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YouTube Earnings With 1,000 Subs

Have you ever wondered about YouTube earnings with 1,000 subs? I’ve watched some videos that say you can make 1,000’s of dollars with a thousand subscribers. They even provide a formula showing viewers how you can do this. I believe their method is flawed and so I produced a video which shows exactly why I think this is the case. My video is titled How Much Can You Make With 1,000 Subscribers.

True YouTube Earnings With 1,000 Subs Revealed

YouTube earnings

When discussing YouTube earnings with 1,000 subs most of these videos assume that you have a digital product and you, therefore, keep 100% of any sales made. I believe that most of the viewers out there, like myself, have to rely on affiliate sales. Which means we only get to keep a percentage of the proceeds, usually about 5% or so.
So, let’s have a look at some of the assumptions these videos make.

These videos say that we usually should be able to convert 1% of our subscribers, so if we have 1,000 subscribers, 1% of those will result in 10 sales. Now let us assume that the product we are selling is $100. We know that our margin is about 5%, so 5% of $100 is $5. If we multiply that by the ten sales we’ve achieved we’ve managed to earn $50!
In the scenario of one of the videos, I’ve watched it mentioned a $40 digital product which brought in $400 of profit whereas our example only netted us $50 which I feel is closer to the mark.

Why 1000 Subs Earning Assumptions Are Flawed

However, I believe they are assuming that all 1,000 of our subscribers are watching our videos. My honest YouTube earnings video shows you how flawed that assumption is.
It uses my Grammarly video as an example. I made that video back in January of 2018. Grammarly is a product that I use and love, and I was pretty sure that my passion for Grammarly showed in that video. At the time I had about 800 or so subscribers, so if all my subscribers watched that video, it would have gotten 800 views. If I converted 1% of those viewers, I should have made eight sales.

Check out my video to see the flaw in believing 1,000 subscribers can make you thousands of dollars.

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  1. Very Knowledgable Article. This is really amazing to know this information. Subscribed to Your Channel As well :) Kepp Up the Good Work! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I completely agree with you Peter. Earning a grand though just 1k subs is kinda impossible. Specially in today’s time when the landscape is pretty competitive, your content getting good amount of views becomes kind of unattainable with that less amount of subs.

    1. Twitter:
      Hey Jason, I’m not saying that it can’t be done just that if it does, it’s the exception and not the norm. Thanks for commenting.
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