ALLJOY Android4.1 Smart TV Box (builtin Karaoke function, Air mouse, 1 micphone, Allwinner A20, 512MB, 8GB nand flash)


If you don’t need microphone and air mouse in the package, please buy our low cost version as below,

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If you don’t need microphone and air mouse in the package, please buy our low cost version as below,

ALLJOY Android4.2 Smart TV Box-Streaming media player (up to 1080p), access to Netflix, Youtube, Android games and more

  • Massive selection—Thousands of TV episodes and movies, millions of songs and over a hundred games.
  • Small box, huge specs—Fast dual-core processor, 512MB of memory, dedicated GPU, plus support for up to 1080p HD video, Plus can connect to surround sound
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Instant streaming
  • Great for gaming, too-the package include an easy used and good looking air mouse for android games
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Easy navigation, powerful recommedation, intuitive air mouse, everying about ALLJOY android smart tv box is simple. Fully compatible with google play store too. 

Fast, fluid, friendly user interface

ALLJOY android smart tv box’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to find what you want. Browse popular movies, shows and recommendations personalised for you right on your home screen, and instantly add new discoveries to your Watchlist with a singleclick. 

A simple airmouse that does it all

ALLJOY android smart tv box comes with a easy used air mouse for your daily use, which is beautifully simple, with all the controls you need to search, watch, navigate and even play. 

Designed for Games too!

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Karaoke Android tv box with NEW UI.jpgDual core Android TV box New UI.jpgAir mouse 3.jpgAir mouse 4.jpgmade for music banner.jpg 

Stream your favourite tunes

Exit to the home screen at any time and keep the music going while you share photos or play games. 

Made for music.jpg 

Enjoy Karaoke Fun at home

How this item achieve the karaoke function?

Generally speaking, this item provide the end users a platform which support all of the android karaoke apps, so the consumers have to download and install a android karaoke apps. In another words,there are 2 nessesory parts for karaoke, one is other item, and the other one is the android karaoke apps.

Before you go with the karaoke function, here are some tips for your. 
-All about the android karaoke apps
APKs from 3rd party like the most popular karaoke apps, singalong, red sing, sing me etc. which are the most popular karaoke apps for android, take sing long for example, there are more than 1000 video songs in it, new video songs daily updated, easy to use, no need download.
For your alternate option, we have Customized Karaoke Android App.

-All about the Speakers and the Mics
Connect the 2.1CH or 5.1CH speakers to the HOME SMART ENTERTAIN SYSTEM through AUX jack 
Connect the Mics to the HOME SMART ENTERTAIN SYSTEM through the Mic jacks. 
Compared to other Karaoke machines, ours comes with the port of Mic*2, AUX port for Speaker, so what you have to do is connect it with your 2.1 or 5.1 channel speakers and your Micphones.

-All about how to start Karaoke function
Start the Karaoke apps pre-installed, choose the song you like to sing.
Use your iPhone and airplay to stream karaoke videos from YouTube, and then sing. 
Use your Android Phone and Ehomemedia center to stream karaoke videos from YouTube, and then sing. 

Why the micphone is not working when I cannect the TV box with TV? 

We volume of the Mic phone is coming from the out come speakers, those speakers with amplifier, like 2.1 or 5.1 channel speakers. Here is the reason, the power of the TV is always around 3W,  however, the power of Karaoke is always at least 15W. To protect the TV from damaging, we design that the volume of the Karaoke has to come from the outcome speakers. 

Can I karaoke using the MTV files from the local storage device? 
However, you can listen to the music, and watch the video from the local device.

Can I record the song?
Not at this stage, but it is under developing. We will keep it updated once it is available.

How to sing.jpg

With ALLJOY ANDROID TV BOX, you will never miss a video, you can easily access to netflex, youtube etc. 

netflix.jpgyoutube.jpgstreaming movies.jpg

With ALLJOY Android tv box you can review the news on your TV, just amazing.

for news.jpg 


Bring you small screen to your bigger screen.jpg

How to use Airplay and DLNA in our device?

What is Airplay?

“Now, what is AirPlay? You know what AirTunes is… listen to music from all over your house from your mobile device”

– Steve Jobs




Why bother syncing separate media servers? Use your iOS device that has all your audio sources right there. From home-to-car-to-work, your iOS device is the only source you need. AirPlay your podcasts, music and even AirPlay enabled Apps like Pandora from your iOS device using Myro:Air.

How to use Airplay in our unit?

You will get an app name SMART TV preinstall, choose the “Smart TV” on your iOS device when play multi-media files. 

What is DLNA?
DLNA is short for Digital Living Network Alliance.


Imagine that your phone, computer, and television could communicate with one another… With the DLNA "Product Search" function this becomes a reality. Start discovering the interoperability of your DLNA Certified products and connect and enjoy the future of technology.

How to use DLNA in our device

There an app named smart TV pre-installed in the unit, and follow up below steps

-Install an Media Player Apps which support DLNA, like Flipps in your android smart phone as below,

– Choose “SMART TV”

Airplay DLNA to sycn.jpg



ALLJOY Android Smart TV box will take your to explore more and more

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ALLJOY Android Smart TV box specification sheet

Specification of ALLJOY Android Karaoke TV box.jpg

ALLJOY Android smart tv box set up chart

Android smart TV box installation.jpgKaraoke Android TV box installation2.jpg

ALLJOY Android Smart TV box product details. 

Karaoke PlayerKaraoke MachineKaraoke Machine with Android Smart System

Additional information

Remote control

air mouse remote control

Brand Name




Model Number


Demo video








1 piece




airplay, dlna

I/O ports

RJ45, Audio L/R, HDMI, USB*2, DC in

External antenna