It was only about a week ago, Monday the 28th of February to be exact, when I did a post telling everyone how I discovered a new method of getting traffic, one that also acted as a revenue raiser. That post was simply called Put Money In Your Pocket And Generate Traffic To Your Blog. From the comments it received I got the feeling there was some scepticism as to whether it actually does generate traffic, ergo this post.

You may remember that you needed to collect 20 clicks on your widget before it would generate any traffic, well I reached that milestone on this blog on the third of March and I’m here to tell you that it actually works, as you can easily see by this image.

Zaparena Stats

This shows that in the few days since reaching the threshold, although I’ve only sent 64 clicks I’ve received twice that number in return, that’s 200% which is on the bottom range of their claim of 200 – 250% proving it to be completely accurate.

Another issue that some of the commentators were having was that you wouldn’t get quality traffic thereby increasing your bounce rate. Well that all depends on the teaser you use. By teaser I mean the ad you submit after reaching the threshold, the one that gets placed on their traffic network. If your ‘teaser’ accurately displays the right content to your visitor you should only get targeted traffic.

For example this one directs traffic to my What Affiliates To Promote To Blog For Money post. The image itself is a screen shot of the landing page when someone clicks my ad, the image that says Learn To Earn’ and as you can see from my teaser they know exactly what they’re in for when they click the ‘Read More’ icon and so I’m really generating targeted traffic.


This next image is the landing page after clicking on my latest ad and generates traffic for my Market Samurai Update post.

Market Samurai

Again I’m not using any tricks to get them to my blog as the teaser is an accurate description of the landing page and therefore should only bring targeted traffic. In other words overtime you qualify for a new teaser you’re able to generate an ad which points to a specific post, and if you’re using the FlexSqueeze Theme that could be to one of your squeeze pages.

In case you’re wondering how much money I’ve generated since using Zaparena, in just over a week I’ve earned .60 Euro, and considering I was more interested in the traffic network I see that as a bonus.

As this post proves the Zaparena Traffic Network actually works there is one thing to keep in mind, and that is for it to work you do need a site that is already generating traffic as it won’t generate traffic on its own. The more traffic you have the quicker you’re likely to reach the threshold thereby generating traffic to your site.

Would you use this for your blog and if not I would love to hear what’s stopping you from implementing it?

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