Is FileVault Enough

Everyone is concerned about cybersecurity. We all know hackers are out there, and they would love nothing better than to hack our computers.

Is FileVault Enough

Fortunately, Mac owner’s data is encrypted automatically, if they have Apple silicon or an Apple T2 Security Chip. Having FileVault provides an extra layer of security by keeping Cyber Creeps from decrypting or getting access to your data without entering your login password. If your Mac doesn’t have Apple silicon or the T2 chip, you will need to turn on FileVault to encrypt your data. See this article to learn how to turn FileVault on.

Is FileVault Enough To Protect Your Data?

I don’t believe so. Sure, it encrypts the data on your computer, but how about when you are surfing the net? It’s when you are online that you are most at risk. And it’s not just browsing the web that could give hackers the chance to get to you. Even chatting via messaging apps not to mention the downloading of software, are some of the things that can put you at risk.

I know I am not that computer illiterate, and I don’t clear my browser history often enough because it is all too hard. When I do think of doing it, I always have to resort to Google to find out how to do it, and it takes several attempts before I find one that I can understand.

That’s why I was so relieved when I found that CleanMyMac X keeps my online and offline activity private. In today’s world of nasty hackers who have no scruples security and privacy should be our top priority. Fortunately, tools like FileVault and CleanMyMac X guarantee extra protection assuring our information won’t be compromised.

I think it’s time I show you just how easily CleanMyMac X ensures that extra level of protection. You can watch the video here.

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Why YouTube Closed Captions Matter

How Important Are Closed Captions

Are you wondering about how necessary captions are for your YouTube videos? Will captions bring you more views?  

Interestingly enough, Digital Discovery Network did a study that showed that captioned videos bring in 7.32% more views. That alone should encourage most YouTubers to start adding captions. And there is more.

Why YouTube Closed Captions Matter
Professional Captions Using VidCap One Of Many Apps Found On Setapp.

What Is Metadata &How Crucial Is It?

We all know how crucial metadata is to YouTube, including your title, descriptions, and tags! TechTarget says that “Metadata is data that describes other data, providing a structured reference that helps to sort and identify attributes of the information it describes.” YouTube reads this data relating to your video, and it’s all taken into account when running their algorithms. Captions are part of that metadata, and not having that can be detrimental to the views that you could be getting.

How To Caption Your Videos

There are several ways you can caption your videos. You could do it manually and then upload them, but that is so time-consuming, I tried it once and decided life was too short to waste my time when it could be used to do other more constructive tasks.

You can let YouTube do it for you and I can tell you I’ve tried that too but YouTube does a pretty poor job of it. I reckon you’d be lucky if the captions YouTube provides you are more than 60-70% correct. Then you have to go into the captioning area and edit YouTube’s captions. Not correcting YouTube’s faulty captions means you’re presenting the wrong metadata and giving the wrong information about what your video is about.

More Important Than Metadata

Something even more important than metadata is that 36 million people in America alone are deaf or have trouble hearing. Let alone the other countless millions that live around the world. Then some people don’t have hearing problems and watch YouTube videos with captions because they don’t want to bother the people around them.

There are countless of times when I wish a video had captions because I couldn’t understand what was said. In cases such as this, captions have proven to increase comprehension. 

Best App For Captioning You Videos

I’m writing this post is to let you know that I have found an app that makes captioning a cinch. That app is called VidCap and is part of the Setapp arsenal of hundreds of quality apps, all at the low subscription price of $9.99/month. You can read all about Setapp in my Is Setapp Worth The Money post or watch my video Is The Setapp Subscription any good?

Watch my video Does Setapp’s VidCap Captions Work to see VidCap in action.

All in all, captioning is going to help your channel, making it more accessible to a lot more people. YouTube knows this, which is why they include it in their metadata. Personally, I’m going to go through all my videos, adding captions to those that I believe need it.

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Is Setapp Worth The Money

Is Setapp Worth it?

Before answering this question, I should tell you precisely what Setapp is.

What Is Setapp?

Simply put, Setapp is a subscription-based service from MacPaw. Once you subscribe to Setapp you have full access to their countless premium apps. And I mean, you have full access to all their apps. None of that trial for 7 days and then you must pay to continue using an app. The best thing is the price! For a low $9.99 a month you get full access to hundreds of premium apps. Apps for both your Apple Mac and iPhone.

Can You Try Setapp For Free

The answer is yes you can. They offer you a 7-day trial period and you don’t have to offer any credit card details for your trial period. If you decide to subscribe to Setapp you could go for a yearly subscription and save $52.

Is Setapp Worth The Money?

Considering that the price of Setapp is about the same as one single app I think it is an amazing value. For me, the greatest feature of a Setapp subscription is that it allows you to discover new and useful apps. Apps that you may never have tried but because it is part of the subscription, you don’t mind trying it out and seeing if works for you.

Keep in mind that Setapp is run by MacPaw and I’ve been using one of their most popular products for four years. That product is CleanMyMac X and I love my CleanMyMac X. I’ve done a couple of reviews on it the most popular one is CleanMyMac X Review Is It Worth It. A subscription to CleanMyMac X would set you back $62 AUD and buying it outright would cost about $125 AUD. Since purchasing CleanMyMac I’ve had to pay for an upgrade and so considering that a subscription to Setapp includes CleanMyMac X as one of the apps makes it worth having for that alone. Having a subscription would mean you’ve always got your hands on the latest updates.

My Favourite Setapp Apps

Is Setapp Worth The Money
My Favourite Setapp Apps In Only One Week

I’ve been using Setapp for a little over a week and already I’ve found five apps that I love. Personalize your menu bar, or Bartender as it is also known, allows me to organize my menu bar and is great for those folk whose menu bar is cluttered as hell.

TextSoap, “eliminates the tedium of checking text documents for extra characters, improper capitalization, and other minor errors. A game changer for lawyers, editors, and anyone else who handles high volumes of text on a regular basis, the app uses regular expressions to power its “cleaners.”

I only installed TouchRetouch last night and have had a little play with it and I am impressed with what it can do. I used it to retouch an old photo of my grandparents and although I haven’t finished it yet it looks like it can do the job. It will also remove unwanted objects from photos.

Secrets is a must-have as it allows you to generate unbreakable passwords and for storing and retrieving sensitive information.

Magic Window Air is my favourite so far. I’ve never bothered to change my screensaver because I found it so troublesome. Not so with Magic Window Air. “Relax and escape with this beautiful new screen saver for your Mac. Enjoy a curated collection of over 200 4K aerial videos – a four-hour-long journey altogether! With countless configuration options, you will love customizing your Mac with Magic Window Air.”

Another thing I love about Setapp is that all the apps that you install, see image above, are easily accessible from it’s own menu and you don’t have to struggle to look for it in your Applications. I’ve always found finding an app in my applications to be a pain in the arse.

Edit: I’ve just added A VPN App

Yep, since posting this I’ve just ClearVPN to my Setapp Arsenal. “ClearVPN is an effortless and secure VPN for your Mac, designed to personalize your internet experience. The app offers simple, ready-made tools that help you spend less time tweaking your VPN’s settings and more time actually doing what you want done. Stay more anonymous online, protect your personal information, connect to servers from a specific country and more in a click.”

I will be doing a video, actually, probably several videos because there is so much to cover, and when I do I will be posting the links here so make sure you check back every now and again. 😎

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