More YouTube Views With Playlists

It’s true. You can get more YouTube views with playlists! I didn’t realize this until recently, and I want to share it with all my readers so they can take advantage of this. I’ve even produced a video called How Playlists Guarantee More Views.

More YouTube Views With Playlists Guaranteed

I highly recommend that you watch that video so that you can see how exactly how I optimize my playlists for more YouTube views. Not to mention the proof, I show how it works!

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Analytics For More YouTube Views

Today’s post about using analytics for more YouTube views is inspired by my latest video YouTube analytics for dummies. I could have called it YouTube analytics for beginners, but the first one scored heaps better with TubeBuddy.

As I mentioned in the video I’m usually not one that likes to check stats or analytics because I find it way too boring. Even so, I’ve come to understand how it’s an important factor when it comes to growing your YouTube channel. And so, I decided to work out what the minimum amount of analytics knowledge I needed to know to increase my YouTube views. I also included a couple of analytic jokes in the video to break up the analytical monotony. ?

Quick Analytics For More YouTube Views

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Commenting And YouTube

I’ve done a lot of posts on this blog on the importance of good commenting. I’ve even done one on grading peoples comments called, Teaching people the proper way to comment. What I learned over time was that leaving quality comments on other blogs lead to an increase in traffic to my blogs, which brings me to YouTube commenting. 

YouTube Commenting = More Traffic 

So, the question is, will leaving good comments on other YouTube videos generate more traffic for your videos. I believe it will, especially considering the quality of comments that you find on most videos these days. Compare my latest Comment to my competitors. I say, competitors because, in essence, we’re competing for recognition and the resulting traffic.

Good Commenting Rules

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