I’ve written a couple of posts on YouTube and how to make money uploading videos. The first was Make Money With YouTube. Is It Possible and the second is How To Promote YouTube Videos. The reason I’ve called this post YouTube, Producing The Right Videos is because I believe the way to have a successful YouTube channel is to give people what they want. Like everything in the business online world this involves doing some research,

I’ve done a little bit of research on the matter and I reckon the bulk of people who visit YouTube want one of two things. They either want to be entertained or they want to learn how to do something. 

How To YouTube Videos

How To Videos are very popular on YouTube. You can find anything from how to put makeup on to how to kiss a girl. No bullshit, there are videos out there about how to kiss a girl.  :cheesey:

How To YouTube Video

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I tried a couple of how to videos. My first, Walkthrough for Candy Crush Level 147 is very popular having close to 30,000 views. It’s not my most popular video having 36 dislikes. Having said that it’s also had 32 Likes! The reason for the dislikes is because they wanted to find a solution to their problem whereas my walkthrough was more entertainment than a real how to. The likes were from those who approved my humorous approach to the video.

My second how to video shows how to replace a rear view mirror on a Toyota HiAce van. It’s been live for about 2 weeks and has about 46 views. Not a huge amount but then I suppose there aren’t to many people wanting to know how to remove the door trim on a Toyota HiAce van so they can replace their broken mirror.

People Like To Be Entertained

In real life I love to tell jokes. People love jokes and so I started the Laughaholics videos which are basically just me telling jokes. The video below is my YouTube Playlist of Laughaholics video. It includes all seven videos in the series. I feel that having a playlist is a whole lot better than posting all seven videos in a post which would increase the load time of that particular post.

I’ve even produced a video which was my version of a Scary Halloween poem. That video has over a thousand views, getting most of its views when it comes up to Halloween time.

Getting More YouTube Subscribers

Getting more YouTube subscribers is also a good idea too. The more subscribers you have the more exposure your videos get. This is because every time you upload a video your subscribers get notified of the fact. If you look at my sidebar, you may have to scroll down some, you will see a widget that displays my playlist as well as allowing people to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Since placing that widget on my blog my YouTube subscribers has grown to just over a hundred. You can also place a YouTube Subscribe button on your site. It won’t be the same as mine. Unfortunately I don’t remember where I got that particular code from.  :C:

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