I am constantly amazed at the services that you can find online. After only just posting my quality header package the other day I came across a site called Zoho which is offering Free Invoice Software. The fact that they’re offering free invoicing isn’t at all apparent from their home page. What is apparent is they’re targeting the drudgery of handling a company’s invoicing by offering ‘hassle-free invoicing’ Having run a company some years back I fully understand what a pain it was having to invoice all my customers every single week.  :hairout_tb:

The Zoho free invoicing offer would have looked pretty good then, I can tell you. If you
click on the pricing link you”ll find that the free invoicing only applies to businesses with 5 customers and a single user base. Way, way too small for the business I was running. I looked at the next pricing bracket and found it would have fit me perfectly. It was only $15 per month for a customer base of 500. 

free invoicingThe last price bracket was still pretty low at only $30 per month for an unlimited amount of customers. That’s well worth the price if they could take the headache out of invoicing your customers.

I reckon the way to go, even if you have a large customer base, would be to take the free package so you give the guys at Zoho a test run. If they come up with the goods and you’re completely happy with their service then I would take the package best suited for your business. 

I know that before I choose any service I always try to find out what other people who have used the service thought about it. The guys at Zoho have a Customer testimonial page which gives a pretty good idea of how their satisfied customers feel about them. That’s certainly a start. Perhaps one of you guys have used their services. If that’s the case I’d love for you to leave a comment telling us about your experience.

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