More YouTube Views With Playlists

It’s true. You can get more YouTube views with playlists! I didn’t realize this until recently, and I want to share it with all my readers so they can take advantage of this. I’ve even produced a video called How Playlists Guarantee More Views.

More YouTube Views With Playlists Guaranteed

I highly recommend that you watch that video so that you can see how exactly how I optimize my playlists for more YouTube views. Not to mention the proof, I show how it works!

More YouTube Views With Playlists
Created with the Creator

When producing this video, I decided to use a different tact than the one offered by other YT Creators. I compared playlists to files in a filing cabinet. On my YouTube Channel, I use playlists to organize all of my videos. I have a playlist for my Laughaholics video and another one for my Hot Sports Women. I have a playlist for my YouTube Tips and Tricks and another one for my Aussie Stuff, which makes it easier for my viewers to access the videos they want.

There are times when specific videos can fit in multiple playlists, and this will give those videos more exposure.

It is so important to give your viewers a great experience while they’re on your channel. You should always ensure the videos you upload are of the highest quality and that they deliver what you have promised, which is why you should never, ever use clickbait!

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  1. Jennifer

    I can see why playlists increase views. So many times I’m in one and try to get out but click on another video in the playlist instead

    1. Peter

      Hi Jennifer, that must mean you liked what you saw. I plan to optimize my playlists first opportunity I get. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Debbie D.

    Great idea with the playlists! I didn’t know you were so active on Youtube, Peter. It seems I am already subscribed to your channel but it’s been a while since I’ve done anything over there. Wishing you much success!

    1. Peter

      Hey Debbie, I reckon you’re not getting notifications of my videos because you didn’t click the bell and selected ‘All’. I reckon out of the 1500+ subscribers that I have only 70 odd get notified of my videos. Of those, less than 2 % click through to watch the video. The majority of my views are from search results. Nice to see you again.

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