Tips To Having A Successful Blog

Every new blogger craves tips to having a successful blog; otherwise, they wouldn’t be starting a blog, right? I repurposed today’s post from Neil Patel’s 7 Blogging Tips That Will Make Your Blog Successful (Storytelling Techniques) using Content Gorilla and Grammarly. I then used my blogging expertise to further refine it to what you are reading today.

My Tips To Having A Successful Blog

I think we all agree that blogging is trendy. Everyone’s doing it, probably more so today than ever. You may even be doing or thinking of taking it up. It is so popular that compared to five or ten years ago, there are so many blogs around that folk don’t seem to be reading all the blog posts. The bounce rate is probably so high because out of the eight out of ten people who will read your headline, only two out of ten will click through and read your article. People these days seem to be desensitized to blog posts. So much so they’re not reading them like they used to. 

Tip #1 Be More Personal With Your Reader

Tips To Having A Successful Blog

What we need to do is to write blog posts that people will read. That’s what this post is all about. The first thing, we as bloggers need to know is we need to personalize our posts by using the words “you” and “I”. By using the words “you” and “I” you are, including the reader, making them part of your post. Your reader will feel as if they are part of the conversation, and you will win over so many more readers this way.

If they don’t feel that it’s a conversation, they will think you’re talking at them and not to them, sort of like a college lecture and they are going to leave. When you’re more conversational with people, they are more likely to engage, read, and respond. 

Tip #2 Use Of Paragraphs For A Successful Blog

Breaking up your content into bite-size pieces, or paragraphs is essential. Your paragraphs shouldn’t be more than five or six lines. Readers will find anything more than that overwhelming, causing them to leave your blog. 

I’ve found a brilliant article that describes how using short paragraphs will increase your readership

Tip #3 Use Subheadings

what's a paragraph

Subheadings are relevant because they break down your article into sections allowing your reader to skim your blog post. Two points made in the above article about paragraphs are internet users scan rather than read, and they have short attention spans. Using subheaders and short paragraphs help to alleviate that.

Using subheadings allows your reader to get the gist of your content without having to read the whole thing, thereby gaining their interest which means you’re going to get fewer readers bouncing from your post. Through subheadings, people can go down to the section of the blog post that they want to read, and read that area, and keep scrolling through. 

Tip # 4 Write a Conclusion

I have to admit that I rarely include a conclusion in my post, but Neil Patel says it’s important and who am I to argue? ? He says you should write a conclusion every time you create a blog post, and you should use the label, “conclusion”. It keeps it simple. People can scroll down, read your conclusion, know what your blog post is about, and decide whether they want to scroll back up and read the rest. 

That is the visitor/reader pattern when they’re scrolling through and reading your blog post. A lot of people go down, read the conclusion, then go back up. 

Tip # 5 Cite Your Information

It would be best if you never came up with facts and data without citing your information. What I prefer to do is to link, as I did above, to articles that I’ve used to gather the information I’ve used in my posts. 

Tip #6 Use Photos In Your Posts

images for post

You’ve heard the saying, “A picture says a thousand words?” By using graphics and images to help explain the message that you’re trying to convey, people are much more likely to read and stick around. There’s also an SEO advantage to using images by using alt tags.

The article ALT Tag For Images: Do You Need It? is a perfect example of th the importance of having images in your blog posts. 

Tip #7 Provide A Solution Become A Successful Blogger

Make sure your article is in-depth and actionable. If someone reads your article expecting a solution, then make sure you provide one or your reader will feel frustrated and may never come back again. 

Neil uses as an example; “I once googled ‘how to install a bidet’, and I came up with an article that didn’t even teach me how to install a bidet.

Never went back to that site. And that site is called ‘How Stuff Works’. Their articles weren’t informative, weren’t actionable, so I was never going to read them. 

And there you have it. If you follow these tactics, you’re going to create blog posts that people will want to read.

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