Funny Short Jokes Friday Funnies #267

Everyone likes short jokes, especially if they’re really funny short jokes. That being the case I’ve decided to devote this weeks Friday Funnies to a whole heap of really funny short jokes. In case you’re wondering where these funny jokes come from, I get them from emails that people send me. I know I may have mentioned that before but I’m putting it out there for all the new readers that continue to flood my Friday Funnies posts. So, without further ado lets checkout my funniest funny short jokes. The Funniest Funny Short Jokes Picked her up in a night club. She Looked like a woman. Smelled like a woman.. Danced like a woman. She even kissed like a woman! But as we arrived back at her apartment she reversed her car into a tight parking slot in one fluid movement! That’s when I thought – Hang on just a…

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Fun Jokes Friday Funnies #259

Folks just love fun jokes. That’s what makes Friday Funnies so popular. It’s also why I’ve been able to keep Friday Funnies going for almost 5 years! Here are some more fun jokes finish the working week off. Fun Jokes That Make You Laugh The first one is about your typical husband and wife She was outside pulling weeds on a hot summer day when her husband walked up and asked her what they were having for dinner. Irritated by the thought of him sitting in the air conditioned house while she laboured away on the weeds, she snapped, “I can’t believe you’re asking me about supper right now!  Why don’t you just pretend I’m out of town, go inside and make dinner yourself!” So he went back in the house and fixed himself a big steak, potatoes, garlic bread, and a tall beer. His wife walked in just about…

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Funny Images And Videos Friday Funnies #252

Funny Images That Make You Laugh For today’s Friday Funnies I thought I would post some funny images and videos. Some of the funny images were put together with the aid of The Creator. The first of the funny images is one of Myla the Mini Dachshund, my daughter and her partners little baby. The photo was taken yesterday during the Australia Day celebrations. Luckily for Myla they hadn’t actually fired up the barbie yet. Myla is the funniest pup out there. If you love dachshunds you should visit Myla’s Instagram page by clicking the link above. The next of my funny images is a little late as far as Christmas is concerned but I love it because it has a go at our politicians and has a lot of truth to it. I had a funny thing happen to me today. I was sitting on a bench next to…

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The Married Hooker Joke Friday Funnies #238

Funny Shit To Make You Laugh Friday Funnies #227

In case you’re wondering why I’ve called this post funny shit is because it’s just another keyword that I’m targeting. Some of you may think I’m crazy because it may piss Google off! Well, as this Too Sexy For Google post will tell you, I now longer care about the Google moral police. So, in the hope that there are people out there searching for funny shit I’ve decided to call Friday Funnies #227 Funny Shit To Make You Laugh! Some Funny Shit To Make You Laugh Have you ever wondered why it’s just not smart to give women shit? I think William Golding said it best when he said…. Do you remember the old saying, If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Well, I found a completely different way to look at it.  Then there’s this image of some funny shit at the Rio Olympics because of the…

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Funny Technology Moments

Humour For Friday Funnies #191

Everybody loves a bit of humour and that’s exactly what makes Friday Funnies so popular. I never would have thought that I would have kept Friday Funnies going for so long. But people keep coming back for it and my regulars implore me to keep the good humour coming. I don’t blame them either because a good belly laugh is good for moral and that’s what good humour is all about. The thing with jokes is that you need a good sense of humour to see the funny side of some jokes. Unfortunately not everybody has a good sense of humour. There are times when even you can be lacking a sense of humour. If there is a time when you’re not laughing when everybody else is maybe you should try an look at what just happened at a different angle. Maybe then you will get the joke. I reckon…

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Funny Stuff For Friday Funnies #185

As Friday Funnies rolls around once again I thought I’d just post some funny stuff that I hope you’ll find amusing. The first bit of funny stuff happens on a train trip where an American tries ti have a bit of a go at an Englishman, Funny Stuff #1 It was on a train trip from London to Manchester where an American was berating ab Englishman sitting across from him in the compartment. “The trouble with you English is that you are too stuffy.  You set yourselves apart too much.  You think your stiff upper lip makes you above the rest of us.  Look at me: I’m me!  I have a little Italian in me, a bit of Greek blood, a little Irish and some Spanish blood.   What do you say to that?” The Englishman lowered his newspaper and replied, “How very sporting of your mother.” I reckon that’s one for…

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