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Video Online Marketing Tool

This post is going to cover two topics, both of which have a lot to do with the importance of video in todays online marketing. I have quite a few videos on YouTube but only a very few have actually been used as a marketing tool. My latest YouTube video is about my brand new smartwatch. It shows people how good this watch really is. WTC L38 Smartwatch I was going to write a review on this blog but I didn’t see the point now that I’ve written an extensive review on my Sports Betting blog. I called it WTC L38 Smartwatch Review Click HERE if you want to skip the review and just want to check out this remarkable smartwatch. Now we get to the second, and most important, part of this post, marketing and the importance of this Video Online Marketing Tool. Video Online Marketing Tool Facts Just about everyone…

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Why You Need A VPN (Virtual Private Network)

If You Go Online You Need A VPN You Need A VPN! I never used a VPN (Virtual Private Network) because I never thought I needed to. Then again I never used to use a plugin to protect my WordPress blogs until after one got hacked! Now all my WordPress blogs are protected. The same thing is true for VPN! Most people don’t sign up for one until it’s too late. I could have been one of those people if I wasn’t given the opportunity for a Free Premium Trial with ZenMate. Before I go into why you need a VPN I’ve made a simple diagram using the Creator to show you how a VPN works. Now, there are a few very good reasons why you need a VPN. Here are the most important ones. Hiding Your Identity: There are many times when you want to keep your identity secret from…

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Win A One Year Salary

Win A One Year Salary? Don’t you hate the daily grind of having to go to work every day. Of course you do. Thats the reason why so many people try to crack the online money making success story. Did you know that probably the main reason so many people fail to create an online success business is because they just don’t have the time necessary to create a successful online business. Sure they could give their old job the heave ho and try to make their online business work, but that can be too stressful and that stress would be counterproductive. What they need is to take time off work while still getting paid. What if that was a possibility? I’m talking about Neteller’s current promotion which could allow you to win a one year salary! Win A One Year Salary With Neteller Winning this competition means you could…

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Job Search A WassupBlog Service

Job search is important because people all over the world are looking for a job. It may be an extra job to supplement their income or it could be because they just want a change in their work environment. Many may even have joined the unemployment cue because of the downturn in the economy. Still there is work out there for those fortunate enough to use the right Job Search facility. Finding the right job can sometimes be a hassle which is why having the right job search tool is so important. Enter the Job Search Engine by Neuvoo! Job Search By Neuvoo I was very fortunate to be approached by someone from Neuvoo to place their job search engine on my blog. At first I incorporated it in the sidebar but I was so impressed with them that I’ve devoted a whole page to the Neuvoo job search engine….

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Is Your Link Cloaker Losing You Sales

The reason most people cloak their links is because everyone has told them that a link cloaker will improve their affiliate sales! They say that a lot of reason people don’t click on affiliate links is because they don’t trust those long ugly looking affiliate links. Another reason for cloaking your links is to prevent those unscrupulous people from hijacking your links! This is all done in the hope of increasing your affiliate sales! Well, it seems that most of the link cloakers out there are failing their jobs. While they may be ‘prettifying’ those ugly affiliate links they’re failing in some other major areas. This has lead me to trialling a new Affiliate Link Cloaker on my easy sports betting site. You can see that link cloaker in action in this post. How Your Link Cloaker May Be Failing You There are several ways that your link cloaker may…

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Whenever possible I will some of the ways I’ve used in my blogging for money venture. For the last month I’ve been trialling You’ve probably seen the ads at the bottom of my posts. If not the image below is a screenshot of those ads. I had to take a screen shot because those ads no longer appear on this blog. Review As A Revenue Earner is supposed to look like content but earn like premium advertising. The idea of being able to earn like ‘premium advertising’ appealed to me so I decided to give it a go. The only positive I could find was that it was very easy to install. In just under a month produced 43 clicks from 3216 views. I don’t know about you but I find that pretty low. Even though they’re supposed to pay per click (PPC) none of those…

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Thesis V2.03 White Screen Of Death

Way back in 2013 I wrote a post called Why Thesis V2.03 Still Sucks. I’ve never liked Thesis which is why I run in on my Load Of Bullshit blog. Anyway, two years ago I tried to update that blog in the hope that their latest Thesis V2.03 would be better than the one I was running V1.8.6. As it turned out Thesis V2.03 was even more crappier than the one I was running. Shit, it wouldn’t even load. All I got was the white screen of death. So I hit the Forums in the hope someone there could help. No joy there at all. So I decided to stick with the older version. Anyway, I’ve noticed of late that Google has been sending out emails about how important it was to have blogs / websites that were mobile friendly. (More about that in the next post). Something had to…

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Explaindio Review

I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately telling me how great the Explaindio Video Creator Software is. According to all the hype it’s “Changing the Way Videos are Made!” Anyway I bought the software on Saturday. I created the video on Sunday and I’ve uploaded it today, Monday. Now it’s time for my Explaindio review. But before I give you the Explaindio review let’s look at what has been said about it so I can review it properly. Now let’s look at what I put together and then I’ll write my Explaindio Review! Explaindio Review How Good Is It? OK, first off I want to say that all links linking to Explaindio are my affiliate links. However, unlike other people promoting affiliates, I’m not going to talk it up just so I can make a sale. I’m going to tell you exactly what I think of it. good and…

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