When The Number 13 Is Lucky Or Is It

Why There Are No Room 13 In Hotels

There is only one reason and that is because there are many folks out there who are scared shitless of the no 13. After all, it’s supposed to be unlucky. If you want to know more about this you should check out Why You’ll Never See The 13th Floor of a Hotel. This brings me to today’s Friday Funnies which is about a Hotel with room 13. Not only that but this room 13 seems to be extremely lucky for all the guys who go there because this room 13 introduces these guys to a night filled with passion.

I posted a video on my YouTube channel called The Hotel Room Number 13 Joke. You’re going to love this joke because of the animation. Animation which was created with CreateStudio 3.0. If you would rather read the joke, no worries, I’m here for you.

Funniest When The Number 13 Is Lucky

One night a guy goes up to the hotel receptionist and says, “I want a single room for the night please.”

 “That’s fine sir, here’s one of our best rooms, room 13″ says the receptionist, handing the key to him.

The guy goes upstairs, takes a shower, and goes straight to bed. At about two o’clock in the morning, two gorgeous naked women come in and slide under the covers. When he realises what is going on, he starts getting it on with both of them. He can’t believe his good luck. Next morning, still surprised by last night’s events, he goes downstairs to settle the bill.

“How was your room sir?” asks the receptionist. 

“Excellent. So good that I will definitely come back again. “What do I owe you?” ask the man. 

“Well, sir, we are doing a promotional offer and not only do you not have to pay, but we’re giving you ten dollars as a welcome gesture,“ says the receptionist. 

“What? That’s bloody amazing.” says the guy as he takes the ten-dollar bill and wanders off, debating whether his buddies will believe him or not. 

Naturally, after a few days, he’s told all his friends and neighbours about room 13 and his amazing night of passion. 

The next week one of his buddies goes to check out the truth to the ‘Sex’ room. “Room 13 please.” 

‘Certainly sir, here’s your key.” 

He gets into bed just before two o’clock, waiting patiently for his night of passion. Sure enough at two o’clock they rocked up, only this time there were three girls! And they were extremely horny and proceeded to screw his

brains out. 

The next morning, not only does he not have to pay, but he too gets ten dollars. 

After a month, everyone knows about this hotel and especially room 13. Everyone who stays in room 13 gets the same treatment. A visit during the night by horny women with the bonus ten dollars when checking out.

After a few weeks, the story reaches the president who decides to check the story out for himself. He visits the hotel and asks for room 13. He gets the keys and goes upstairs. After a couple of drinks, he gets into bed waiting patiently for the naked girls to appear. Sure enough at about two o’clock in the morning, two naked busty ladies come to bed. They are as wild as all the stories the president has heard.

The president has the best night ever. Never in his life has he had such an experience. The next morning he goes to reception and asks for the bill.

The receptionist says, “There’s nothing to pay, sir and because we are doing an introductory offer, here’s $50 as a welcome gesture.” 

Curious, the president says to the receptionist. “That’s strange. Everyone else who comes here gets $10, why do I get $50?” 

The receptionist replies, “Because this is the first time we’ve filmed a porn movie with a president in it”.

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