Getting Married Joke

We all know that getting married is a serious business. We also know that life has a way of chucking a spanner into the works and that sometimes it can have hilarious consequences. Today’s getting married joke shows us one such occasion.

A Getting Married Joke That’s LOL Funny

funny getting married joke
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Today’s getting married joke starts as three couples are trying to get married at the same church. There is a young couple, a middle-aged couple, and an elderly couple. They all meet with the priest to discuss when they can get married.

The priest isn’t one to mince words and says, “If you wish to get married in my church, you must all go one month without having sex!”

The three couples return to the church a month later to talk to the priest. The priest turns to the elderly couple first and asks them, “Have you completed the month without having sex?”

“Yes, we have; it was easy,” replies the elderly couple.

“How about you?” He asks the middle-aged couple.

“It was fairly hard, but we managed not to have sex for the whole month,” they respond.

Finally, the priest turns to the youngest of the three couples. “And how about you two, did you manage to abstain from having sex?”

 “We tried, we really did, but we couldn’t do it,” responds the boyfriend.

 “Tell me why,” asks the priest.

“Well, my girlfriend had a can of corn in her hand, and she accidentally dropped it. She bent over to pick it up, and that’s when it happened. I couldn’t help myself; I had her right there and then!”

The priest shakes his head sorrowfully and then tells them, “I’m sorry, but you’re not welcome in my church.”

“That’s ok, we’re not welcome in the local supermarket either,” says the boyfriend.

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