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YouTube Partner Program (YPP) New Rule

This post is a little rant as well as a plea for help! As you’ve noticed from the heading, it’s all about the new YouTube Partner Program (YPP) rules. I mentioned it in a previous post not all that long ago.

If you’re a YouTuber, you’re probably received notification of their YouTube Partner Program (YPP) modification. These new rules will be preventing who knows how many hundreds of thousands of YouTubers from monetising their videos. This will take place mid-February!

YouTube Partner Program (YPP) Requirements

YouTube Partner ProgramWhat is now required to monetise your videos? According to their site; “Starting today, we’re changing the eligibility requirement for monetization to 4,000 hours of watchtime within the past 12 months and 1,000 subscribers.?” Too bad they don’t use Grammarly because there’s an error in that statement.  :cool:

Why are they doing this? Well, it’s because they’re hoping to, “prevent bad actors from harming the inspiring and original creators around the world who make their living on YouTube.”

It seems they’re not at all worried about all the good people who are currently on YouTube earning a little supplementary income. Nope, according to them, “Though these changes will affect a significant number of channels, 99% of those affected were making less than $100 per year in the last year, with 90% earning less than $2.50 in the last month.” In other words, the little guys have to suffer, once again!

Which seems entirely unfair to me because some of the channels I’ve noticed, who have the subscribers and the views, are blatantly violating some of their rules anyway, copyright rules being just one of the infringements I’ve seen.

You Subscribe To Mine I’ll Return The Favour

So, we have to February the 20th 2018 to meet the deadline. Which brings me to the purpose of this post. I’m asking anyone who has the time, to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

There are many reasons to subscribe too. My videos are all in HD! They’re entertaining and cover many topics, from reviews to jokes. There are also a few ‘How To” videos covering varied topics from WordPress to fixing a leaking toilet.

I know there are a lot of others in the same boat and I feel we could all help each other out. So, I am more than happy to subscribe to anyone who has subscribed to my channel. Hopefully, if we all get involved, we can all build up our YouTube subscriptions.

Here’s my latest video on the subject. It’s all about the New YouTube Rules and my feeling about it.

I had initially posted this on the Warrior Forum, but they deleted it because of “Self-promotion!” Oh well, their loss.

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I'm an Aussie blogger who loves to blog and share everything that I've learned on my blogging journey, including blogging tips and ways to blog for money. I am also trying to make my way on YouTube. You can follow my progress by subscribing to My Bonzer Channel.

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  1. Twitter:
    I can’t help since I’m already subscribed. They’re also lying; they’re not doing it because of “bad actors”. Heck, the bad actors already have all the subscribers and hours they need. They’re doing it because it saves money on the bookkeeping; it’s a lot of work keeping up with the 99% that’s making little money, even if it’s all being tracked electronically.

    I hope you reach your number; it’s going to take me another 10 years to get there. lol
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Social Media Fakes, Part TwoMy Profile

    1. Twitter:
      Yep, I totally agree with you, Mitch. Besides, if it’s all done electronically how hard can it be? It’s not like they have to write out checks or anything. And then what happens when we all reach the requirements, they raize the bar again?
      Peter Pelliccia recently posted…Good Grammar Is ImportantMy Profile

      1. Twitter:
        First, I thought Grammerly was supposed to catch spelling errors; there’s no such word as “raize” lol

        Second, Actually, even with the electronics, there’s a lot of manual input that takes place with things like this; when I was working in hospitals we’d get these massive reports we had to work even though it was tracked electronically.

        Third… I hate to break it to you but even if you reach the 1,000 subscribers, you’re going to have to get massive views to reach the 4,000 hours. That’s over 240,000 minutes; I’m not sure what your numbers are but my videos only have a little over 4,000 minutes in the last 12 months.

        The idea becomes to find other ways to monetize your videos; that’s where your strengths lie.
        Mitch Mitchell recently posted…9 Ways To Find Blog Topics To Write AboutMy Profile

        1. Twitter:
          Grammarly is supposed to catch spelling errors, Mitch, I’m not sure why it missed that one. I may have to bring it up with them :wink_ee:

          As for the 4,000 hours Mitch, I was almost there. last year so as I feel for me, the subscribers are the bigger issue.

          Just had a look at the numbers. last year I had over 193,000 minutes! I reckon a few more good videos and I’ll be there.

          Do you know of any other ways of monetising videos?
          Peter Pelliccia recently posted…Good Grammar Is ImportantMy Profile

            1. Twitter:
              Oh, don’t you worry Mitch, I will! :drunk_tb:

              As for those numbers, I have a few videos that are performing really well., The trick now is to produce more popular videos.

              I think increasing your subscribers is very important though because the more reach you have, the more views you’ll get.
              Peter Pelliccia recently posted…How Every Blogger Can Finally Monetize Their BlogsMy Profile

  2. May I suggest you step up the production quality of your content. Even a new HD microphone and filter will help improve quality a lot. You can also try and tap into certain niche or research what it takes to create entertainment value of higher quality. Notice that the channels which have the most subscribers have one thing in common, their production quality is amazing. Also, they don’t use wonky fonts.

    1. Twitter:
      Hi Jason,

      Whenever possible produce my videos using HD for high video content. This way, even if people watch it in full screen, they have an excellent visual experience.
      Peter Pelliccia recently posted…Good Grammar Is ImportantMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    This new YouTube strategy is sure to curb the amount of daily new YouTube channel trying to achieve fame and glory without following the rules and providing quality content.

  4. Twitter:
    Hi Peter,

    I agree with you on this. Though the measure is taken to prevent spam channels, but I doubt how true that can be. There are thousands of biggies violating the rules, but as they have the numbers they got the rights to monetize.

    However, I guess YouTube might take the necessary measures to control the real “bad actors” soon :)
    Manidipa Bhaumik recently posted…WPX Hosting Review 2018 – #1 WPEngine AlternativeMy Profile

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