Poem For Halloween The Night Of Frights

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My Poem For Halloween The Night Of Frights

I decided to write a Poem For Halloween the night of frights because Halloween is all about kids dressing up as ghosts, witches, Frankenstein and anything else that may be related to scaring people and then going about the trick or treat routine. Halloween is about kids who knock on doors begging for a treat, and generally, people would give them a sweet or something for their efforts. A lot of folks even decorate their homes for Halloween to give it a scary look.

Keeping in line with the Halloween theme, I thought I would post a poem about a scary night when you’re home alone. It may well fall on the night of Halloween itself with all the trick or treating going on, and it’s time to watch a spooky movie. I have to admit though that this time I just had to end the poem with a bit of a twist.

Home Alone On Halloween

Poem For Halloween The Night Of Frights
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Home alone on a dark, windy night
Going to watch horror movies to get a fright
Stick a film in the DVD player
Got me some chips, and a dip for flavour.

Turned the lights out and settled down
Sitting on the lounge in my nightgown.
The movie’s scary I’m crouching low.
When’s the scary part coming, I don’t know.

A screeching sound scares me out of my mind.
I jump right up leaving my skin behind.
It’s only a moment before my skin comes back,
Hitting my body with a blood-curdling crack.

I go into the kitchen for the carving knife
I need a weapon in case I meet some strife
I creep into the lounge, the movie still playing
When suddenly there’s some screeching baying

All of a sudden my heart’s in my throat
I can’t breathe I’m starting to choke
With some effort I push it down
I must find out what’s making that sound

I creep into the master bedroom
It’s dark and scary, will I meet my doom
A sound of water from the bathroom I hear
Is there a ghoulish fiend lurking near

The screeching starts, I can not bear it
I must stop it before my mind it splits
I raise the knife its blade a gleaming
I must stop that damn awful screaming.

I open the door just a crack
To see the fiend, I must attack
My jaw drops, eyes open wide in shock
My wife is back she beat the clock

That awful sound was her singing
That grating sound my ears a ringing
The horror movie that I had found
Would be much better if it used that sound.

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