Its time for another poll but before we can start a new one we need to discuss the results of the last one. I started that poll on April the 15th and what I was trying to work out was whether or not it was ethical for bloggers to do paid posts? A total of 46 people took part in the poll, 43 saying yes it was ethical and only three saying that it wasn’t.

From the comments left by my readers it was obvious that even though most agreed it was ethical it all depended on how the blogger conducted the paid post. Was he being honest and not intentionally misleading his readers? Did the blogger disclose that he was being paid to write the post? As long as he adhered to these and certain other criteria then doing paid posts was not a problem.

Before we get to the other poll I want to talk about guests posts and the obligation of the person writing the post. Just over a week ago I was approached by someone wanting to do a guest post on this blog. I told him it would be fine as long as he adhered to the following conditions;

Hi Guest Poster,

Firstly I would like to see a guest post that you’ve already done. Secondly the post has to be of original content and related to blogging, SEO or something that is of use to my readers. Thirdly, if I accept your post you will be expected to monitor the comments so that you can reply to the commentators keeping in mind the quality of your replies will reflect on your image.

Other things to keep mind include.

  • Minimum of 400 words
  • No affiliate links. You can link to your site from your bio.

I may ask you to edit it if I feel it is needed rather than having to do it myself.
Naturally I expect a pretty good standard, no less than what I expect of myself.
That’s about it. Good luck.

Needless to say I accepted the post but even though I expressly told him that he needed to reply to all comments left on his post I haven’t heard from him since and yes, I notified him immediately once the post went live. So the question now is what do I do about it? That’s where you guys come in. All you have to do is take part in the poll and leave a comment as to why you feel the way you do.

The polling booth of the future

A Guest Poster Does Not Adhere To The Guidelines! What Should I Do

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