Dragons Creatures Of Mystery

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I’m writing this post, Dragons Creatures Of Mystery because I love dragons, and I have done so for as long as I can remember. Some of my favourite books are about dragons. Books like Anne McCaffrey‘s Dragon series right up to Christopher Paolini‘s Inheritance which stars the magical Saphira and her Dragon Rider Eragon. So far, I’ve read Eragon, Eldest, ikeBrisingeand, and I am patiently waiting for the next book to come out.

I also collect dragon figurines. The photo below is one of the first dragon figurines purchased. I’m not a fanatic, so I don’t have all that many. Made pewter I used Inpixio to make it look like it’s burning down a building.

Dragons Creatures Of Mystery

Here’s a little poem about dragons and dragon riders that I put together.

Dragons Creatures Of Mystery Poem

Dragons, a creature of mystery
Of legends but not of history
Many stories have been told.
In books & dark nights they unfold

Majestic, mighty and terrible too
Their mighty roar and flames ensue.
Respect and fear they do command
It’s strength no warrior can withstand

Of Dragon Riders, I have heard.
Mighty legends passed on by word.
A bond between Rider and Dragon has begun.
No longer two, they have become one.

Thoughts and feelings they now combine.
Together forever, their lives entwined.
Feats of valour of the pair are told.
Yet not today will this story unfold.