WP-Database Backup Importance

To all my WassupBlog fans, I am sorry to report that due to a major disaster last week I have been forced to do a fresh install of this blog. Take note that WP-database backup importance. Yeah, yeah I know that’s not the best grammar I could use for that sentence but I had to word it that way to conform with my keywords.

A bloggers worst nightmare is that something could crash his/her blog causing them to lose all that hard work they’ve put into it. That’s what happened to me.

Importance Of A WP-Database Backup

Importance Of A WP-Database Backup

The thing is, I thought I had a backup. I know I had installed the backup buddy plugin. Unfortunately, my last backup was over three years ago. I thought that was better than nothing so I tried to restore everything from that file. I uploaded it and the necessary script to the root directory. I ran the script only to watch it crash the VPS server that hosts several of my blogs.

Not only did it crash this blog, but it also stuffed up some of my other blogs. I’ve managed to restore EzeSportbetting but had no luck whatsoever with Wassupblog. After careful deliberation, I decided on a clean install. The lesson learned here is not to rely on a plugin to backup your database. From here on I’m going to do it manually.

What Makes Your Blog Load Slowly

I thought now that I have a fresh install I can work out precisely what slows down a blog. I’m in the process of recording a video of each step of starting a blog and testing the page speed after each step, from changing themes, adding plugins and even adding an image.

Once I’ve published that video I will post it here so you can see the things that will slow down your blog.

Ok, the video is now live. I called it, What Slows Down Your Blog? While there, why not subscribe to my YouTube Channel. I’m always looking for new subscribers.

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