Sexy Sal Blonde Joke & Irish Humor

G’ day fellow readers and welcome to this weeks Friday Funnies’ In last weeks Friday Funnies post, Five Older Ladies, I introduced you to Sexy Sal! I’m happy to say that she was a real hit. So much so that she is going to be a regular on Friday Funnies. I’m hoping that you guys get behind her and do all you can to promote her to your friends and associates. You can do this by sharing her jokes on Pinterest, Facebook, Tweeting and any other of your social circles.  

Who Is Sexy Sal

The question on everyone’s lips is who exactly is Sexy Sal? Well, to the best of my knowledge Sexy Sal is the sexy cyber woman who loves to tell blonde jokes. Come to think of it; we tend to think alike and even laugh at all the same jokes. Unlike me, though, she is not the shy type and loves it when people talk about her and her jokes. Nothing pleases her more than to be shared around on Facebook or Pinterest. Yep, Sexy Sal isn’t the shy type, not by any means.

Sexy Sal & Blonde Car Jackers

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Five Older Ladies

Before we get into this weeks Friday Funnies, Five Older Ladies, I would like to say that in these troubled times, with the Coronavirus and all, we need to keep our spirits up. I’m sure a good laugh is beneficial to everybody, especially those stuck in self-isolation. 

One last thing, before I get to our five older ladies post, while we are all going through these trials and tribulation, let’s all remember to do the right thing where the Coronavirus is concerned.

Five Older Ladies

If you’re a Friday Funnies regular, you know that I’ve featured the antics of the older generation on a few occasions. Well, I’ve got another one today because they’re almost as popular as the blonde jokes I know you’re going to love this one.

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