Blogging For Money? Learn The Truth

Honest Truth About Bogging For Money 

Are you blogging for money? I dislike sites which display images of someone standing in front of a mansion next to some prestige car, like a Ferrari or Porsche. It might even be an image of some luxury yacht or a couple on an exotic island. The image isn’t as important as the message it portrays. That being the person in the picture has made it big time, and guess what, he’s willing to show me how he made his fortune.

blogging for money

Yep, this stranger whom I’ve never met is going to share the secret to making his fortune. The question is, how much is it going to cost me.? What I could never work out is why someone who has the perfect system, a system that not only made his fortune but is continuing to do so, has to charge me to share his secret. If he wanted to help me, wouldn’t he give it to me for free? If he’s not asking for money, then all he asks is that I subscribe for a free eBook or something, which will later lead to more emails promising me even more ways of making money.

I’m sure most of you have seen at least one of these sites or have received at least one email promising you a fountain of wealth. Man, I’ve even received phone calls from people trying to sell me some proven software that guarantees me a tried and true system for winning at the races, even when the horse loses. Shit, if it’s so bloody good why do they need me to make them money. That particular system was only going to set me back some $6000!


Blogging for Money Sounds Too Good To Be True? Probably Is

I’m sure you’ve seen it, and perhaps you’ve taken them up on their offer, and if so I’m wondering how many of you have parked your Ferrari in your mansion?

I’ve even seen blogs out there with the same sort of message, one proclaiming how they’re making an excellent living by blogging, and yes they are willing to show you how to do it. All you have to do is to subscribe to their blog and read their post. Where it’s all explained to you, there may even be an offer to send you some eBook or newsletter in the email because it will help you in your endeavours to earn a living through your blog.
So, how is this different from the scenario I mentioned at the beginning of the post? The difference is that you can make money by blogging, but the question is, can you make enough to do it full time? The answer for many is probably not.

Blogging for money? Facing The Truth Can Help Success

Let’s face it, no matter what you’ve read, blogging for money is a long road and one that takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Most self-sufficient wannabe bloggers will quit within the first six months, once they fail to see any money coming in, and because it wasn’t as easy as they made it out to be.

Now, I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble, but we all need to face the facts. More bloggers are making a little money than bloggers making a lot of money. Does this mean you give up on your dream? Of course not. It means you have to stay focused, accepting minor setbacks, learning from them, fine-tuning your blog and forever forging ahead in your efforts for attaining financial freedom. Blogging for money is a damn hard goa to achieve, and when you finally reach your goal, don’t bullshit to others how easy it was to get there.

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    Shehan Suhail

    You are spot on Peter, blogging for money is a long road and one that takes a lot of dedication and hard work. I would love to read some of your other posts. Looks great. Keep up the good work.

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      Thanks, mate, I try. Feel free to look around.

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