Guest Posts And Why I Don’t Accept Them

Guest Posts, No Way

I’ve read in a lot of place how important it is to do guest posts and I agree it is important to the person writing the post. By the amount of requests I get for guest posts I believe they know it to. I normally do not accept guest posts unless someone has approached me with a very unique topic. Like this particular post about the importance of language in a post.

Naturally I have certain requirements that have to be met before I accept a guest post. They include the following.

  • Unique content: This is very important to me because I don’t want a rehash of stuff that has been posted somewhere else.
  • Quality: Again, very important. I take the time to write quality posts and so I expect the same from guest posters. This also means they have to pay attention to their grammar and not just the content of the post
  • Interaction with commentators: This is the most important factor as far as writing a guest post for this, or any of my blogs. I understand this takes time but for me it is a very necessary requirement. You fail in this and I will remove all links to your site.

guest posts

My last guest poster fulfilled all but the last requirement, even after contacting the person in charge on two separate occasions. Like most of you I have lots to do with my time and that does not include running around trying to chase up guest posters so they fulfil their requirements. Today I did the right thing and responded to all those comments myself. I also deleted all the links to the guest poster and I have no regrets in doing that.

I’ve done a few guest posts, the last one way back in 2011 when I wrote about my favourite topic, blog commenting. That post got a sizeable amount of comments and I think I managed to respond to most of them.

What are your views on the guest poster being required to respond to all comments left on his guest post?


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Making Google Happy

Making Google Happy

Let’s face it, making Google happy is something we all aspire to. Not because we like Google, most people don’t because it’s so hard to keep Google happy, but because it’s necessary if we want to be able to display Adsense on our sites. It’s also necessary if we want a good PR and a decent result in their search engine.

The problem making Google happy is such a damn chore. Ask any SEO expert. As soon as they think they have it down pat Google changes their algorithm and throws a spanner in the works. What was accepted one day is taboo the next.

SEO aside more and more web master / bloggers are getting the old Google slap or having their Adsense account terminated without any warning whatsoever. Man, it’s so hard to work Google out that I wrote a post about them called Google Sucks & How Inspiration Can Help Your Blog. If I remember correctly I compared Google to a fickle woman. And no offense to all the woman out there, sometimes I feel like Google has that bad time every month, or however long it takes for them to come up with another update, where they just love to stir things up. Yep they do it just to piss everybody off so they can sit back and laugh at all the mayhem they have created. Read the rest of this entry

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Mistakes Bloggers Make

I’ve been a blogger for some time now and I reckon over the years I’ve made a few mistakes. It’s not all bad though because I’ve learned from those mistakes. I’ve also seen certain mistakes made by other bloggers and it came to me that I’d write a post about some of the mistakes bloggers make. After all, learning by ones mistakes and the mistakes others make is a good thing right?

Anyway, by discussing these mistakes, some that newbies may make, some made by bloggers who are not so new, I’m hoping that I can prevent others from making the same mistakes. So, in no particular order, here are some of the mistakes bloggers make.

Top Five Mistakes Bloggers Make

mistakes bloggers make

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