As you know Friday’s Funnies is a series of posts filled with jokes to make you laugh. I started this series 121 posts ago. Seeing as how this is Friday Funnies #122 and I post it every week, this means I’m well into my second year of Friday Funnies!

Jokes To Make You Laugh Is Important

Why wouldn’t I have a category full of jokes to make you laugh. They say that laughter is the best medicine. Robin Williams portrayed this the best in his movie Patch Adams (Collector’s Edition). That being the case I think a post of jokes to make people laugh is highly therapeutic. That’s probably why these posts have proved to be so popular.

I’m going to start this post with a good old Irish Joke.

The Two Irish Lance Corporals 

Two good old boys, Mick & Paddy, have been promoted from privates to Lance Corporals.  Not long afterward, they’re out for a walk and Mick says, “Hey, Paddy, there’s the NCO Club! What say we go in and have a well deserved drink.”

“But we’re only privates,” protests Paddy.

“No! We’re Lance Corporals now,” says Mick, pointing to his stripe and pulling him inside. “Now, Paddy, I’m gonna sit down and have me that drink.”

“We can’t Mick! We’re privates,” says Paddy.

“You blind, boy?” asks Mick, pointing again at his stripe. “We’re Lance Corporals now!”

So they have their drink, and pretty soon a beautiful bust blonde Army lass comes up to Mick. Read the rest of this entry

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I know the topic of post frequency has been tackled by a lot of people but I wanted to add my spin to it. Why not, considering post frequency is actually a very important topic.

Post Frequency – The Daily Blogger

There are some out there you say that the best thing a blogger can do, as far as post frequency goes, is to post daily. Once such blogger is Akaahan Terungwa of NoToPoverty. In his post 8 Tips For Blogging Daily Terungwa writes that blogging daily is the best way to build organic traffic. He knows this can be difficult which is why he offers his 8 tips.

It was after reading his post that I decided to write a post a day on my EZeSportsBetting blog. I don’t plan to keep this regime up indefinitely as I know trying to do so would make posting on that blog a chore. This would affect the quality of my posts and I don’t want to do that. Read the rest of this entry

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Funny Jokes Friday Funnies #121

Just to be a little different I though that for this weeks Friday Funnies I’ll feature several short jokes. The first one is one of those ever popular Little Johnny jokes.

Little Johnny’s Big Word Funny Joke

A teacher asked her third grade class to name things that ended with “tor” that ate things.
The first little boy said, ”Alligator.”
”Very good James, that’s a big word.”
The second boy said, “Predator.”
“Yes, that’s another big word Alan Very well done.”
Little Johnny says, “Vibrator.”
After nearly falling off her chair, she says, “That is a big word Johnny, but it doesn’t eat anything.”
“Well my sister has one and she says it eats bloody batteries like there’s no tomorrow!”
Read the rest of this entry

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