Funny Wisdom Jokes

I thought for today’s Friday Funnies posts, I write a couple of funny wisdom jokes. The first of the funny wisdom jokes take place in a pub.

Funny Wisdom Jokes
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Wisdom Jokes – Oversexed Girlfriend

These two young guys are sitting in a pub having a beer. One of the guys turns to the other and says, “Shit mate, you’re looking really tired these days!”

His mate replies, “Man, I am bloody exhausted. My new girlfriend wants sex all the time. It could be three, four and sometimes even six times a night. She wakes me up at all hours of the night to have sex. I’m not sure how long I can keep this up. I wish I knew what to do.”

An old bloke, probably in his seventies, is sitting a few stools down from them and overhears their conversation. He takes a sip of his beer, looks over at the two mates who are having the conversation and, showing the wisdom of all his years, says, “Marry her! That will put a stop to all that nonsense!”

A Wise Mother Superior

A 98-year-old Mother Superior from Ireland, was on her death bed. All the nuns had gathered around her bed, trying to make her last journey comfortable.

They tried giving her some warm milk to drink but she refused it.

One of the nuns took the glass of milk back to the kitchen and remembering a bottle of Irish whiskey received as a gift the previous Christmas, she opened it and poured a generous amount into the warm milk.

Back at Mother Superior’s bed, she held the glass to her lips. The Mother Superior drank a little, then a little more, and before they knew it, she had drunk the whole glass down to the last drop.

“Mother,” the nuns asked with earnest, “please give us some wisdom before you die.”

She raised herself up in bed and said, “Whatever you do, don’t sell that cow!”

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