. A monetised video would suddenly lose its monetization because of a complaint, usually, because I may have used a little profanity.

You will find these and more mistakes to avoid in Google Publisher Policies. If that weren’t enough, you’d find a whole lot of other Google Adsense mistakes in their Adsense Program Policies.

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  1. Larry Liu

    Google Adsense is becoming something else me and my friends been going through hard time because of google they keep blocking our accounts even without writing some reasons why they did it’s really frustrating and heart breaking thanks for showing this mistake we’ve been making.

    1. Peter

      I know the feeling, Larry. I’m trying to get Adsense on this blog, and I get the generic response pointing to the above policies. Even though I seem to have covered all the points, I’m still getting the same answer. Why can’t they just tell me exactly what I need to fix?

    1. Peter

      It’s what I do Ajay and you are very welcome.

  2. Mike

    Not touching the access policy of Adsense, I must say that over the past years the interface of Adsense has become really terrible. But there is even more to that – there is Adwords, and it is a real nightmare. I was always wondering how those huge corporations pay no attention to user experience! Microsoft does that in Windows – look at their file search, it’s awful. Google does that in Adwords. All those small panels, just two or three lines in height, you have to scroll it carefully to check lengthy lists of keywords… Shame on you, Google!

    1. Peter

      Yeah, I’m not familiar with Adwords, and it’s a shame they don’t consider the end-user experience.

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