Irishman Goes To His Doctor

Because I know how much you guys love Irish jokes, Today’s Friday Funnies is an Irishman goes to his doctor joke. But, before we get to that, I want to share two videos with you. The first is my Funny Golf Joke which has skyrocketed to over 17k views, and it won’t be long before it hits 20K! The second video is my latest Irish joke, and this one is a funny Irish Alzheimer joke. Now that we have that out of the way let us get on with today’s Irishman goes to his doctor joke.

Irishman Goes To His Doctor
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Funny Irishman Goes To His Doctor Joke

An Irishman goes to the doctor, who, after examining him, says, “Paddy, you have some problems with your heart, but if you take these tablets, I think it will be okay.”

After the doctor gives Paddy the tablets Paddy asks, “Do I have to take them every day?”

“No,” replies the doctor, “take one on Monday, skip Tuesday, take one on Wednesday, skip Thursday and go on like that”.

“Two weeks later, the doctor is walking down the street, and he sees Paddy’s wife. “Hello, Mrs Murphy,” he says, “how’s your husband?”

“Oh he died of a heart attack,” says Mrs Murphy.

“I’m very sorry to hear that,” says the doctor, “I was sure that if he took those tablets he would be all right.”

“Oh the tablets were fine,” says Mrs Murphy, “It was all the bloody skipping that killed him!”

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Funny Irish Jokes Friday Funnies

You all know I love funny Irish jokes. I also know I’m not the only one who likes funny Irish jokes. That’s why funny Irish jokes occur so often on this blog, to appease my avid readers. Two of my more favourite funny Irish jokes is Sexy Sal’s Blonde Joke & Irish Humor FF #62

Funny Irish Jokes That Makes You Laugh

An Irishman walks into a bar and asks for two beers. He then pulls a small green-skinned man out of his pocket and puts him on the counter.

As the Irishman is drinking his drink, the green man is drinking the other. An Englishman having had a few too many beverages says, “Hey, what’s that little green thing down there?”

funny Irish jokes
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The green man runs down the bar gives the Englishman a raspberry, “SPLBLBLBLT!,” right in the face and runs back to the Irishman.

The Englishman mops himself off and says to the Irishman, “Hey, what is that thing, anyway?”

The Irishman replies, “Have some respect. He’s a leprechaun.”

“Oh, all right.” the Englishman says sullenly. They all go

back to drinking beer.


An hour or so later, the incredibly drunk Englishman says,

“Boy, that leprechaun sure is an ugly little bastard!”

The leprechaun runs down the bar and gives the Englishman a raspberry again, “SPLBLBLBLBT!”

This time the Englishman angrily says, “Tell that leprechaun that if he does that again, I’ll chop his

willie right off, I will!” he shouts.

“You can’t do that,” says the Irishman. “Leprechauns don’t have willies.”

“How do they pee, then?” asks the Englishman.

“They don’t,” says the Irishman. “They go SPLBLBLBLBT.

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Irish Daredevils & Older Man Wisdom

Yep, it’s Friday Funnies time again, and I have a real treat for you guys. We’ll start with the ever favourite Irish joke. This one is about a bunch of Irish Daredevils!

The Irish Daredevils

Two Irishmen walk into a pet shop in Dingle, they walk over to the bird section, and Gerry says to Paddy, ‘Dat’s dem.’

The owner comes over and asks if he can help them.

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