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The Honest Truth About Blogging For Money

If there is one thing that I really dislike it’s those sites that display an image of some bloke standing in front of a mansion next to some prestige car, like a Ferrari or Porsche. It might even be an image of some luxury yacht or a couple on a exotic island. The image isn’t as important as the message it’s meant to portray, the message being the bloke in the picture has made it big time, and guess what, he’s willing to show me how he made his fortune.

Yep, this complete stranger whom I’ve never met is going to share the secret to making his fortune. The question is how much is it going to cost me.? What I could never work out is why someone who has the perfect system, a system that not only made his fortune but is continuing to do so, has to charge me to share his secret. If he really wanted to help me wouldn’t he just give it to me for free? If he’s not asking for money then all he asks is that I subscribe for a free eBook or something, which will later lead to more emails promising me even more ways of making money.CARdid - Ferrari

I’m sure most of you have seen at least one of these sites or have received at least one email promising you a fountain of wealth? Man I’ve even received phone calls from people trying to sell me some proven software that promises me a tried and true system for winning at the races, even when the horse loses. Shit, if it’s so bloody good why do they need me to make them money. That particular system was only going to set me back some $6000!

Anyway, I’m sure you’ve all seen it and that perhaps some of you have even taken them up on their offer, and if so I’m wondering how many of you have parked your Ferrari in your mansion?

I’ve even seen blogs out there with the same sort of message, one proclaiming how they’re making a very good living by blogging, and yes they are willing to to show you how it’s done. All you have to do is to subscribe to their blog and read through their post where it’s all explained to you. There may even be an offer to send you some eBook or newsletter in the email because it will help you in your endeavors to earn a living through your blog.

So, how is this different from the scenario I mentioned at the beginning of the post? The difference is that you can actually make money by blogging, but the question is can you make enough to do it full time? The answer for many is probably not.

Let’s face it, no matter what you’ve read, blogging for money is a long road and one that takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Most  self sufficient wannabe bloggers will quit within the first 6 months, once they fail to see any money coming in, and because it wasn’t as easy as they made it out to be.

Now, I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble, but we all need to face the facts, that there are more bloggers making a little money than there are bloggers making a lot of money. Does this mean you give up on your dream? Of course not. It means you have to stay focused, accepting minor setbacks, learning from them, fine tuning your blog and forever forging ahead in your efforts for attaining financial freedom. Nothing good in life is easily attained, and when you finally reach your goal don’t bullshit to others how easy it was to get there.

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Peter Pelliccia

I'm an Aussie blogger who loves to blog and share everything that I've learned on my blogging journey, including blogging tips and ways to blog for money. I am also trying to make my way on YouTube. You can follow my progress by subscribing to My Bonzer Channel.

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  1. I will tell you how to get rich for much less than $6k, this week only SPECIAL: $5995.00!

    What I can’t believe, is people actually fall for that schtick!
    .-= Keith @NeedInformation´s last blog ..Social Media – An Addiction =-.

    1. I was one of those losers Keith as I once paid $10000 for a program that was supposed to monitor the stock market letting you know the best times to buy and sell. Not only that I had to pay a monthly fee to get live data.

      The program looked excellent but I should have realized no-one can predict when to get in or out with any accuracy. Guess what, they’re broke and the software is now useless.

      1. Damn bro, makes me feel bad I made that statement! Guess we live and learn huh?
        .-= Keith @NeedInformation´s last blog ..Social Media – An Addiction =-.

        1. Don’t feel bad Kieth, I was stupid but I did learn. There’s a lot I could have done with that 10 grand too.

          1. >There’s a lot I could have done with that 10 grand too.

            I see that in my field, real estate. People spend $50,000 for coaching. They could buy a house all cash for that in Baltimore. They can certainly do their first real estate deal for that much or less in most areas. They would learn a lot more by doing a deal instead of paying for expensive coaching.

    2. Tax?
      .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..4 DAYS LEFT!- ProBloggers-31 Days To Build A Better Blog- + 3 Awesome Bonuses! =-.

      1. No tax on internet sale unless you are in NC!
        .-= Keith @NeedInformation´s last blog ..Flexibility Theme =-.

    3. great post! I agree that there are more bloggers making a little money than there are bloggers making a lot of money but that doesn’t have to limit the ambitions of bloggers… In other words, all the bloggers making a lot of money started somewhere, started from making little money, and then…

      1. I’m glad you Liked it Ian.

        You’re correct though when you say their capability for earning money should inspire us to greater heights rather than causing us to give up.

  2. I see these things all the time. I have actually tried a few at the beginning but quickly found out that I was throwing my money out the window. Now I kinda get tired of getting these emails asking me to review there free ebook like its the next best thing. Sure it would be nice to make a little extra money someday, but right now I am just enjoying blogging. I know that it will take a lot of hard work to make even a little money so if it comes great if it doesn’t well thats ok to. Like I said I am enjoying what I am doing.

    Now I will admit I started this blog that I have in July of 2009. After a little while swimming in my blog not feeling like I was doing that much and not really having a lot of readers I felt like just throwing in the towel. Honestly it really has taken me a long time and a lot of typing to find my way. I am still trying to find my way learning everyday and having fun while doing it. Which I think is the most important.

    So if you are looking for me…I will be standing in front of my regular house, in a regular neighborhood, standing in front of my 2001 Black Jetta with 135,000 miles on it because I am just a regular guy with a house, wife, 3 almost 4 kids, job and I just do this blogging thing part time because I enjoy it
    .-= Jim Hardin´s last blog ..Grilled 5 Spice Chicken Blog =-.

    1. You and me both Keith, and I believe you are doing an excellent post. I’m actually trying to work you into a post. Hopefully it won’t be too far away.

  3. I remember a time before blogs when people thought they were going to make money with URL names. And before that, there was the promise of owning your very own T1 line. I remember because I questioned these promises of bundles of cash over night. Truth be told, blogging takes oodles of time, loads of energy and sheer devotion. Whether one wants to make a million dollars or a million pennies, only matters to those that are looking for short-cuts wherever they roam.
    .-= Louise´s last blog ..Quick Links: National Peach Melba Day =-.

    1. I got to admit that even in real live taking short cuts can lead you into a ditch.

    2. “Domaining” is what it was called, and in the beginning when domain names were fresh, this actually was a VERY lucrative business.

      It’s still done, but one must have some serious mojo to pull it off.
      .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..4 DAYS LEFT!- ProBloggers-31 Days To Build A Better Blog- + 3 Awesome Bonuses! =-.

      1. Yeah, that’s because most of the good ones are already taken.

  4. I always park my Ferrari in the garage when getting photos taken in front of my mansion. ;)

    I’m interested in what people think of highly successful Internet marketers such as Eben Pagan and Frank Kern.
    .-= Gordie´s last blog ..Why Meditation Is The Rocket Fuel For Lifestyle Design And Personal Development. =-.

    1. Who? I’m serious, I’ve never heard of them, but then I’ve never really studied Internet marketing.

      1. I too had enough of this. It’s just that these guys (or the ones they hire to do it) are really good at playing with words in their sales pages that sometimes you feel so convinced that you’d throw caution to the wind and just gulp down the offer.

        Now, I just snub these pages no matter how tempting the headlines are. The headlines are actually designed to be really tempting. Sometimes, I actually do some research about an offer and what do I find. I see several other entities offering it and using the same pictures of the same cars and the same Mansions they claim to own. In one sales page about earning money writing ads for google, they even use pictures of actual people and families who were probably just paid to pose for this. And these ads are still out there and actively being promoted inspite of the fact that it’s been openly found and declared to be a scam.
        .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..AmplusnetPrivacyTools.exe Eating Up CPU Resources =-.

        1. It does make you wonder doesn’t it James?

    2. Too funny about the car Gordie. I never heard of these guys either. As much as Sire and I get around the net commenting you would think we would have heard of these guys if they are good.

      1. These guys aren’t in blogging circles. They’re mega rich Internet Marketers plain and simple. I got referred to them through entrepreneurial circles rather than blogging circles.

        1. The question is have they passed any secret information on to you that you can share with all your blogging mates?

  5. It’s true Sire. Most bloggers aren’t going to make good money. They’ll need to spend their FREE TIME honing a website and cranking out consistent content. Most people aren’t going to step away from TV, or Facebook, or their videogames long enough to tend to this thankless job. (And blogging is pretty much a “thankless” job)

    You should only blog if you love the concept of coming together with people all over the world and sharing concepts, ideas, jokes, or whatever. Besides, the people who make ANY kind of money at all are the ones who truly love blogging.

    1. Thankless? :ponder_tb: Perhaps for those doing it just for the money and not succeeding. For those like us who like the interaction I reckon it’s the opposite.

  6. I use to keep my Ferrari in the toy box. Grr my son’s Ferrari.

    Great post as always Sire. Nothing to be debated here. :)
    .-= Rose´s last blog ..Coca-cola a migraine headache remedy =-.

    1. Thanks Rose.

  7. Hi Sire,
    I think these are the same people that used to send the ‘get rich at home stuffing envelopes’ letters. The same “make big money programs” are heavily pushed in the fitness industry. We are all supposed to make six figures by buying someone’s program telling you how to make six figures. Same lure- sign up for a free e-report, get added to a mailing list, receive an email with a few well known tips and then a flood of emails to buy, buy, buy! It’s basically getting people to buy your own program, preferably about making six figures in the fitness industry:)
    I’m sure there are some entrepreneurial parking lot valets making money by letting these scammers pose in front of the nice cars after they’re parked.
    .-= Aaron´s last blog ..So Mark McGwire took steroids… =-.

    1. Nah, I reckon they actually have the cars but they got them by fleecing people with these scams of their. Then again, maybe they posed in the parking lot first, then scammed people until they could pay for the real thing?

  8. Are we talking about making money from just one blog, here?

    Because that’s definitely super-hard. In fact, I think it’s a bit of a crap-shoot. Hoping for your one blog to make you rich some day is a bit like hoping to become a pop-star or a famous actor. Even if you have a fantastic singing voice or are a brilliant actor, there’s only a very limited amount of room at the very top and skill alone will not get you there.

    Similarly, there can be only so many “celebrity” bloggers.

    On the other hand, “mass-producing” money-making websites is definitely something that can be learnt. It still takes time and dedication and work and all that, but it’s something you can make for yourself, rather than something that’s up to luck and chance to a large degree.

    As for people selling their systems: I often wonder the same thing. If someone claims to be making it big time and puts all that effort into selling his system for a few bucks, that just doesn’t add up.
    .-= Shane´s last blog ..Web2Mayhem “Plus” – How to Make the Most of W2M =-.

    1. I wouldn’t know about mass producing money making websites Shane, I have more than I can handle with my blogs. Would these websites be earning money via adsense or are they promoting a product/affiliate?

      1. Well, whatever you want, really. And it doesn’t have to be mass-production in the hundreds, either (though it can be).

        There are so many models for monetizing websites, it’s not too difficult to find a not-yet-overexploited angle and go for it.

        The point is simply to target one small website at just one keyword. Then you drive traffic to that website and monetize it with some kind of affiliate offer, CPA offer, ads, whatever.

        I’m just now getting into paid traffic which is an entire realm of it’s own. For example, some marketers drive paid traffic to a site that is nothing but an e-mail squeeze. Doing this, you’re simply paying to build your list. And then you market to that list.
        At this point, we’re not even looking at a blog anymore.
        All I’m trying to say is that there are learnable systems for making money from websites, but “make money from one blog” is probably not one of them.

        P.S.: Is “learnable” a real word?

        1. Learnable sounds like a real word but probably isn’t.

          No matter, I know what who meant, and I understand what your saying, and it seems we agree, a blog just isn’t going to cut it. :wink_ee:

  9. What drives me mental is sales landing pages, they hide the sale price and it takes 20 scrolls of the mouse wheel to actually get to the checkout point after the several thousand words of drival.

    It drives me mad when i see, you can make millions, only to check the sites ranking etc shows it can be getting more than one or two hits a day!

    Over priced, over written, over used and ridiculous rubbish.

    I think it’s time for change when it comes to sales
    .-= TheInfoPreneur´s last blog ..Don’t Be Afraid To Change Your Plan =-.

    1. What’s worse is that those where you get to the end only to have to click on a link so you can read more drivel :furious_tb: :guns_tb:

      1. Yeah brother I f’ing hate that!
        .-= TheInfoPreneur´s last blog ..How To Beat A Traffic Plateau =-.

  10. You are absolutely correct.

    Many bloggers who are earning serious money from their blogs are earning it from selling stuff to people about how to earn money from their blog. A sort of self fulfilling prophecy.

    The truth is that their is undoubtedly some great stuff out there. Some may well indeed be worth the money.

    The difficulty though is working out what is good and what is dross.

    The only way to find out is to network with as many bloggers you know and ask them what they recommend.

    1. That or find the blogs that actually do blog about how they got to where they are because they honestly want to help others without charging for it.

      I don’t have a problem if they’ve written a book about it, just keep it real.

  11. Honest and straightforward as always Sire. Here’s what i think: A lot of those people that make just a little money each month are the ones that get scammed into paying $4000 for some stupid system.
    I have emailed and IMd with dozens of people who were making $2500 or so per month, and then they bought into a hyped up system and found out that in order to make it work, they’d need to invest another $5-10,000 over the course of a year… that pretty much knocks them out and they quit and think that internet marketing is a scam. The other issue is that no system in the world can make up for a lack of common sense and basic business knowledge, which so many people just don’t have.
    Can you blame them trying? Of course not… but the slick marketer told them his system was “bullet proof” LIAR!!! And that’s the kinda crap that I HATE!!

    The other issue i see, however, is that people don’t want to invest ANYTHING at all and make money. Look, it’s all good if you can make some money with your free blogger blog, but to make big bank, you need to invest in domains (like 500-600 IMO) and also in tools for your business (software mostly to automate tasks).

    I have learned that if you are not willing to spend money, you will never make a lot of money.
    The good news is, that online, a $10,000 investment in the RIGHT things can turn into $100,000 fairly simply. (not easily, but simply)
    I am rambling…
    .-= Allyn´s last blog ..$30K Part 2, Finding A Topic, Not A Passion, And Beating The Big Companies With Your Small Blog =-.

    1. I agree that a lot of the time you need to invest money in order to make it. I’ve done that on more than one occasion, and only once was I ever ripped off. I’ve even said it myself that if people are serious about blogging for money they need to move away from blogger blogs.

      I’m not sure about having 500-600 domains. Seems too much like work, and I’m online to have fun, I work enough in the real world.

  12. I extract two very impressive line Sire:

    1. Shit, if it’s so bloody good why do they need me to make them money.

    2. Anyway, I’m sure you’ve all seen it and that perhaps some of you have even taken them up on their offer, and if so I’m wondering how many of you have parked your Ferrari in your mansion?

    Whenever I see such ad I always utter the no. 1 sentence and I really want to know the answer of no. 2 question.

    There is only one easy way to get money is by telling other how you earning big money in return of money then when your client ask the secret tell them what I done with you is the secret. Now you make a website and tell other how you earning big money and you will gain more than what you just given me. :)
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..Google Says : Get power Twitter users as followers to maximize traffic =-.

    1. You are wright Arafat , even Johnchow does the same thing cleverly and carefully ;) ;)

      And sometimes he also writes paid reviews ;) ;)
      What do you have to say about that??
      .-= Sunil Jain@gupshup´s last blog ..How to use different Themes for WordPress posts or pages =-.

    2. Yeah, and that’s a scam, and I’m not about to rip someone off by doing that :nono_tb:

  13. Twitter:
    Sire, you and I are always on the lookout for the next scam, or at least what seems like a scam. You really can’t tell sometimes how someone will read something and figure out how to make it work for them, while almost no one else can figure it out.

    Remember about 14 months ago you and I signed up for this Russell Brunson thing, the $1 million challenge, thinking it was going to be more of a training thing, and it turned out to not only be something else, but wasn’t there a cost factor involved in some fashion? Now, you and I didn’t have the time, but I wonder if anyone who went through it, other than the person who I assume eventually won, actually made any money after going through that.
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Do We Deserve Privacy Online? =-.

    1. Yeah, I remember it and like you said we never really had the time to really get behind it. I wonder who did actually win it and apart from the car what he actually got from it.

        1. Good to see he was legit about the Corvette. Nice ride too.

  14. Well written Sire :) :)
    Bloggers are not only writers but also some clever affiliate marketers , although i subscribe to many blogs but the one thing i don’t like in them is they keep on sending mails about the paid products which makes me again to unsubscribe them :(
    What do you feel about this??
    .-= Sunil Jain@gupshup´s last blog ..How to use different Themes for WordPress posts or pages =-.

    1. It’s the way of the world Sunil Jain, which is why I no longer read their blogs or subscribe to ideas that sound too good to be true.

  15. It is getting to the point for me that if someone is stupid enough to dole over their hard earned cash for the secret to easy riches then they deserve to get scammed.

    The internet isn’t new and we should all be able to:
    1. Find the information we want for free- dah look for it
    2. Know a scam when we see it and- if you didn’t work for it then it’s a scam
    3. Stop being so damn lazy- stop holding out your hand for something and get to work

    .-= Ms. Freeman@ The Baby Steps of an Internet Entrepreneur´s last blog ..A Plea On Behalf of Haiti =-.

    1. That is all so true, and yet there are many innocents out there who just don’t know any better and I can’t help but feel a little sorry for them.

  16. You are so right about the hard work and dedication that it takes to make money blogging.

    For example, one fellow I know has a verified 100,000 unique hits per month on his blog.

    Now, I’m not sure if everyone reading this realizes what 100,000 unique hits represents, but it is a whole lot, and a level that most bloggers will never approach by a tenth.

    This fellows TOTAL include from his blog after expenses is $200 per month in paid advertising.

    That’s right, $200.

    So, please let everyone know that your skepticism is perfectly justified.

    If you are going to go to the races, bet someone else’s money….preferably the guy’s that is suggesting the system to begin with.
    .-= beth charette´s last blog ..New Article: Elf Culture: One with Nature =-.

    1. Beth would it be because he has a low PR as I know many advertisers prefer blogs with a high PR, which to my way of thinking is so stupid?

  17. I would apply what you said at the end to every aspect of life. There will be setbacks, there will be doubt, there will be thoughts of giving up but the people that have the will, determination and passion to continue are the people who are successful.
    .-= Josiah@Best Ads for Blogs´s last blog ..Best Ads for Blogs =-.

  18. I’ve seen too many of these too. The way I do things now are just read the free PDFs I find and learn what I can from those because I like to read in the first place.

    Other than doing that I simply write, market, learn, fail, learn some more, improve myself, keep doing what I can and more.

    Basically hard work, smart work, whatever you like to call it.

    I like writing and I like sharing what I know with people who will listen as I hope it helps them.

    As for actually making any money… Well, I haven’t yet. I haven’t spent a lot either though. My one concern is about a course called Blog Mastermind from Yaro Starak and whether or not that’s something worth looking into.

    Anyone ever been through the course and what is your take on how much it costs?

    I love these articles that really tell how it is from someone who’s been there. You’re one of the real winners out there who tells it how it is. We need more people like you.

    Keep at it man!
    .-= Eric´s last blog ..The Most Money You’ll Ever Make With Your Blog =-.

    1. I have never been a member, and for the simple reason that the cost is something like $500, last time I checked. Now, I can tell you that Yaro has a good rep in the biz, but to spend that kind of money is ridiculous, I started making money online a few years ago and I started with nothing, I spent $95 on Build a Niche Store software, found a great free ebook and just dived in.

      Learned most of what I know from hands-on experience and am now making a full time + income from my business.

      In reality, unless you have $500 to throw away then I would opt for the tons of free info that is available online and get a free Blogger blog to start and try out some of what you learned, see if you like the business. Then maybe consider investing that kind of money.

      If you really want a simple and effective beginners MMO guide then the Keyword Academy is a much better option and costs only $29 a month and you can check it out for a month for $1.

      I can tell you that I, and most people who make good money online work alot, I am working about 15 hours a day and that is really what it takes.
      .-= JR @ Internet Marketing´s last blog ..One Stop Shop to Get and Receive Guest Posts for all Niches =-.

    2. I don’t know this particular product Eric but after wasting three years chasing the dream, I am now very skeptical of anything that asks me to pay for information pertaining to making money online. As Sire so rightly said in this excellent post, if they are doing so well and really want to help me like they say they do, why are they asking for $500?

      Great post Sire and some fab comments too. I thought I’d never read all 51 but they’re so interesting, I’m still going ;)
      .-= Eleanor Edwards´s last blog ..Is This Down The Side Of Your Sofa? =-.

    3. I’ve heard of that course but that’t about it Eric, maybe someone else will be able to answer your question.

  19. LMFAO, the bloke standing in front of a mansion next to some prestige car, like a Ferrari or Porsche…

    oops, wait Sire, I gotta go move my Ferrari, I just remembered I left mine in front of the wrong mansion again, lmfao…I’ll be back!

    Gotta love those guys, and the innocents who fall for the crap and have obviously never heard of Photoshop!
    .-= JR @ Internet Marketing´s last blog ..One Stop Shop to Get and Receive Guest Posts for all Niches =-.

    1. Which Ferrari was that JR, the matchbox or the scaled replica?

      1. I actually have both babe, don’t you know :wink_ee:
        .-= JR @ Internet Marketing´s last blog ..One Stop Shop to Get and Receive Guest Posts for all Niches =-.

        1. Big deal, I have a dozen scaled models, so beat that :laugh_tb:

          1. Okay, wait, let me get my Photoshop open and then I can beat that!

  20. I’d like to think that I can smell a snake oil salesman at 20 paces, but I’m sure I might have been duped just as easily as anyone when I first started this internet thing.

    I agree that money can be made, and I also agree, that unless you’re the Michael Jordan of blogging, probably not enough to quit your day job.

    I relish the articles I read from honest folks sharing their positive and negative experiences so we can all learn together. And we all need to admit that what worked for Joe Popular probably won’t work for us because we are not Joe Popular. Unfortunately, unless we are already successful, there is no proven track record of what will bring us success. We’re going to have to wing it.
    .-= Heather Kephart´s last blog ..Texas, Heather. Heather, Texas. =-.

    1. Especially when Joe Popular got into the game early when the money from blogging game was still good. I reckon it’s a lot harder now.

  21. I have to admit, I sometimes read things like what you’re describing just to enjoy the temporary excitement I get from it. Sort of like dreaming with coworkers about what we’d do if we won the lottery. I guess there will always be greedy beginners who’ll pay those guys to tell them to stick with it, do your best, etc. Sort of like a weight loss guru selling the big secret: stop eating so damned much!
    .-= Christie@IntrovertZone´s last blog ..Introvert needs are positive and healthy =-.

    1. It’s not all to do with eating Christie, it’a also to do with getting off their butts. Weight loss like blogging for money has a work factor that many don’t want to know about.

  22. Sire man, those headers are an instant back click for me. I’ll tell you the funniest (read:saddest) of them all though…

    On a Monday i’ll receive an email from top marketer #1c telling me how his system will make me the 20K per month that he/she is making.

    On Thursday I’ll receive 47 emails from marketer #1’s pals about an excellent firesale #1 is holding.

    You see, marketer #1’s mansion burned down, yacht sank and Ferrari blew up and they need financial help IMMEDIATELY.

    The math say’s, $20K per month x the 10yrs they’ve been online = I can’t contribute because they are obviously way too irresponsible with money.

    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..4 DAYS LEFT!- ProBloggers-31 Days To Build A Better Blog- + 3 Awesome Bonuses! =-.

    1. Yeah, it seems that a lot of them rely on the “You sell this theme to everyone else and we’ll all make money”, which pretty well sucks.

      1. Yes, that is a horrible business model to follow.

    2. Dennis that made me laugh! So incredibly true that even if they did make money they didn’t figure out how to keep a ounce of it! These questions, these ideas, are concerns that observant people like you make. However, sadly, it seems that the old quote of “Thinking is the hardest job a man can have, its why so people do it” is so true. That is how these guys got their cash in the first place. Thanks for the chuckle and wish ya the best!
      .-= Kimberly Castleberry@socialmedia,technology´s last blog ..Safe Hex for WordPress, Why pre-v2.8.6 is BAD for Your Blogs Health! =-.

      1. Thanks Kimberly, I appreciate that. :)

        My main point being though, they are full of crap with the money they make; one or two I know for a fact, but won’t get into that now.

        This is just me, but I also believe some of those firesale please for “help” are also bogus, which would be, in a word, despicable.
        .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..3 DAYS LEFT!- ProBloggers-31 Days To Build A Better Blog- + 3 Awesome Bonuses! =-.

        1. Dennis, it could also be that some of those who made money the easy way don’t know how to invest or hold onto it and so they spend it all on crap and frivolous exercises and so need to keep ripping people off to maintain their lifestyle.
          .-= Sire´s last blog ..Netherland Star Prize Lotto A Lot Of Bullshit =-.

  23. I really appreciate when bloggers and others write the real truth about these things because I have an email inbox 90% full of marketing emails telling me I only have 4 days left to get in on an amazing program that will make me $20k/month for only $249 plus $29/month plus it has a great affiliate program built in so that I could make even more money and if I don’t act now I will be forever locked out of this opportunity. Good thing I don’t use that inbox as my main email address. And the funny part is that they have these auto emailing programs set up on a schedule, so 2 months later I’ll get the same exact emails.

    Oh and you mentioned domaining – I actually tried that for a few months and it’s a decent way to make money if you’re patient, outgoing, willing to learn and not easily discouraged by failure. Like blogging, it’s a decent way to make money. But to make a living from it, especially if you have to provide for a family, is quite a tough job.
    .-= Mike@Miami Movers´s last blog ..Miami Moving Companies =-.

    1. Mike, about domains, what site did you use to sell off your domains?

    2. That’s the first I’ve heard of domaining, it sounds like an interesting project! I look forward to hearing more from you, neat idea Mike. Thanks for sharing ideas!
      .-= Kimberly Castleberry@socialmedia,technology´s last blog ..Facebook Groups Not-So-Hot For Leveraging Time =-.

  24. Great tell-it-how-it-is post on blogging for money. Everyone who wants to get rich quick on the internet should read this.

  25. Here is the secret to making money from a blog. Build a community that advertisers want to be in front of. I have launched several online publications and seen each of them succeed.

    The biggest advantage that those pubs had over your standard blogger is that there was a steady supply of cash to pay for reporters and editors.

    Resources make a huge difference, but it is not impossible to do this by any means. But Sire is certainly correct that this is not as easy as some of these other people wish to make it seem.
    .-= Jack´s last blog ..If I Was a Professional Blogger =-.

    1. Hey jack, if you know of any advertisers that need a great blog to display their ads on, send em my way. :thumbup_tb: :wink_ee:

  26. Sire, thanks for keeping it real. Thanks for remind people that regardless of how badly they want to believe in the hype, most of it is just hype. Money can be made out here, but its going to take more blood sweat and tears than most people are willing to give. Unless they’re out here with a HUGE why, the number of obstacles is going to seem overwhelming. Its refreshing to see someone willing to keep it real today. Thanks!

    (PS: IntenseDebate has been removed from my blog, although my comments have a threading issue now that I’m currently working on, LOL. Thanks for the visit the other day, and I deeply appreciated your feedback.)
    .-= Kimberly Castleberry@socialmedia,technology´s last blog ..Facebook Fan Pages vs Facebook Groups =-.

    1. Always willing to offer feedback when I think it’s needed. :wink_ee:

      In regards to threaded comments, I use the WordPress Threaded Comment plugin. Perhaps that will resolve your issue.
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..A Special Gift For The Person Who Has Everything =-.

      1. Although I recommend the WordPress Thread Comment, I actually cant run it on my theme because my theme has pretty good native threading support (if you enable it in Settings -> Discussion) and that plugin makes the reply box crawl under my sidebar.

        I was missing the ability to subscribe to comments that that plugin had, but Dennis (rightly) suggested “Subscribe to Comments” plugin which solved the problem.

        I think WordPress Thread Comment is definitely a solid recommendation for the many themes that don’t have good native support and I appreciate the suggestions!
        .-= Kimberly Castleberry@socialmedia,technology´s last blog ..Wordpress Plugin Review: KeywordLuv =-.

  27. Twitter:
    If I relied on blogging money I wouldn’t be able to afford a free blogger blog. I don’t make squat from blogging. If anyone’s curious how NOT to make money blogging I’m the man to follow ;)

    I would put my ride up in my header but the rust color wouldn’t match the site.
    .-= Brian D. Hawkins´s last blog ..Fine Example Of Viral YouTube Marketing =-.

    1. Good one Brian, but I can’t believe that a man of your talents hasn’t made a cent blogging. :tongue_wink_ee:
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..Netherland Star Prize Lotto A Lot Of Bullshit =-.

  28. Good evening, Sire.

    I’m not rich and I don’t have a mansion or fancy car on an exotic island somewhere.

    On the other hand, with the exception of last year, I’ve earned my living from online marketing for nearly a decade. (Last year, I still earned my living from marketing, but it wasn’t much of a living!)

    I love Internet marketing and I know we can earn money from promoting products and services that real people want to buy, but most people who are interested in making money online want to get rich right now with no effort or investment of time, effort and money.

    They want to buy a lottery ticket and strike it rich rather than invest what is necessary to build a real business.

    I’ve checked out a lot of the systems and I’ve given some a try for a year or two. I’ve learned from some of them but earned from few.

    (Hey, that almost rhymes!)

    I’ll tell you this. If I ever do create a system that buys a mansion and all the other glitzy things that go with it, I’m not telling anyone how I do it. It’s going to be my secret little money machine.


    There is always a market for how to get something for nothing and there are people who will pay again and again to mooch marketers and up-sell experts. It’s a fact of life and serious money can be made by those who are willing to take every last dime from any suckers they can reel in.

    On the other hand, there are some people who really are telling people how to make money online and are teaching them real ways to build a business — but those aren’t nearly as sexy or enticing because they involve real work and investments of time, creativity, and money.

    Nobody ever got rich from following the herd. To succeed, we need to carve out our own niche and become the best known person for producing results in that niche.

    It can be done, but it’s not easy.

    As for investing money to make money, I invested about $10K back in the 1970s to start my consulting business and earned back many times that amount over the next couple of decades. I invested in books, training, seminars, equipment, and then put what I learned to work. I continued to invest in training and equipment over those decades and leveraged that into a nice living.

    As a blacksmith, I had to buy equipment, supplies, steel, and invest in marketing of the products I made.

    The same is true with online marketing. I invest in the best tools I can find and then I do my best to put them to good work. I haven’t reached the success levels I intend to reach, but I’m not giving up, either.

    Still, even those who are willing to learn and put in the work required to succeed may not do as well as they expect and want. There are so many factors to achieving our goals and there is so much competition in the Internet marketing field that only a relative few can really do well.

    There are other fields, however, where the competition is less fierce and the readers are more willing to buy and click on ads. Those are the unheralded areas where people are building real money-making businesses on the Internet.

    I’ve come to believe that the “make money on the Internet” niche is the worst of all. High competition, many participants who are “less than ethical,” people who don’t want to buy, and so much noise that nobody really knows what works and what doesn’t.

    There are a lot of obstacles in the way of success and most bloggers and webmasters will never persevere long enough to test enough things to find what works specifically for them and the readers they can attract.

    And there are many different kinds of bloggers.

    Some are doing very well in their niche. When you become the best known for your particular niche and your readers can trust you to offer good, reliable solutions to their problems, then they will buy what you recommend, and that’s what business and marketing is all about.

    Nobody can build trust by telling someone how to earn enough to buy a Ferrari in a year if they can’t afford a site of their own.

    Credibility, trust, expertise, and a willingness to help others is just as important in an online business as it is in a brick-and-mortar business — perhaps more so.

    You’re right that it takes a lot of work to achieve any level of success and your advice about not telling anyone that it was easy is the mark of an honest person.

    Act on your dream!

    .-= John Dilbeck´s last blog ..Broadband makes a huge difference! =-.

    1. Twitter:
      Hi John, I almost quoted you earlier in my comment. I’ll do it now, “But, let’s face it. We talk to each other, but we don’t buy from each other. You don’t buy from me and I don’t buy from you.”

      Personally, I feel that’s the sad truth for most of us bloggers. I’m not sure why but that’s my experience. I still enjoy blogging but I look elsewhere for online income.
      .-= Brian D. Hawkins´s last blog ..Fine Example Of Viral YouTube Marketing =-.

      1. Good evening, Brian.

        I believe that quote is true when it is applied to the Internet marketing or make money online niches.

        However, I believe that people can earn good part-time income from high-quality blogs and websites that provide good information on different niches.

        I know several webmasters who are making very good full-time income on topics such as kids parties, wedding cakes, and travel sites for specific locales, amongst many other niches.

        They’re not appealing to people who want to earn money, they’re appealing to people who want to spend money to further their hobbies, enhance special occasions, and have an interest in travel to interesting locations.

        I think that’s the big difference, for whatever its worth.

        I think that we shoot ourselves in the foot when we talk about making money on the Internet when we aren’t doing so well at it ourselves. That’s no way to build trust and confidence in our recommendations.

        You’re a talented writer and I believe you could do well, but maybe blogging just isn’t your best vehicle for online marketing.

        Act on your dream!


    2. Hi John, I hope 2010 is treating you well. I agree that there is money to be made online and I also believe that blogs are a good way of doing it, but saying that I still believe that many will not make enough from it to leave their jobs, certainly not enough to provide for a growing family.

      I know all about investments, I’ve been in business for over thirty years and have invested a lot of my time and money over the years. I’ve made some bad business choices, more to do with timing than anything else, but that’s business and life in general, and as long as we learn from our mistakes it’s never a waste.

      I like to tell others of how I use the blogs to make money, and I test them to see that they work. When I tried the Pay Per Posts avenue I tested it to the point where I was making as much as $300 per week. Once I proved it possible I left that behind me as it was ll rather boring. Now I only take tasks when they approach me and only if I find the topic interesting and the offer for doing it is high enough. On average I knock back $50-100 per week.

      As I come across any other avenues that offer an opportunity to make money I will also post about that as well. One thing that is pretty consistent with the opportunities that I post about is that it won’t cost anything to join.

      1. Good afternoon, Sire.

        So far, things are looking up this year as compared to last year.

        I agree that the majority of bloggers will never earn enough to quit the day job and provide for a growing family, and I think that applies to other online marketers who don’t blog, too.

        I think you’re doing a good thing in trying new ways to make money with your blog and telling honestly what works for you and what doesn’t.

        Your honesty is one of the main reasons I keep coming back to read what you’ve written.

        All the best,


        1. Thanks John. I’ve always learned from way back that honesty is always the best policy and while I’m poorer for it monetary wise, I’m rich where it counts.

  29. My husband has put out a teeny bit of money [less than $20] in an effort to find out more about some of these money making methods. They all seem to be pretty much the same. You make money by getting people to join under you and they get others to join under them and you all make money. Oh, and hopefully you sell a product to two along the way. The tried and true pyramid scheme is still going strong.

    In fact, the new twist is these search sites which do earn a lot of people a lot of points for decent prizes, but the majority of us get very little. I use Swagbucks, but mostly because it doesn’t cost me anything [I’m going to conduct a search anyway]. Yet the big winners at this are those with thousands of followers who sign up under them, then those followers actually use it. The only difference in the pyramid scheme is there is a cap to how much you earn per sign up.

    It takes work to be successful at anything. Those bloggers who do this for a living don’t just relax on a yacht somewhere, they network and write and promote. Just like most businessmen [women] who are constantly going and doing. Think about the poor shmucks who win the lottery thinking their problems are solved and just play and goof off only to file bankruptcy within a year or two. There is a reason we earn things the hard way; it’s so we can appreciate them and learn how to manage ourselves. Okay, enough of my ranting. :blink_tb:
    .-= Anne´s last blog ..Get Healthy ~ Get Naked =-.

    1. I’ve seen several cases of people who have won a fortune only to have squandered it away in a relative short time. I think it so true that unless you’ve worked bloody hard to get what you have you just don’t appreciate it.

  30. Good post, Sire. Only thing I would disagree with you on is the idea that most bloggers should just resign to the fact that you can’t make good money blogging. It simply isn’t true. The fact is that most bloggers don’t know how – not that only the lucky make it. And, as long as that is true, there will be people offering to help them.

    But, nothing could be more true than what you said on this:
    – Those who sell the idea that it is easy are full of sh*t. I don’t care what approach you take, success only comes from busting ass.
    – Those who flaunt it with pics of Ferraris… well, for me that is a sure sign of a scam.

    Always be weary of promises of easy money. However, don’t make the false assumption that all such paid products are crap. I have purchased several high-end courses and they were helpful to my business. It is really all about how to detect BS. In the “make money online” market, you’ve got to have a high BS detector. Just be weary of false positives. ;-)
    .-= David Risley´s last blog ..Six Figure Blogger Blueprint – Grab Your’s Now =-.

    1. Either way you look at it David the majority of bloggers are not making good money out of it, and most of those are probably working very hard at it as well. Nor did I say all paid products are crap. I wouldn’t know as I haven’t bought all of them but I’m pretty sure a lot of them are.

      People regurgitate stuff they’ve learned on the Internet and stick it in an eBook and flaunt it as the best way to blog for money. Thing is what may have worked for them may not necessarily work for someone else as there are a lot of contributing factors for him that are unrelated to the purchaser.

      1. Working hard doesn’t mean working smart.

  31. What everyone else already said.

    The best way I know to make money blogging is to have a real job and blog for personal enjoyment.

    1. That’s certainly my take on it Glen.

  32. I think we need more posts like this one. Wait…I think more people should read THIS post.

    Sure, few bloggers can make a decent living but they work super hard to get to that point. There are so many sup-par blogs and bloggers out there, myself included, that it’s no wonder there are a ton of those “I’ll show you how to get rich blogging” schemes. Granted, I have never been sucked into one of these schemes but I can see how someone could.

    It seems as though many blogs start out strong. The blogger is ambitious, excited, and willing to tell everyone about their project. Then the novelty of it all slips away. The realization of what is involved comes to fruition and the interest wanes. Too bad. But that’s the reality of a blogger.

    1. Thanks for your comment Kathleen. At least every time a blogger falls away it makes those that remain all the stronger.

  33. Well personally if I figured out a real true get rich quick scheme I’d probably tell people. I tend to speak before thinking and then regret it.

    I’m a bad sales person (spent years in retail convincing people they didn’t need to buy “it”)but managed to stay employed anyway. Well until I got mad and quit.

    The problem with those get rich quick schemes is people really REALLY want to believe them so even if they have some commonsense they’re going to ignore it for long enough to get sucked in.

    .-= Dwippy@DoFollow Blog List´s last blog ..Mainly Social Media and SEO =-.

    1. Yeah, it’s a damn shame those people exist because there the ones that keep the rip off merchants alive. Thanks for the comment Dwippy.

  34. Yeah, the whole idea of making money blogging has always rubbed me the wrong way too. I mean, it’s cool but I feel like blogging should just be about communicating and expressing ourselves, not having another agenda like money making. Anyway, that’s my stance.

    1. There’s nothing wrong with doing all that and making money at the same time Max.

  35. Interesting… After 6 months I’m up to $500/mo. But it’s a lot of work. Almost like a second full time job. When I’m not writing or commenting I’m thinking about new posts to write about.

    1. That’s pretty good Jill. May I ask where most of your income comes from?

  36. Sire, I believe that this post is more than just a simple honest truth. This is more like an ugly truth..

    What’s the reason of so many internet-marketers and bloggers-suckers who scream about the easiness of online income? Maybe tha fact that there are people who believe that shit? :)

    Anyways, from the point of view of SEO – no one of them is going to search for the “honest truth about blogging for money” phrase – that’s sad..

    1. As most people would tell you I don’t worry all that much about SEO.

      Even so I get a fair bit of traffic so the message will get out there to some. Considering the post is only a few days old and has already got over 400 views, I think it’s doing OK.

  37. It’s the zero to Ferrari at dizzying speeds that entices people to buy, buy and buy these courses – heck, I bought one or two, I also bought some honest to goodness stuff too. You know, I think its the chicken and egg thing – the hypesters come scammers would not succeed in selling their stuff if people did not want to achieve with no work (that is what so many of them promise) even though in their heart of hearts they know it is not so … they just hope it is.

    In my view blogging offers much. For those who blog because they want to make some money, it is an extraordinary exercise in true entrepreneurship – entry into the apprenticeship program. If they stick with it, learning along the way, applying that which they learn, eventually the money will come.

    You are right – all the current uber bloggers paid their dues on their way to the big bucks. I don’t think a single one of them says it was a cake walk. I also think that the top echelon are unique humans, in that they are humble, giving, willing to share and are so supportive.

    .-= Valentina´s last blog ..Five Basic Steps to Start Your Affiliate Marketing =-.

    1. The problem is that they don’t say how hard it is. They like to show off their huge checks and flashy cars and then tell people that if they follow them they can also be getting the huge income and all that comes with it, when it actual fact most people will never achieve it.

      Not that it should stop them from trying. Sure you have to try, just don’t believe in all the hype.

      Thanks for your comment Valentina.

  38. I had this conversation with an person who is trying to sell his eBook on how to SEO, he setup the same type of “how you can get rich” webpage, with the fake paypal earnings and I told him that is no way to market to people. Most people don’t buy into that crap marketed that way, blogging is a gritty way to earn a living. I have been blogging for almost two years and average only about $2 per hour earnings if you break down my monthly revenue vs the time I put into blogging, twitter and promotion. That is less than 1/3 of minimum wage.
    .-= Dragon Blogger´s last blog ..Support Haiti or Another Charity Through SocialSpark =-.

    1. I hope he’s learned the error of his ways. It was nice of you to tell him your honest opinion.

      1. The guy actually had a decent 40 page SEO eBook, he let me read it and give my opinion. It was good material, he was just going about it the wrong way, and he listed it as too high a price. Such a competitive market anyhow, everyone and their dog is selling an SEO book now.
        .-= Dragon Blogger´s last blog ..Support Haiti or Another Charity Through SocialSpark =-.

        1. Well I hope he took your advice. Your right though, these days everyone has one of those and most are giving it away for free as they’re more interested in growing their mail lists so as to market other products.

  39. I went online after been fed loads of crap of how I could be making thousands of dollars a month, all from sitting behind a computer. 2 months into the whole thing I lost faith and considered abandoning the “make money online project” but I suddenly realized it was becoming a past time for me and with the encouraging comments coming in, I decided to just forge ahead.

    So far I’ve only made about $40 online. Hopefully when I receive my PIN and reactivate my adsense account,I’ll be back to earning from adsense again.
    .-= Udegbunam Chukwudi´s last blog ..Facebook Naira Free Report Analysis =-.

    1. Although I believe that you can still make good money on the Internet I am very skeptical about all those blogs and sites that continue to push the idea that they are the ones that can show me how to make a six figure income, and so they money they charge for their courses is well worth it.

      1. Well you can say I’m done believing them cos I for one know that if I should by chance stumble on a way to make $30,000 monthly off my blog, I WILL NEVER REVEAL THE SECRET TO ANYONE so why should they really be giving us their sure fire strategies to making 6 figure incomes while blogging?

        They give enough info but not the EXACT info that makes them blogging kings!
        .-= Udegbunam Chukwudi´s last blog ..Facebook Naira Free Report Analysis =-.

        1. It’s simple, they give you enough to keep you interested so that you continue to sign up for their blogging expos, conferences, webinars or whatever other scheme they’re onto at the moment, the money of which helps to maintain their 6 figure income.

  40. Yup..blogging for a lot of money is not easy..but it is not impossible..its need focus, patient, and never give up..
    thanks for sharing :)

  41. Really good post, it takes a lot of time and hard work to make good money with blogs and a little investissment too with domain name and domain hosting.
    Not for big lazy people. ^^’
    .-= Sushie@ diet plans´s last blog ..To lose 4 to 6 pounds =-.

    1. Thanks Sushie, I’m glad you liked it.

  42. Good post. Gurus are the worst at this. They promise you the earth in their extremely well written sales copy and make a fortune from people.

    98% of those who buy won’t even take off the wrapper the $3999 product. The gurus know this and keeping on filling their bank accounts with money from gullible folk who don’t know better.

    The only way to make money in ANY business is either to be the first in or learn from those who got there first and work your ass off!
    .-= Paul Wilson´s last blog ..Secret Tip on How To Get A Free Radio Commercial =-.

    1. that’s for sure. I’m always wary of those sales pitches that offer a money back guarantee, because even if they do I’m sure they realize that the majority of people won’t ask for it as they’ll feel that they’re probably at fault.

  43. Internet marketing is hard work. To make money online you had better be prepared to put in a lot of effort.There are many ways to make money online, but none of them is easy. It can get very confusing for beginners; they usually don’t know were to start.

    I can’t stand the marketing methods used by many people in the industry like the glossy brochure or video that highlights people making six-figures plus, driving around in Ferraris, standing in front of their mansion. They tell people that all they need to do is buy their product and that’s it. They tell you about how they made all that money in just 2 months and if you get busy, you will too.
    The truth is this type of marketing doesn’t work out in the long run for the vast majority of people. I believe that the marketing style I mentioned is one of the main reasons why there is a 97% attrition rate in network marketing. Why? This form of marketing primarily appeals to people who: (1) are in a desperate financial situation or 2) want to make a quick buck. Neither one will stay in the business for more than a year.

    Network Marketing is a business not a job. Businesses, in addition to some money, take time and effort to grow. Top money earners are quick to tell people that they made $100,000 or more in just 6 months. But they fail to disclose the number of years they have been trying and that they have failed many times. They don’t tell people that the REAL reason they got that Ferraris was because they have been working hard for many, many years.

    1. A good comment Roxana. May I suggest though that many of these people standing next to a Ferrari don’t actually have one and that perhaps some that do got it by selling their money making idea?

      Still, I agree, no matter what money making venture you want to get in it will usually require a lot of work to achieve any level of success.
      Sire recently posted…Sharing Something Unique About Where You LiveMy Profile

  44. sire, I like this post. I think your comment about most bloggers quiting after 6 months is the cut off point for most people really. Even for me, I was finding that I’m not getting any return after 6 months and I was at the brink of calling it quits but I didn’t and persisted and finally I’m seeing some returns. Yeah it is not easy but I guess its how much dedication and effort you wanna put into it.

    To make a living out of blogging take a lot of time I reckon but not impossible :)

  45. To me it seems that the skill of blogging is useful to promote businesses that already exist or promote something that’s offline. It seems super hard to make enough adsense revenue to make a full time go of it, but when blogging for local marketing it can be pretty lucrative.

    You’re right about the 6 month phase out, for how many blogs I hear about getting published every day, I wonder the flip side of that, how many blogs die every day?

    1. There sure us a lot of useful things about blogging John and promotion is one of them.

      That’s actually a good question about how many blogs die every day. I reckon less die than are born though.
      Sire recently posted…Learning How To Use Market SamuraiMy Profile

  46. Lets’ face it. To make money fast and without a lot of effort is a dream for probably 95% of the people. And people who sell the idea that you can get a ferrari in 6 month, if you just make one time payment of $6000 are playing very good odds.
    People who fall in the top 5% catogory, go to college, spend years promoting their blog, or working on their career.
    I do not want to sound cynical but may be the people who are willing to pay the $6000 for a secret ” how make fast money” will get their money worth. Learn that there is no such thing as fast money.

    1. Ah, but will they learn their lesson or will they just think they did something wrong and get sucked into another scheme.

      Hopefully posts such as this one will help then make the right decision.
      Sire recently posted…Sometimes It’s Better To Just Not Give A ShitMy Profile

      1. There’s no substitute for hard (smart) work. I remember Robert Kyosaki saying something along the lines of “the blogosphere and websites would be a completely different, and more competitive area if they weren’t as cheap to build.”

        I think most people don’t take websites as seriously as running an actual business simply because the cost of entry is so low that they don’t really need to succeed to re-coupe their initial investment. If it required $100k to launch an online business they might actually treat it like one.

        1. That’s true Ryan, and it’s probably why so many of them die as well. I reckon if people had to pay to start up a blog they would put a lot more effort into it.
          Sire recently posted…Do You Want To Outrank The ProbloggersMy Profile

  47. Whatever may be you are surely making a lot from blogging.I really like your website.

    1. Actually, I’m not making all that much, but I’, g;ad you like the blog.

  48. It’s a true story. The thing about the internet is that there are so many avenues and pathways to make money. BUT, none of them are easy!

    1. yep, just like everything else in life John

  49. There are lot of scams claiming to provide you the exact information so that you earn $100 to $1000 per day and many of the new bloggar become victims. This is why many of the new bloggar’s leave internet quickly and I am sure if people think carefully and learn first through the free information available at Internet instead of paying someone and put themselves for hard work and dedication, they can start earning. Hardwork, focus and dedication are the keys for earning but one should not expect that he or she will start earning huge money within couple of months or even couple of years.
    Robin recently posted…Metal Carports Kits – Why you should select them for Environmental Protection?My Profile

    1. Hey Robin,

      The reason people pay for these so called get rich schemes is because they want the money but don’t want to do the hard work to earn it. If they stopped to think for awhile before jumping in they would realise it was all too good to be true. Heck, even taking the time to google it would show them that most of these schemes are scams.
      Sire recently posted…The Art Of Writing A Paid PostMy Profile

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