Canon MG7160 Not Scanning Wirelessly?

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I bought my Canon MG7160 some time ago and it connected flawlessly to my home Wi-Fi. That was until last night when I tried to scan a document. Damn! That’s when I found out my Canon MG7160 not scanning at all. For some reason the MacBook Pro would print wirelessly but when it came to scanning the Canon MG7160 just would not scan wirelessly.

The Canon MG7160 Not Scanning Wirelessly Fix!

Canon MG7160 Not Scanning Wirelessly

I really needed to scan that document and so after Googling a lot of crap I tried connecting it to the printer via the USB. Nope! While the Canon MG7160 printer recognised the printer it still would not scan. WTF!

I had already installed the updated printer driver for the Canon MG7160 so I knew that wasn’t the problem. That’s when it suddenly hit me, maybe Canon had a separate driver for the scanner!

So off I go to the Canon Drivers & Download page. Two clicks later I found myself on the Pixma MG7160 Utilities page. From there I downloaded the IJ Scan Utility Ver. 2.1.6 (OS X). Once I downloaded and ran that file I noticed a new folder in the MacBook Pro application folder, the IJ Scan Utility Folder. That folder had the driver that I needed to finally get the Canon MG7160 printer to scan properly.

You can see it working in the video below.

What was really cool was it scanned the document while I was in another room. I didn’t expect that. Sure, I know that’s what wirelessly means but it’s not like it would change the documents wirelessly is it?  :tongue_laugh_ee:

The good thing now is that anytime I want to scan something I just need to fire up the Canon MG7160 utility and I’m good to go.

I hope you found this post of some help. If you did it would be great if you would share it around.

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