Exposing YouTubes Viral Videos How To Tips

I think that ‘Exposing YouTubes Viral Videos How To Tips‘ is a brilliant heading for this post. As a YouTube Creator, I’ve always wanted to know what made a video go viral. To satisfy my desire to produce viral videos, I researched YouTube to find out exactly what makes a video go viral.

Exposing YouTubes Viral Videos How To Tips

It’s a pretty impossible task considering how many videos are out there. While some of the viral video tips posted by Creators who have had a video go viral, most of them are struggling Creators trying to make a name for themselves.

Viral Video Tips

Exposing YouTubes Viral Videos

Although it took me ages, I finally managed to put a video together, which I called Why Does A Video Go Viral. In that video, I discussed the following points.

  • The importance of Thumbnails
  • Will ranking first on YouTube lead to a viral video?
  • The Snowball effect
  • Playing to people’s emotions
  • The length of viral videos

Best YouTube Tools

These are just some of the points I cover in my Viral Video Expose. You’ll also see in the video how I use TubeBuddy to help me rank better on YouTube.

Because of the importance of Thumbnails, I use The YouTube Graphics Creator. It helped me to design the thumbnail for my video on what makes a video go viral.

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  1. Duncan

    Thank you Peter for sharing this.
    I will check the Viral video expose to learn a few. I have been trying to build a following on my channel and will check on that. Hey, you just gained a subscriber. Thank you.

    1. Peter

      You’re very welcome Duncan, I’m glad I was of some help.

  2. Carl

    Hi Peter, I think that current algorithm defers quite a lot from what it used to be few years ago. I mean that YouTube doesn’t push, brand new videos right away. Recently I saw videos that were just getting average number of views, exploding in views 6-7 months after publishing. You are right TubeBuddy is excellent tool, I’ve also tried and like VidIQ too.

    1. Peter

      Hi Carl, I’ve noticed that too. Take my https://youtu.be/zxvWSim17ys for example, it started off real slow but then took off. It’s now got over 10,000 views and growing with an impressions CTR of over 10%!

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