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Dragons Creatures Of Mystery

I don’t know why but I love dragons and I have done so for as long as I can remember. Some of my favorite books include dragons. These include Anne McCafferrey’s Dragon series right up to Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance which stars the magical Saphira and her Dragon Rider Eragon. So far I’ve read Eragon, Eldest, Brisinger and I am patiently waiting for the next book to come out.

I also collect dragon figurines. This is one of the first one I bought, and I’m not a fanatic so I don’t have all that many. It’s made of pewter and I photoshopped it a little so it looks like it’s flying over my neighborhood.

Mythical Dragon

Here’s a little poem about dragons and dragon riders that I put together .

Dragons, a creature of mystery
Of legends but not of history
Many stories have been told
In books & dark nights they unfold

Majestic, mighty and terrible too
Their mighty roar and flames ensue
Respect and fear they do command
It’s strength no warrior can withstand

Of Dragon Riders I have heard
Mighty legends passed on by word
A bond between Rider and Dragon has begun
No longer two, they have become one.

Thoughts and feelings they now combine
Together forever their lives entwined
Feats of valour of the pair are told
Yet not today will this story unfold.

One of my favorite dragons would have to be this Swarovski Crystal. I fell in love with Swarovski! after seeing the Crystal Dragon. It was part of the ‘Fabulous Creatures’ collection and as only SCS members were allowed to purchase these pieces I quickly joined. This is the first crystal piece I ever bought. In following years I also bought Pegasus and the Unicorn with many pieces in between.


Trey of Swollen Thumb Entertainment has even written a instrumental piece called Beware Of The Dragon. I think when Trey wrote this the dragon he had in mind is the sort that would swoop down on you breathing fire and brimstone and perhaps picking up a stray man or woman as a tasty morsel. I much prefer those dragons who have befriended humans but are not against eating those lowlifes who would spam blogs or scrape them for their content.

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  1. I think Dragons are fascinating creatures. I’m not too sure how they originated but I think it would have some Chinese Connection.
    One of my favourite T-Shirts when I was in college was a bright yellow T-Shirt with a dragon on the front. It always brightened my day.

    1. Fascinating is definitely the word I would use to describe them. Thanks Selurus.

      1. Hi,
        I’m currently hosting my blog at but I’m considering getting a dedicated host so I can install WordPress and install the plug ins I need.
        I would like your advice on a suitable wordpress host for a newbie like me.
        I’m sorry but I couldn’t get the right answer on the contact page to send this question via that link.

        1. Selurus, I’ve tried several hosts and to date I feel that the best shared hosting is BlueHost which is what I host this blog on. I’ve written a post on it here

          While dedicated hosting is a lot more flexible and removes any worry about using too much CPU, there is also a lot more involved and expensive and may not be the way for a newbie to go, which is one of the reasons I’m still on a shared hosting plan.

          One of the cheapest I’ve seen was ServerPronto but I’ve had no experience with them, they are just some of the ones I looked at.

          Please note that I am affiliated with both links

  2. It’s quite interesting how in European mythology, dragons were considered bad while in Chinese mythology they were considered good.
    .-= Gordie´s last blog ..Old Tianjin Is Destroyed. =-.

    1. Gordie, I wonder if I could start some Aussie mythology that they may dig up a thousand years from now. Sire ProBlogger and Dragon Rider :lol_tb:

      1. You could make the Aussie dragon entirely unique from all the rest by leaving some indestructible skeleton of it somewhere (dragons are supposed to leave no trace when they die. They just disappear as soon as their heart stop beating). Of course, you’ll have to make sure yours is gonna be very much nearby when they dig it some thousand years from now, so they could connect you and the dragon as one. :)

        Seriously, something as mythological (and thus are not necessarily true) can have some degree of credibility of some sort when someone tells it in the form of a poem or a song. :) And although the thought expressed by most poems are supposed to be read between the lines, I prefer to read yours right on the lines. It’s easier and more fun that way I suppose (as I am too lazy to have to conjure up the gist between the lines.)
        .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga =-.

        1. James, when I write a poem feel free to read any way you want. As long as the path you chose leads to you enjoying it I’m a happy poet.

  3. Very cool Poem! I like the dragon crystal. I can’t spell swarofski so I thought I would put crystal. Anyways a few years back I started to by some crystal figures for my wife. We have a few pieces some we bought at Disney and others like a cockatoo and baby carriage. They are nice pieces to collect and collect dust.
    .-= Jim Hardin´s last blog ..Nutritional Value of Passionate WordPress Blog Bread =-.

    1. Thanks Jim. Had save this comment from Akismet for some reason.

      The dust is always a problem. We have quite a few pieces included a unicorn and Pegasus which, along with the dragon, were part of a fantasy series.

      1. Thats weird Sire about the Akismet thing. I wonder why? I hope I don’t some kinda virus or something. This happened to me before one time a while back someone had said the same thing. I hope people are getting my comments. The last time I looked at my self I didn’t look like spam. I dont feel or smell like spam. Now I will probably be there if I say that again.
        .-= Jim Hardin´s last blog ..Nutritional Value of Passionate WordPress Blog Bread =-.

        1. Nope, there’s never been anything spammy about your comments Jim. I’m just happy that I could save it.

  4. Dragons would be great to have when you were lost in the bush.
    They could start a fire for you.
    And if the rescue plane was ignoring you they could fly up and smash it to the ground..

    1. True, they could also fly you home. :laugh_tb:

  5. Hi friend,

    I am visiting this site for the first time. The article about dragon is very interesting. And its new to me. Thanks for sharing it.
    .-= Deepika´s last blog ..How To Setup Feedburner For Your Blog =-.

    1. That’s cool, I hope you liked it.

  6. I’ll send you my dragon filled catalog. lol
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..Updates – Latest $10 Domain Winner, Latest Move News, and more. =-.

    1. Cool, if you’ve got one with some impressionable dragon eggs send it over. :tongue_rolleye_ee:

  7. Hey Sire, cool poem, and nifty photoshopping as well. You really should pursue this dragon passion of yours, it has potential. I’m also glad that my track was able to inspire you in this way. lol
    .-= Trey – Swollen Thumb Entertainment´s last blog ..Self Improvement Through The Workforce =-.

  8. Wicked dragons. Reminds me of this cool dragon store on Granville Island in Vancouver. Nothing but dragons!
    .-= chester´s last blog ..NOW Foods – Award-Winning Supplements at Value Prices =-.

    1. Now that would have been a site to behold.

  9. Thanks for sharing something about yourself with us. My son use to collect dragon figurines and such. His online nic use to be dragon boy. He’s kind of got out of the entire dragon collecting thing, but still likes them. Fascinating though aren’t they. Love some of the dragon fantasy art.

    1. Yes Rose, some of that fantasy art is a joy to behold, especially when it includes a scantily clad warrior woman or two. :devil_tb:

      1. Leave it to you. :)

  10. Twitter:
    Hi Sire,

    I remember when I lived in England, we used to collect the little figurines with the crystals. The dragons were always my favorite as well. lol, must just be a “guy thing”.


    1. Yeah, definitely a guy thing, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if dragons cast an enchanted spell over a woman or two.

  11. A month earlier I think, I read about dragon on a local newspaper and get some decent knowledge on it. Most dragon we read on story book does not exist but one do. I forget the name but it still alive on the earth. A red color dragon but forget the name.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..Get Windows 7 GodMode Right On Your Desktop =-.

    1. Sorry Arafat, but that’s not good enough my friend. I need the name and the location so I can get to see me a real dragon. :laugh_tb:

      Anyway, it’s probably just an earthbound lizard of the non fire breathing kind.

      1. Yeah! That’s right. I search over internet and it’s Komodo dragon. This is the dragon I am talking about. Although it’s not fire breathing but prefix with dragon. This creature located on Komodo National Park, Indonesia.
        .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..Disable Window Border’s Blur in Windows 7 easily with HideBlur Tool =-.

        1. Thanks for that Arafat. I just had a look and all it really needs is wings and it would look really awesome.

  12. Ooooh Dragons… Love them, it’s definitely a guy thing something bout them being wise and badass all at the same time.

    more dragony goodness…
    “A poet can write about a man slaying a dragon, but not about a man pushing a button that releases a bomb.”
    – W. H. Auden

    “Come not between the dragon, and his wrath.”
    – William Shakespeare, King Lear

    “It’s hard to stop Muggles from noticing us if we’re keeping dragons in the back garden – anyway, you can’t tame dragons, it’s dangerous.”
    – Ron Weasley

    “O to be a dragon, a symbol of the power of Heaven – of silkworm size or immense; at times invisible.”
    – Marianne Moore, O To Be A Dragon

    “Never laugh at live dragons.”
    – J.R.R. Tolkien – The Hobbit

    “Challenge is a dragon with a gift in its mouth… Tame the dragon and the gift is yours.”
    – Noela Evans

    “He who fights too long against dragons becomes a dragon himself; and if you gaze too long into the abyss, the abyss will gaze into you.”
    – Friedrich Nietzsche

    “We’re our own dragons as well as our own heroes, and we have to rescue ourselves from ourselves.”
    – Tom Robbins

    “Jealousy: that dragon which slays love under the pretence of keeping it alive.”
    – Henry Havelock Ellis

    “Always speak politely to an enraged Dragon.”
    – Steven Brust

    Ok I pulled these off the net if any of them are wrong blame, it wasn’t me and in my defense it’s 3am.
    .-= Michael @ Monetize your Life´s last blog ..Goal and Objective tracking in Evernote Pt. 1 – Collection =-.

  13. Dragons are pretty cool. I graduated to them after I left my dinosaur phase as a kid. There haven’t been too many great dragon movies made. Most of them are predictable. Thanks for posting!

    1. No worries Ralph. You know, I reckon that now would be a good time to come up with some decent dragon movies, especially with all the special effects and all.

  14. I really like dragons also. Actually, one of my afvorite games for the ps3 was Lair, which is a game about dragons. It received bad press at first due to the awkward controls, but once that was worked out, the game was great.

    1. Hey Johnnie, I always loved that game :thumbup_tb:

  15. They are awesome creatures, sadly they aren’t real. But the closest thing we have to it is the komodo dragon, pretty much the same characteristics except that it doesn’t breath fire. :)

    1. And they do not fly :wink_ee:

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