Best Blonde Jokes

Before getting into my best blonde jokes post, I would like to link to my three YouTube videos about blonde humour. The first one went live way back in 2013 and was my 3rd Laughaholics video. I called that video Funny Blonde Jokes.

Then came my second video about blonde humour. I called that video, Top 10 Funniest Blonde Jokes. That video went live in July 2019. It’s by far the most popular of my joke videos almost reaching 5k views!

Because of the ever-growing popularity of that video, I decided to do another blonde joke video. I called that video, Top Three Funny Blonde Jokes. I think my delivery of what I believe are the best blonde jokes has improved over time. What do you think? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

My Best Blonde Jokes

my best blonde jokes
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Which brings me back to today’s best blonde jokes post. 

The Blonde Employee

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  1. Kevin

    Nice collection of blonde jokes. My favorite one is the blonde swimmer.

  2. Peter

    Hey Kevin, that’s a good one but my favourite is the blonde exhibitionist ? Thanks for taking the time to comment and please stay safe.

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