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YouTube Success Depends On Traffic

I’ve done a few posts on making money with YouTube including the following;

  1. Make Money With YouTube? Is It Possible
  2. How To Promote YouTube Videos
  3. YouTube Producing The Right Videos

Each of the posts have interesting and important points to those of you wanting to excel on the YouTube front. Naturally your YouTube success is dependant on the amount of traffic that you’re able to drive to your video. That may be a no brainer but it seems that a lot of people fail to take this into account when publishing their video.

Before producing your video you really need to work out what sort of video people are looking for. I know people like to be entertained and so I came up with my Laughaholics series of video. So far they’ve got a combined amount of almost 1000 views. Not too bad, but nowhere near as many views as my motorbike stunts video which has over 42000 views.

Further study has shown me that ‘how to‘ are also extremely popular. My first ever how to Read the rest of this entry

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Traffic Sources For 2014

My Traffic Sources

The most important factor of any blog or website is traffic. Without traffic you’re like a ship in dead water. You just don’t get anywhere. That being the case, if you want to be more successful in 2014 you need to consolidate your traffic sources. Which ones are the most popular ones and which ones bring you the most traffic.

The best way to see what your best traffic sources are for your site is to check your stats. Take my first post of the year, DEA Friday Funnies #97 which just happened to go viral, and all because of one site. Check out the image below. I’ve never had a post that went crazy like that before. I’m writing this post in the morning and already I’ve had more traffic than any day in the past month! Read the rest of this entry

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Throughout my business career I’ve learned the importance of customer service, It was because of our customer service that we maintained our client base even while others were losing theirs. This was in a cutthroat business where companies discounted heavily to gain the business. Because our customers were happy with the customer service we provided they stuck by us even when they received a better offer by our competitors.

The company I work now knows how important customer service is and has therefore installed a policy to ensure they get the best customer service possible. When a customer approaches a staff member to ask where a product is located we’re to take them there engaging them in conversation as we do. We’re then to ask them if there is anything else we can do for them. When a product isn’t available all staff members have the authority to give them an alternative for the same price or company brand for free. Just goes to show how important customer service is to them.

How To Supply Customer Service Online

It’s easy to give great customer service in the real world, a friendly smile, friendly banter and looking after their needs. The question is how to do this online? Read the rest of this entry

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