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Funny Images Friday Funnies #245

They say that picture image is worth a thousand words. This weeks Friday Funnies is going to have some really funny images in it. Take this first one for example. I got it in an email with the following text. I found this old school picture I am not sure of the year exactly and I don’t know who everyone is, but I am about 99% sure that   you are in the back row on the right. Perhaps you know someone you can prank with that photo? Then there is this one that I put together with the help of the Creator. Which brings to mind this joke I knew back in my school days. It started with this young bloke, barely in his teens, who had to buy some condoms. He goes up to the cashier and says, “Excuse me miss, but I need a packet of f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f, I…

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Laugh Out Loud Jokes Friday Funnies #244

I love jokes, especially laugh out loud jokes. Today’s Friday Funnies is hopefully filled with laugh out loud jokes that you will share with your friends. Readers often ask me where I get this jokes from and the answer is always the same, they’re from emails I receive. I also use some of them to create laugh out loud jokes images using The Creator. Laugh Out Loud Jokes Barry The Builder Barry the builder was goi9ng through a house he had just built, with the woman who owned it. She was telling him what colours to paint each room. They went into the first room and she said, “This room is to be a light blue.” Barry the went to the from door and yelled out, “Green side up!” As he went back inside she said the next room was to be red. Barry again goes to the front door…

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Funny Stuff For Friday Funnies #243

As the end of another work week rolls on by every is looking forward to the weekend and this weeks hilarious Friday Funnies! Yep, it’s Friday Funnies time again and this week I’m going to wow you with some really funny stuff. Funny Stuff – With Age Come Wisdom You’ll get the title once you read the funny story. A guy was 72 years old & loved to fish. He was sitting in his boat the other day when he heard a voice say, ‘Pick me up.’ He looked around & couldn’t see anyone. He thought he was dreaming when he heard the voice say again,’Pick me up.’ He looked in the water & there, floating on the top, was a frog. The man said, ‘Are you talking to me?’ The frog said, ‘Yes, I’m talking to you.’ Pick me up, then kiss me; & I’ll turn into the most…

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Crack Me Up Jokes Friday Funnies #242

I love crack me up jokes. That’s one of the reasons why I started Friday Funnies over four years ago. I should have known from that very first Friday Funnies Post that I’m not the only one that loves crack me up jokes! Today’s Friday Funnies is all about crack me jokes, jokes that simply crack me up. Actually, I think this post is going to be more than just crack me up jokes, it will include anything that cracks me up, from jokes to videos. Crack Me Up Joke Engineer Goes To Hell An Engineer dies and goes to Hell. Dissatisfied with the level of comfort, he starts designing and building improvements.After a while, Hell has air conditioning, flush toilets and escalators. The engineer is a pretty popular guy. One day God calls and asks Satan, “So, how’s it going down there?” Satan says, “Hey things are going great….

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Chinese Businessman Friday Funnies #241

You may well remember Friday Funnies #239 which was about businessman humour? Well I’ve just come across one about a Chinese businessman. The Successful Chinese Businessman A Chinese businessman goes into a Jewish-owned establishment to buy black bras, size 38. The Jewish store keeper, known for his skills as a businessman, says that black bras are rare and that he is finding it very difficult to buy them from his suppliers. Therefore he has to charge $50.00 for them. The Chinese businessman buys 25 pairs. He returns a few days later and this time orders 50. The Jewish owner tells him that they have become even harder to get and charges him $60.00 each. The Chinese businessman returns a month later and buys the store’s remaining stock of 50 and this time for $75.00 each. The Jewish owner is somewhat puzzled by the large demand for black size 38 bras…

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9 Politicians Who Give to Charity

9 Politicians Who Give to Charity Despite the prevalence of “stingy government” jokes in the media, the truth is that many politicians are frequent contributors to charity. From anti-poverty foundations to refugee assistance, here are nine politicians and the charities they help. 1. Al Gore Al Gore is known for speaking out about global warming, but were you aware that he also puts his money where his mouth is? When he won the Nobel Prize for his climate change awareness efforts in 2007, he donated all $800,000 of the reward to the Alliance for Climate Protection. 2. Barack Obama The POTUS has used his platform to help a wide variety of causes. According to his tax returns, he gives anywhere from 10-20 percent of his annual income to charitable organizations every year. These range from the Fisher House Foundation to the United Negro College Fund. 3. Eliot Spitzer Most of…

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Businessman Humour Friday Funnies #239

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