CleanMyMac X Latest Update

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CleanMyMac X Latest Update Getting Even Better

CleanMyMac X latest update

Are you ready for my CleanMyMac X latest update? You are? Excellent because I can’t wait to tell you all my experience with this incredible app!

I’ve been using a Mac for years, and ever since owning a Mac, I would never go back to a PC. Having said that, as good as the Mac is, it will still get cluttered with stuff that will eventually slow it down. A while back, I reviewed this excellent app called CleanMyMac X Review Is It Worth It?

Since then I have produced my latest video CleanMyMac X Latest Update Review.

Because I’m not a computer geek, and I know there are heaps of people out there like me, I had no idea what to do to tune up my Mac to its pristine fast condition. After doing a heap of research, I bought CleanMyMac X and have never looked back.

Because the world around us is constantly changing, the guys at Apple regularly update the software to ensure their products keep up with hardware improvements. 

Knowing this, the CleanMyMac X developers want their product to be a living and breathing app to move with the times too. 

After the official macOS Big Sur release, they presented the Widget and a new app icon. Not long after that, they announced that CleanMyMac X had rolled out native support for Apple Silicon Macs, giving it an entirely fresh look.

CleanMyMac X Cleans Your Cache

Some of you may be wondering why it’s necessary to clean your Mac’s cache. The simple answer is that a clean Mac is a faster Mac! Just think about all the websites you visit. Every time you do that, it stores data such as images in a cache. Sure this will speed up the loading time when you visit that website again, but the truth is most of the times, you never return to the bulk of those websites. Imagine how much-wasted space is taken up in your cache, which should be deleted. CleanMyMac X makes it simple and is one of my favourite aspect of this app.

CleanMyMac X M1 support is here!

Even though I can’t afford a new Mac with the M1 (Apple Silicon), I’m sure all the new M1 owners are happy in the knowledge that CleanMyMac will keep their new processors in tip-top condition.

Say hello to a beautiful new design.

Not happy with tinkering under the hood to ensure their product works as it should, CleanMyMac X has also got a fantastic new look that perfectly matches the macOS Big Sur style. They redesigned the CleanMyMac X app from the inside out to meet the most significant visual update possible.

Let’s look at some of those enhancements:

  • Modern and clean look. The team refreshed the colours, simplified the UI elements’ shapes, and removed all unnecessary details to focus on essential things.
  • I love the fancy glass like icons that look stunning! 
  • I also think that the special sidebar menu provides me with more straightforward navigation. 
  • The elegant CleanMyMac X icon looks more precise and lighter but remains familiar. I’m not too fond of product updates when you have to relearn everything to get stuff to work. Updates should make things easier, not harder, and CleanMyMac X certainly achieved that goal.
  • CleanMyMac has introduced powerful micro animations that will draw your attention to what’s important at a particular moment, so you know what is going on.

Clean even more system junk

Reclaiming disk space on my Mac has also been an issue, but now, with CleanMyMac X, it’s a breeze. To help eliminate even more junk, they’ve added a new feature to the System Junk module ‚ÄĒ Universal Binaries. 

What are Universal binaries? 

Universal binaries are files that allow apps to run on both Intel-based and Apple Silicon Macs. But since your Mac has only one architecture, you can safely remove the code that supports another architecture and saves your disk space. With CleanMyMac X, it only takes a few clicks! What more can one ask for? ūüėé

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Proper Grammar Is Important

Proper grammar is essential. Anyone that tells you differently is being less than honest. I have written many posts on the importance of correct grammar. Even when commenting on other blogs, your grammar has to be perfect!. In my post-teaching People The Proper Way To Comment, I listed it as the second most crucial point, second only to my Comment Policy.

Grammarly Knows Proper Grammar Is Important

I’ve only just recently come across Grammarly and was so impressed by what they have to offer I  joined. Yep, I bypassed their free offer. Why not, when their yearly subscription was under twelve bucks per month. They know that Good Grammar is essential and want to make it readily available at an affordable price.

Why Good Grammar Is Important

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Having Fun With Luminar 4

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Today’s post,¬†having fun with¬†Luminar 4, is not an update of my¬†Luminar 4 Update¬†post. It’s more to show you guys just a little of what¬†Luminar 4¬†can do. I also produced a video to show people that having fun with¬†Luminar 4¬†is possible,¬†Being Creative With Luminar 4.

Me Having Fun With Luminar 4

My being creative with Luminar 4 video shows me playing around with different images. Within minutes you see me making them more spectacular than the original image. It also shows just how easy it is to give photographs that WOW factor. The whole process took only minutes to do.

When I look at the ‘after’ image, I see something completely different. It’s as if I’ve gone back in time to witness the times of Jesus, even though the picture was taken in Gaeta and not in Jeruselum. The final image is a composite of two photos that I’ve taken, the one at Gaeta and the sunset from my front yard. Then a little tweak from Luminar 4 and voila, a work of art.

Having Fun With Luminar 4

Naturally, it’s best to try different skies so you can select which one works the best with the photo you’ve chosen. It’s also a good idea to save the images to compare them so you can choose your favourite picture. Keeping the image also allows you to enhance it even further using your Luminar 4 program.

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