2* New Bluetooth 3D Shutter Active Glasses for Samsung Panasonic for Sony 3D TV Universal TV 3D Glasses gafas 3d P0016935

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4pcs/lot Bluetooth Active Shutter 3D TV Glasses Virtual Reality for Samsung Sony LG Panasonic TV HDTV 3D TV HDTV Blue-ray PlayerUSD 43.99/lot4pcs/lot G15 DLP 3D Active Shutter Glasses

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2pcs/lot Bluetooth 3D Shutter Active Glasses for Smsung Panas0nic for Sony 3D TV Universal TV 3D Glasses gafas 3d P0016935








This Pergear G15 Bluetooth 3D glasses utilizes advanced active 3D shutter technology. It allows to enjoy the vivid stereo visual impact even stay at home. Sleek style and ergonomic design make you wear it comfortably and high speed response LCD lense won’t cause your eye fatigue. Unique detachable leg feature fashion and sports, easy carry, easy go. Universal compatibilities cover a variety of branded 3D televisions!

 1. Cool appearance, sleek and super lightweight make you wear comfortably
 2. Support bluetooth signal transmitting
 3. Unique detachable leg of the glasses, breaking traditional old intergrated style, featuring sports&fashion
 4. Button battery which can be replaced, light and stable, lasting for a long time
 5. High speed response LCD lenses, your eyes won’t feel fatigue
 6. Cre0tive and fine craftsmanship, elimates the electro magnetic interference
 7. PC spectacle frames, low comsuption and carbon, environmental friendly
 8. High transparent display perfect image, no flicker, no shadow

Kindly Note: This 3D glasses SHOULD work with 3D TV, then you can enjoy realistic, vivid 3D images
This product has been widely used for those 3D TV as below:

Brand Model
For Sam sung D6000 D6400 D6600D7000 D8000D490 released in 2011;
EH6030 ,ES6100,ES6500, ES6600 ES6700,ES6800, ES7000, ES7500,ES8000 released in 2012;
F6100 F6400 F6800 F7500 F8000 F8200 released in 2013;
HU9800J,HU8800,HU8500J,H6400J,H7500,H6400,H6500 released in 2014
E550 E490 E650 E8000 E6900&AA790 AA795


For S0NY  X8500A W850A W850B 50W800B 55W800B W950A W900A KDL-55W950A
KDL-46W950A KDL-55W900A KDL-46W900A series
For Sha rp 50S1A LCD-50S1A LCD-50MY60A LC70LE747KN LC80LE657KN LC90LE757K LCD-50MY80A LCD-50DS60A lcd-58u1A,etc. U1A series
Perfectly fits well with AN-3DG50 AN-3DG40
For Panas0nic 1. VT50C,ST50C,UT50C,XT50C,UT60C WT50C/DT50C
2. TW560 5200 5810 6510 6515 7200 8200 8200W 9200
For K0nka KKTV 9600UF 39/55K60U KKTV 9600 9600U 9600UF LED50R6600DU
For T0shiba 46L1305C 46L1305C 46L3300C 46L1300C 46L3305C 46L5350C 
46L1308C 46L1301C 48L3350C 55L3300C 55L5350C



 * Unversal compatibilites make it work well with those brand bluetooth 3D Televisions, anti-interference&sync with 3D video
 * Detachable leg, flexible and convenient, blending sports and fashion
 * PC material features great fire resistance and oxidation resistance, durable and environmental as well
 * Vivid clear stereoscopic visual experience
 * Ergonomic and comfortable wearing
 * Sleek and super lightweight, easy to carry
 * Mini button battery, stable but last for long time
 * LCD lenses to make sure perfect image quality, won’t feel fatigue while watching
 * No flicker shutter stereo technology, HD effects without flicker and shadow
 * Support bluetooth signal transmitting and anti-interference, being synchronized with 3D video
 * Touching the real world through this active shutter 3D glasses


3D Glasses Type Active shutter glasses
Synchronous  Bluetooth
Display Compatibility 3D HDTV, Blue-ray players
Frequency 120Hz
Response Time 2.0ms
Contrast 750
Transmission ≥37%
Battery Type CR2025 Button Cell Battery 
Battery Life about 100 hours
Environment Temperature 0 °C – 40 °C
Relative Humidity 20% – 80% RH
Atmospheric Pressure 86 kPa – 106 kPa
Dimension 145*40*147cm
Net Weight 27g

Package contents:

Package contents:

2x Pergear Bluetooth Active Shutter 3D Glasses
4x Detachable Glasses Leg
4x Button Battery
2x Cleaning Cloth
2x Soft Pouch








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3D Glasses

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