How To Remove Objects From Photos

Today’s post is about how to remove objects from photos. In a previous post, I showed how I used Inpixio for removing backgrounds from images. Once you’ve removed the background you’re left with a picture with a transparent background which I’ve found to be extremely useful. I use these images in my videos as well as when creating my YouTube thumbnails using the Creator.

You can see how easily I’ve removed a cluttered background in my Removing background with InPixio Photo Clip video.

One of the comments on that video was from a guy who wanted to see how to remove objects from photos and how well Inpixio handled the task. Always ready to please my viewers I produced How To Remove People From Photos video.

How To Remove Objects From Photos Tutorial

How To Remove Objects From Photos

That video was a virtual tutorial showing exactly how well Inpixeo removed people and objects from videos. You will see which photos Inpixio flawlessly removed people and objects. You will also see what type of images caused problems for Inpixio. Knowing there would be some images that Inpixio would struggle with the developers included a cloning tool. The cloning tool helps to fix the issues on those photos that Inpixio didn’t produce the necessary result.

You will also notice that at the time of producing that video my MAC was running slow for some reason, and I couldn’t get the cloning tool to work correctly. I probably should have closed all the programs I had running and restarted my MAC so it would run better. Oh well, I’ll remember to do that next time.

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Jokes aside I reckon you’ll like my latest video Luminar 4 Review which show just how easy it is to replace a dull sky for a truly dramatic one in your photos.

Luminar Update

A while back, I reviewed Luminar 3. Its time for a Luminar update as they’ve released Luminar 4 Even though I didn’t write a Luminar 4 review, I did produce a Luminar 4 First Impressions video.

Luminar Update Is It Worth It

Luminar update

I was very impressed with Luminar 4, and for me, the best feature was its ability to replace a sky. When I review any product, I always try my best to give an honest, unbiased opinion. I certainly wouldn’t say a product or service was worth the money when it wasn’t for the sake of making a couple of bucks.

Unfortunately, no matter what the product is, it’s impossible to please everyone. With my Luminar 1st Impressions video, there was one angry person who wasn’t happy at all with Luminar 4. I didn’t see his comment at first because YouTube had flagged it as spam. I suppose that was because he left the same comment on other videos that reviewed Luminar 4.

The crux of his complaint was that the latest Luminar release could not process RAW images. Either the program would freeze, or it would take so long to process the file that it wasn’t worth it.

You can see the comment here.

You’ll notice in that comment that he refers to 1,000’s of complaints on Skylum’s forum. I couldn’t find that many complaints. His chief complaint was, “I purchased this program and to say its slow is an understatement, and the CRASHES are every time it is put under pressure to do something!”

There was only one thing for me to do, and that was to process a RAW image with Luminar 4. I usually don’t use RAW images because they take up too much room. Besides, I’ve always found the Jpeg files more than adequate. So, I set my Canon EOS 550D to take a RAW and a Jpeg file. The Raw file 29.6MB while the Jpeg file was 9.1MB. That’s over three times the size! So, one would expect Luminar 4 to run a little slower.

So, I put Luminar 4 through its paces which you can see in my Does Luminar 4 Process RAW files? You’ll notice the lag is well within reason and the program didn’t crash once.

Adelaide Oval Adventure

I love Adelaide which is one of the reasons I started my Scenic Adelaide blog. Even though I’m not exactly an adventurous bloke I took part in my Adelaide Oval adventure. That adventure involved me taking part in the Adelaide Oval RoofClimb.

Adelaide Oval Adventure Roofwalk

Just so you know, I’m not all that good with heights. Sure I go onto the house roof to do minor repairs but that’s not all that high and I can cope with that type of hight. The Adelaide Roof climb, now that is a different kettle of fish altogether. Shit, falling from a height of 50 metres can kill you, right?

Adelaide Oval Adventure

The link above links to my Adelaide Roof-climb review. It has heaps of stunning photos of some of the views you get while doing the roof climb. It also has my personal views as well as how much it will cost you to do the roof climb. The Adelaide RoofClimb is definitely an Adelaide Oval adventure.

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