WassupBlogs Posts Are Copyright Protected With Digiprove

Most people who know me, or have noticed my interaction with the fairer sex, would probably tell you that there’s almost nothing I wouldn’t do to please them! That being the case you’re probably wondering what’s taking me so long in answering a fair maiden’s request. 

That fair maiden was Colleen of Tri Cities Washington Real Estate who, in the post about Speeding Up Your Blog to keep Google and your readers happy, asked the following;

On an unrelated note Sire, a blog entry from you about the Digiprove you are using might be a good topic. Until now, I’ve never seen it nor heard of it. Just a thought, as I haven’t seen anything written on it or other ways to protect against content theft. Might be a good topic.

WassupBlogs Posts Are Copyright Protected With Digiprove

For those of you who don’t know Colleen, she and her husband Joe are in the Real Estate game and have many beautiful properties for sale, including this one at West Pasco Washington which has stunning views.

Anyway Colleen, sorry for the delay but you know what they say, better late than never and I can only hope that it was worth the wait.

It all came about last December when some moron decided to steal a whole heap of my posts which resulted in my post about stolen content, and then a followup post on the outcome. I would recommend that post to anyone who would like to know what to do if the same thing ever happened to them because there are some great comments there which helped me and I am sure can help others in return.

Although most people know that they own the copyright to all material that they post on their blog, it can sometimes be difficult to prove it. The necessity of proof can be required when chasing those fools that steal your posts, which lead me in search of a plugin that would certify to everyone that I am the sole owner of material posted on this blog.

WassupBlogs Posts Are Copyright Protected With Digiprove

The result of that search resulted in the installation of Digiprove. As they say on their website:

Digiprove’s online copyright proving service is well-known to creators. Now we’re making it even easier to secure the copyright of your blog posts. The “Copyright Proof” WordPress plugin automatically Digiproves the content of every published blog post (new or edited) which gives you indisputable proof of the content and the date and time of publication.

Not only that, but for every post that you make:

  • It will display a notice and icon at the foot of your blog post referencing the actual Digiprove certificate.
  • You will receive by email the digitally-signed certificate which protects your post
  • If you prefer, the certifying page will have a link back to your blog site.

So much more useful than merely including a copyright notice.

You will notice an icon at the end of this post that signifies that this post is copyrighted. Clicking on that badge will take you to a numbered certificate that is dated showing me as the copyright owner. There is no way that anyone can argue that fact.

Their website states the following;

Once the first formal release of Copyright Proof is made, we will apply some commerce! However, it is our intention to keep the service free-of-charge to personal/hobbyist users and educational establishments and registered charities.

While it is still completely functional as a free user, I no longer have access to specific sections of the website, which are for paying members. Cost for personal use is $8 per month or $80 per year, but for now, I am thrilled as a non-paying user.

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  1. Mitch Mitchell

    I’ve been using Digiprove for close to a decade by now. They contacted me years ago asking if I’d be a tester and gave me a free lifetime membership; who’d pass that up? lol It’s been helpful in helping me shut down sites that stole my content, although what’s also helped is those idiots scraping my personal pictures; how can people be that stupid? It’s one of the plugins I recommend the most.

    1. Peter

      Man, how lucky were you to get an offer like that? I’m pretty sure I tried Digiprove first and that you got it after reading my post, but I could be wrong, and if I am I’m sure you will set me right. 😝

      1. Mitch Mitchell

        I got it in 2010; did you have it that early? I don’t remember reading about it before I got the offer. Remember, back then we were big fish!

        1. Peter

          I just logged into my old account, I have a new one now since I lost my DB, and I signed up on May 27 2010

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