Analytics For More YouTube Views

Today’s post about using analytics for more YouTube views is inspired by my latest video YouTube analytics for dummies. I could have called it YouTube analytics for beginners, but the first one scored heaps better with TubeBuddy.

As I mentioned in the video I’m usually not one that likes to check stats or analytics because I find it way too boring. Even so, I’ve come to understand how it’s an important factor when it comes to growing your YouTube channel. And so, I decided to work out what the minimum amount of analytics knowledge I needed to know to increase my YouTube views. I also included a couple of analytic jokes in the video to break up the analytical monotony. ?

Quick Analytics For More YouTube Views

I used my funny locker room joke as an example in my video.

analytics for more youtube views

The image above shows the appalling 1.9% clickthrough rate. The clickthrough rate is the percentage of people who clicked on the thumbnail. As you can see, from the 53 views, only one person (1.9%) clicked on my thumbnail to watch my video. They reckon that your clickthrough rate should be between 3-10% and so I had to do something to get more people to click on my thumbnail, and I wouldn’t have known that if I didn’t check my YouTube analytics.

I had to make my thumbnail more appealing to YouTubers. To go one further, I also decided to change the title of my video to Funny Locker Room joke from the original Funny Man At The Gym joke. As you can see in the image below, my thumbnail now has two lovely looking women who are laughing at something.

Easy YouTube analytics

This is vastly different from the old thumbnail that featured my ugly mug. I only used my image because I was lead to believe that it would generate more views. Well, it obviously doesn’t work with joke videos. You’ll notice how my clickthrough rate has jumped to 5.4% after making those simple changes. That’s quite an improvement.

You should check out my video to see how I used this and other analytics to get my results. Not to mention my funny analytic jokes.

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    Enjoyed ur text so much.
    Im Starting a new YT project with friends and this helped us so much

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      My pleasure Alex. I’m so glad you got something from it. Always looking for new subscribers ?

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