dSiteI am an Aussie father of two who originally took up blogging as a marketing ploy. It wasn’t long before blogging became a passion and I now host six of my own blogs to prove it. Over time I’ve learned that you can actually make a little extra cash by blogging. In fact there are a few like Problogger, aka Darren Rowse, who actually made a living from it. While I don’t think I will ever be as proficient as Darren Rowse, I am quite happy earning what I do.

For those of you who may be interested here is a short description of my blogs.

  1. A Loving Memorial: A blog that came about after the death of Josie Zollo, my beautiful sister-in-law.
  2. WellBlogMe: My first blog which I originally started because I read that Google loved changing content and I figured a blog was the way to do it. As this blog was part of my The Elusive Pot Of Gold domain I thought that any PR gained by the blog would pas onto the main site and I reckon it did.
  3. BlogSire: My second blog. The intention for this blog was to pass on some of the information I had gained through my blogging ventures onto my readers. It contains a blogging tutorial in how to blog for money as well as blogging tips and tricks. I also try to pass on any SEO, Search Engine Optimization, techniques I have picked up along the way.
  4. SBizzTech: My third blog was a journey into sharing my experience in the business and technology sector. My technology knowledge is rather limited but I thought it necessary to give me a leg in gaining some ‘paid post’ opportunity in this field. Paid Posts are where you get paid to write posts for companies and are virtual ‘blogging ads’, something which I feel is a necessary evil for earning money in this world of ours.
  5. What A Load Of Bullshit: I started this in an effort to expose as much of the scam, spam, rip off merchants and as much crap as possible that is happening in this world of ours in order that it will affect less people. Site Now For Sale on Sedo
  6. Scenic Adelaide: My first photo blog where I proudly display photos of Adelaide and surrounding districts.
  7. Photos2Blog: My full on photo blog. I started this so that I could show off the photos that would not fit into my Scenic Adelaide blog. Where possible I try to pass on relevant information about each photo as well as any tips I can pass on.
  8. Top Software Online: This one is relatively new and is all about reviewing products that I’m offering on my online software store.
  9. Top Sexual Aids: My latest blog and probably the closest I will ever get to a niche blog, but if you have to have a niche blog it may as well be about sex, right? lol
  10. Buy Online Lotto Tickets: A brand spanking new blog that I hope will build my residual income.
  11. The Gifts Guru: I started this niche blog to capitalise on the WP Zon Builder plugin
  12. Get Online Lottery Tickets: After the success of my last lottery site I started this one so I can increase the earning potential by targeting different keywords.
  13. EZ eSports Betting: Another niche blog. Why not when the last ones are doing so well  :drunk_tb:

So, as you can see Wassup Blog is actually my ninth blog and only time will tell where it will take me. I hope that in time it will have its own reader base where we can interact and broaden our blogging experience.

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