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Zaparena And How It Does Drive Traffic To Your Blog

It was only about a week ago, Monday the 28th of February to be exact, when I did a post telling everyone how I discovered a new method of getting traffic, one that also acted as a revenue raiser. That post was simply called Put Money In Your Pocket And Generate Traffic To Your Blog. From the comments it received I got the feeling there was some scepticism as to whether it actually does generate traffic, ergo this post.

You may remember that you needed to collect 20 clicks on your widget before it would generate any traffic, well I reached that milestone on this blog on the third of March and I’m here to tell you that it actually works, as you can easily see by this image.

Zaparena Stats

This shows that in the few days since reaching the threshold, although I’ve only sent 64 clicks I’ve received twice that number in return, that’s 200% which is on the bottom range of their claim of 200 – 250% proving it to be completely accurate.

Another issue that some of the commentators were having was that you wouldn’t get quality traffic thereby increasing your bounce rate. Well that all depends on the teaser you use. By teaser I mean the ad you submit after reaching the threshold, the one that gets placed on their traffic network. If your ‘teaser’ accurately displays the right content to your visitor you should only get targeted traffic.

For example this one directs traffic to my What Affiliates To Promote To Blog For Money post. The image itself is a screen shot of the landing page when someone clicks my ad, the image that says Learn To Earn’ and as you can see from my teaser they know exactly what they’re in for when they click the ‘Read More’ icon and so I’m really generating targeted traffic.


This next image is the landing page after clicking on my latest ad and generates traffic for my Market Samurai Update post.

Market Samurai

Again I’m not using any tricks to get them to my blog as the teaser is an accurate description of the landing page and therefore should only bring targeted traffic. In other words overtime you qualify for a new teaser you’re able to generate an ad which points to a specific post, and if you’re using the FlexSqueeze Theme that could be to one of your squeeze pages.

In case you’re wondering how much money I’ve generated since using Zaparena, in just over a week I’ve earned .60 Euro, and considering I was more interested in the traffic network I see that as a bonus.

As this post proves the Zaparena Traffic Network actually works there is one thing to keep in mind, and that is for it to work you do need a site that is already generating traffic as it won’t generate traffic on its own. The more traffic you have the quicker you’re likely to reach the threshold thereby generating traffic to your site.

Would you use this for your blog and if not I would love to hear what’s stopping you from implementing it?

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  1. Twitter:
    It would be nice to have something that could generate that much more of an audience to my blog, especially now that I’m finally building up more readers. If it was a more business-minded blog, I’d use it in a heartbeat. Since it’s such a mixture of topics, I’m not sure how well it would work for me.

    1. If there is a particular post that you want to promote Allie then it would be a good fit for you. All you need do is pick a prominent spot on your blog and then once you generated 20 click design a teaser directing traffic to that post.
      Sire recently posted…Do You Know Who Is Really Commenting On Your BlogMy Profile

  2. Skimpy and sexy sure gets more clicks. I know, I give in and click on them enough everytime I’m on wassupblog. :)

    Thing is, I’m not sure if it will work for me. As far as I remember I’ve only included 2 images of a sexy nature in all my posts – the one where Angelina Jolie rides a big bike and one on a sponsored post about weight loss. Besides, my mom (and also my 11th grader kid) sometimes drops in on my blog once in a while. I don’t want her seeing those and shaking her head to a naughty son. :)

    1. That’s OK James, like I said before you just make sure you don’t select that option and then you won’t have to worry about sexy near naked women appearing on your blog.
      Sire recently posted…Market Samurai Update Is It As Good As They SayMy Profile

  3. Hey Sire,

    Okay, I didn’t even check the site out because of all those provocative photos you had on that particular post but after reading your explanation in helping Khaled understand this more, I can see that I need to give this a good go over. Will put it on my list of things to do this weekend.

    Thanks for proving to us all that it’s worth giving it a glance over.


    1. No worries Adrienne, if you do take it on I’ll be interested to know how it all works out for you.
      Sire recently posted…Blogging- Jogging And SexMy Profile

    1. Well, that’s easy to fix, you simply don’t tick the section that says ‘Show probably not safe for work images (= higher click rate)’ and pick a category that relates to your site and in that way it only shows content related images.
      Sire recently posted…Do You Know Who Is Really Commenting On Your BlogMy Profile

  4. Well this is really a great way to get huge traffic to our blog but here i would like to know that is this don’t hurt Google Adsense policy?

    1. I don’t know about huge. The amount of traffic is dependent on the amount you’re getting already as well as the teasers you provide. Other things that will help is ad placements. Get all them right and there will be a definite traffic increase.

      As to Google, I can’t see where it is against there TOS. If someone can point me to the specific violation I’d be most appreciative.

      1. Twitter:
        Sire, good job on ranking nice in Google on “zaparena google adsense” :)

        Anyway, I’m currently using a combination of and Zaparena to figure out which is best for me, when I was informed that it’s actually against Adsense TOS to use “traffic exchange programs”:

        So I’m considering removing MGID / zaparena from my site, as I’d rather have AdSense…
        Klaus recently posted…Nikon 70-200mm lens thermos bottle reviewMy Profile

        1. Hi Karl, the important part I got out of that link is the following.

          As you may already know, our program policies strictly prohibit any means of artificially generating ad impressions or clicks, including third-party services such as paid-to-click, paid-to-surf, auto-surf, and click-exchange programs. These programs offer incentives for users to view webpages or click on ads, resulting in activity that is harmful to our advertisers

          Zaparena doesn’t do any of that so I think I’m pretty safe. Their worried about getting false clicks on their ads and there is definitely no incentive for people to do that.
          Sire recently posted…Venice Beach Full Of Character And CharactersMy Profile

          1. Twitter:
            On the other hand, what it says says is:

            “While traffic exchange services may help bring traffic to your site, we don’t recommend using them, as they may lead to invalid clicks or impressions and result in your account being disabled.”

            So I guess it’s a question whether or not you want to gamble your AdSense earnings on a few hundred more visits a month? :)

            Have you looked in your Google Analytics to compare pageviews, time on bounce, bouncerate etc. from Zaparena visitors compared to your other visitors?
            Klaus recently posted…“Extreme Perspectives” – An Introduction to Mountain PhotographyMy Profile

            1. So what google is really worried about is “they may lead to invalid clicks or impressions and result in your account being disabled.” To my knowledge that has not happened since running Zaparena.

  5. Hmm, I still don’t understand how they manage to return double the clicks to all their publishers, but from what you are saying, it’s working pretty well, and as an added bonus you can even earn some money which is always great.

    I am still a little skeptical (I should go to their website and read how their system works) because I still wonder about the quality of the traffic but I guess the only way to find out is to try it.
    Alex recently posted…Haine si stilMy Profile

    1. Alex the quality of the traffic all depends on your teaser as people only click on it of their interested in what you have to offer. If your teaser promotes one thing and your landing page has nothing to do with it then naturally you’re not going to get quality traffic,
      Sire recently posted…Put Money In Your Pocket And Generate Traffic To Your Blog!My Profile

  6. Excellent follow up man, it’s awesome to see it works. I’ll be reading it all again from the beginning before implementing. :)

    1. Yep, I’m now able to send targeted traffic to three of my posts on this blog and two posts on my BS blog. All I need do now is choose the best posts and start working on my teasers.

  7. That sounds interesting. Always interested in learning about new traffic generation techniques.

    1. Give it a try I’m sure you’ll like it.

  8. Twitter:
    I’m glad it’s working for you, Sire. I guess I’m going in a different direction in that I’m trying to see what things I might want to remove from my blog, if any, so that it doesn’t ever look like I’ve got too many things on it, and adding something like this certainly wouldn’t be that. And I figure, for now, traffic’s holding up fairly well.
    Mitch recently posted…Social Media OverwhelmMy Profile

    1. It sure is Mitch, and what I like best about it, apart from the extra cash, is that I can actually direct traffic to specific posts, post that have proven to generate income making me even more money. I think it’s now time to update my squeeze pages so that I can start sending traffic their way. While this blog was never designed for actually making money it seems that perhaps it’s actually heading down that path.

  9. Nice review and post. I also use Zaparena on my blogs to create more traffic and I must say that my stats skyrocket since I’ve started using this service. I would also recommend to use 2leep, Wahoha and MGID. They’re also great for driving more traffic to your blog or website.

    tip: you can get first 20 click for Zaparena yourself. Use 3 IPS in 3 days on different hours. Then you can place your widgets and the stats will grow themself.

    another nice post! I like you blog. :)

  10. Zaparena doesn’t seem to be a bad idea, unfortunately what i lack now is the traffic to get started, so i don’t think i can use.
    I’m focusing more on social bookmarking, then i’ll give Zaparena a try.

    1. If you were to get it for your site Maria I would make sure that I didn’t tick the near naked women option as I don’t think it is suitable for you.

      1. I have more than one site, but i’ll take your advice into consideration.

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