Commenting And YouTube

I’ve done a lot of posts on this blog on the importance of good commenting. I’ve even done one on grading peoples comments called, Teaching People The proper way To Comment. What I learned over time was that leaving quality comments on other blogs lead to an increase in traffic to my blogs, which brings me to YouTube commenting.

YouTube Commenting = More Traffic

So, the question is, will leaving good comments on other YouTube videos to generate more traffic to your videos. I believe it will, especially considering the quality of comments that you will find on most videos these days. Compare my latest comment to my competitors. I say, competitors because, in essence, we’re competing for recognition and the resulting traffic.

Good Commenting Rules

commenting and YouTube

Watch The Whole Video: How can you expect to leave a useful comment if you haven’t watched the whole video? Sure, you may view the video until you find something to comment on, but if you don’t watch all the video, you could have missed out on something that would make your comment genuinely shine.

Comment Construction: Before leaving a comment, think about what you’re going to write. Does it add to the video? Will it be helpful to others? Comments like great video, love your work, and the like are inane and will not lead to traffic. I would delete those sort of comments if they appeared on any of my blogs. Don’t believe me? Read my comment policy.

Proofread Your Comments: I believe proofreading to be an essential step in leaving great comments. Fortunately for me, Grammarly helps me to pick up on so many of the mistakes I would have otherwise missed. Proofreading proves your professionalism and shows others you care.

Read What Others Have To Say: Sometimes, you may not know what to say. Reading other comments can remove that stumbling block. Also, being able to help another commenter can get you new subscribers as well as kudos from other commenters.

Nothing To Say Then Say Nothing: I believe that it’s better not to say anything at all rather than to leave a useless comment doesn’t help anybody.

I’ve just published a YouTube video on the subject called How To Leave Great Comments On YouTube.

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  1. Rushabh

    One of the most common mistakes that people make when using YouTube to market their businesses is spending all of their time and effort on their own YouTube channel and their own YouTube videos. Remember: YouTube is a social networking platform and a community of millions of users. One of the best ways to get more views for your videos and more channel subscribers is to interact with the community through watching and commenting on other videos.

  2. Peter

    You are so right, Rushabh. This is why I’m concentrating on leaving great comments on other Creator’s videos. I’m hoping if my comments stand out from the crowd, I’ll be noticed, and that will lead to more viewers and yes, possibly more subscribers.

  3. Dean Knight

    Thanks Rushabh. I produce videos for small businesses and help those small business owners to publish on their Youtube channels. I always make a point of advising my clients to check if people ask questions about their business or services in the comments on videos. One client, a coach company I work with, hadn’t looked at the comments for over a year and they had missed over 40 genuine business enquiries.

    1. Peter

      Hey Dean, if you’re s business then monitoring your comments is a must. I also think that you need to put yourself out there so people will notice you. Those comments need to be exceptional too so they see you know what you’re talking about.

  4. Marcos Vilela

    in fact youtube is a gigantic traffic source, with hundreds of thousands of views every day from all over the world, I particularly already do this technique and I confess that I always receive relevant traffic on my different sites every day!

    1. Peter

      Good on you Marcos. Can I inquire as to what your Channel is called? Feel free to post a link.

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