Best Harley Joke Ever

I do believe that this is the first Harley Davidson joke I’ve featured on this site and that would definitely make it the best ever Harley joke ever seen online. In fact, I loved this joke so much that I put it on YouTube. If you would like to watch me tell that joke online, rather than having to read it here, head over to my Funny Harley Davidson Joke.

My Best Harley Joke

best harley joke
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There’s this guy, he went and bought himself a second hand Harley, and this Harley is in mint condition. He loves it. And before he drives off on his new
Harley, he says to the owner, he says, “look, mate, what did you do to keep this Harley in such pristine condition?”

And the guy says, “it’s easy, you make sure that if your bike’s outside and it’s about to rain, you make sure you smear vaseline over all the chrome work and that will keep it safe from the rain.”

The guy thanks him very much, and off he goes.

That night he’s having dinner at his girlfriend’s place. He
rocks up in his brand new Harley Davidson, gets off, goes to the front door, and his girlfriend meets him there. She says, “look, honey, I just want to warn you my parents are just a tad eccentric and that nobody,
absolutely nobody talks during dinner because if they do that, they end up doing the dishes.” The guy said, “yeah,
cool, that’s fine, not a problem.” So as he walks inside, he notices just by the staircase there’s this pile of dirty dishes. A little bit further up, in the family room, another pile of dirty dishes. Everywhere he looks, there are piles of dirty dishes. He’s all far, out this is unreal, but he goes inside the dining room. The family’s sitting there, and
he sits with the rest of them.

They all get stuck in the dinner, and he’s amazed that during dinner, no one is saying anything, not a word. So this guy decides to take a bit of advantage of that. So in front of everybody, he leans over, and he gives his girlfriend a passionate kiss. No one says a word. He’s thinking far out, so then he leans over, and he rubs her breasts. Again, nobody says a word, and he’s thinking, we’ll see how far we can go with this. So he strips his girlfriend naked, puts her on the dining room table and
he has her then and there.

And again not a peep from anybody. And then he’s thinking to himself, wow, you know her mum’s a bit of a cutie. I wonder what I could do with her? So again he has his girlfriend’s mother on the dining room table, and he’s amazed that no one says a peep.

He then notices he can hear a few raindrops on the window outside. He figgers, bloody hell I better take care of my Harley. So he pulls out the vaseline and as
soon as he does that, the father jumps up and shouts, “Okay, okay, I’ll do the bloody dishes!”

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  1. James Vonwiegen

    I feel like Harley riders and truck drivers generally have a great relationship. I myself have a 2016 Street Glide and hope I never run into something like this!

    1. Peter

      Hi James, I’m sure that’s true and like you, I wouldn’t want to run into that sort of situation, not at all.

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