I’ve done a few posts on making money with YouTube including the following;

  1. Make Money With YouTube? Is It Possible
  2. How To Promote YouTube Videos
  3. YouTube Producing The Right Videos

Each of the posts have interesting and important points to those of you wanting to excel on the YouTube front. Naturally your YouTube success is dependant on the amount of traffic that you’re able to drive to your video. That may be a no brainer but it seems that a lot of people fail to take this into account when publishing their video.

Before producing your video you really need to work out what sort of video people are looking for. I know people like to be entertained and so I came up with my Laughaholics series of video. So far they’ve got a combined amount of almost 1000 views. Not too bad, but nowhere near as many views as my motorbike stunts video which has over 42000 views.

Further study has shown me that ‘how to‘ are also extremely popular. My first ever how to video was How To Have A Different Header On Each Page Of Your WordPress Blog which has had over 6000 views. Just recently I published a video on How To Replace A Rear View Mirror on a Toyota HiAce. Even though the amount of views would be limited to Toyota HiAce drivers I posted it anyway because I figured it might be of some use to other Toyota owners.

how to youtube success

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YouTube Success How To Video

My latest How To YouTube Video shows How To Fix A Caroma Toilet that won’t stop flushing. I’ve had this problem for awhile now and it was really starting to piss me off. I managed to fix the ensuite loo but now the main one is playing up. This time I remembered to video it to help anyone else having the same problem. Luckily it worked like a breeze, I’d hate to have egg on my face if it didn’t work.  :phew!!:

The reason these how to videos are so popular is because money is tight and people will look to the Internet for solutions to their problems rather than having to call in a professional who charge an arm and a leg.

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