WordPress Tutorials For The New User

It came to me last night that perhaps it would be a good idea to create a series of How To videos for those new bloggers. I’m sure that a lot of these already exist but perhaps mine would appeal to another group of viewers. Also I’m sure it would be a great resource for anyone who’s decided to Hire Me to set up their blogs for them.

Also, another great advantage is that this particular set of tutorials would include specific reference to FlexSqueeze and that I’m sure that once people actually see what Flexsqueeze 1.5 has to offer there is every chance that it may entice them to buy the theme.

This is the first video in the series

I’m really happy about the video especially because I produced it using my Apple MacBook Air. Man, I am so glad I purchased this Mac and I am now using it more that the PC, and that says a lot.

Since you’re here, perhaps you give me some ideas on what sort of things I should include in my video tutorials. Any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated.

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Peter Pelliccia

I'm an Aussie blogger who loves to blog and share everything that I've learned on my blogging journey, including blogging tips and ways to blog for money. I am also trying to make my way on YouTube. You can follow my progress by subscribing to My Bonzer Channel.

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  1. Most of us as we proceed in learning, we always think that every person already knows the things we know. The thing is no matter what we think there are always people out there that doesn’t know how to purchase a domain name, set up hosting, post on WordPress…etc. I’ve heard many people say that everyone can find what he or she is looking for by a simple Google search. Well guess what, i know a lot of people who doesn’t know how to find what they are looking for using Google.

    1. That is so true Edgar and that is the main reason for starting this new tutorial series, as an added service for my clients and anyone else who is interested in learning how WordPress works.
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  2. Hi Sire,
    That was an excellent tutorial and really served to highlight some of the great features of the theme.

    You MUST do more of these. And soon.

    Another one by the weekend perhaps?


    1. Hey Kimi,

      long time no see and it’s great to have you stop by again. As to the video, I sure do hope that others may find it to be of some help.
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  3. What a great video tutorial! I totally understand how you feel about the love for Mac computers… I think once my current laptop kicks the bucket I’ll switch it out for a Mac. What kind of program did you use to record/edit the footage with? Camtasia?

    Also- thanks for highlighting FlexSqueeze for me. It really is an appealing theme.


    1. Hi Paula,

      I never thought I would buy a Mac and I only bought it because I was thinking of getting an iPad and decided to get the MacBook Air instead. I am so glad I did. :clap_tb:

      As for the program, yes it was Camtasia. I did try another, cheaper, program before but that was a total waste of money. I then decided to purchase Camtasia and it turns out to be an excellent choice.
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  4. Hey Sire, very cool video and it proves just how fast you are with the FlexSqueeze Theme!

    I really liked it and I (like Patrick) am just hoping you do more of these because you’re the one to follow to creating several blogs and ranking them HIGH!

    Definitely very good job and good thing that the Mac is finally being served for its purpose. :)

    1. No need to worry about that Sergio, now that I’ve had a taste of using this program I plan on doing a whole series of tutorials featuring WordPress and FlexSqueeze.
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  5. Congratulations Peter
    Great video… you sound like a pro.

    What should you include?

    Adding graphics.
    Adding plugins such as CommentLuv.
    Adding Google +1 button and social icons.

    Good luck with the new venture.
    Keith Davis recently posted…The Coolest Voice on the InternetMy Profile

    1. Hey Keith,

      Thanks mate that is high praise indeed coming from someone with your background. I learned a lot from reading your blog on public speaking and I reckon I’ll keep reading it becauseI have lots more to learn.

      Those are good points to and I will certainly be keeping them in mind.

  6. Hi, Sire

    Great video tutorial. It really goes into a lot of detail on using FlexSqueeze. I can see why you like this theme. It definitely looks very easy to use. I love that you can easily add backgrounds and arrows where you want.

    Have a good one.

    1. It really is easy to use Allyson and you only saw a fraction of what it can do. Wait until you see the one that will show you how to design a sales or squeeze page. :cheese1_ee:
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  7. A good tutorial you have here. It shows nicely the extra features you get with flexsqueeze. I have seen that once you get to know one CMS publishing system other ones are easy to learn as well. Currently thinking to buy flexsqueeze or catalyst for new projects I’m planning. Really like the customizable sidebars you have in Catalyst. Does Flexsqueeze hava custom sidebars for different pages?
    Mary recently posted…Thaimaa kuviaMy Profile

    1. If you check out some of my blogs in my about page you will see that there are a variety of configurations for the sidebars. I may even include that in my next tutorial.

  8. Definitely do a video about installing plugins Sire. That has to be one of the videos…;)


  9. Twitter:
    Even though we both know I’m not switching themes, I watched the video so I could at least see what was different about it, and now I know. It’s actually pretty good, I’ll admit, but I’m still not doing it. :-)

    By the way, what program did you use to film the presentation? And you Aussies still have funny accents (says the American who people are still trying to figure out just what accent I have lol)! :drunk_tb:
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…10 Things People Do Wrong Concerning BlogsMy Profile

    1. Hey Mitch, who knows mate there may be a time when you want to get behind a Ferrari instead of an old clunker and when that happens I’ll see you on the FlexSqueeze team. :lol_ee:

  10. Hey Sire,

    I think how to videos are an excellent way to educate readers on certain topics.

    I almost got the macbook air, but just went with the macbook. I needed the extra storage.

    This is the first mac I have owned and I believe you when you say that you are using it more than the PC. I love this thing. Typing on it now as a matter of fact while sitting on a boat in a lake on vacation :-)

  11. It’s true that there are a lot of similar tutorials out there, but the reference to FlexSqueeze should prove useful, and it ads something special to your tutorial making it unique.
    Video look sharp, btw. Top class. Don’t be modest and pass the laurels on the Mac.

  12. Very good tutorial! Thanks for sharing it with us. And yes, i’m also thinking to change to MAC once my PC says “enough” :)


    1. Hey Laura, I’m sure you will love the Mac, if you ever decide to get one that is.

  13. I like the many features that the Flex-squeeze theme provides, but..isn’t it a bit too geared towards marketers?
    I like too the video tutorial, nice and sharp. Moreover, doing it on a Mac sure gains importance :) Pls don’t forget the social icons, including the Google +1!
    Sandro recently posted…Toto Cutugno – Solo noi (1980)My Profile

    1. Hi Sandro, truth be told, even though its great for internet marketers its just as good for the normal blogger, which is what I am.

      Glad you liked the tutorial, and just so you know I saw Toto Cutugno when he came to Australia. Loved his concert, my favourite song was Sono Italiano :thumbup_tb:
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  14. Hmmm, now I am confused! I was thinking of buying thesis or genesis, but now I’ve read so much about flexsqueeze that I am damn confused, which one should I go for? Any suggestions guys? Actually, I want the theme for a webmaster blog, make money blog and for making sqeeze and sales pages. I know that these things are handy in flexsqueeze, but many bloggers say thesis is #1 theme. So, what should I do?

    1. Akshay, a couple of things,

      • I use Thesis and I can tell you that it’s now way as easy to use out of the box as they make it sound to be. You need to learn HOOKS to get it to do exactly what you want. Not so with FlexSqueeze which is extremely easy to us
      • Thesis does not come with Squeeze Pages/ Sales pages already built in whereas FlexSqueeze does

      So if you want a theme which is easy to use, has features that Thesis doesn’t have and allows you to build great sales pages then in my opinion FlexSqueeze is so much better than Thesis
      Sire recently posted…Have You Been Getting Warnings From Avast?My Profile

      1. Ok.. You mean flexsqueeze is much simpler and function rich than thesis… Then I’ll surely go for flexsqueeze. But I don’t understand one thing, why all the guys out there talk great things about thesis, they even tell thesis is the best one. I understand that flexsqueeze has much more features than thesis, but don’t they know that?

        1. The reasons are quite simple really. First most of them have never tried FlexSqueeze so they can’t offer a comparison. Secondly they’re trying to sell it so they’re not going to tell you of any shortcomings.

          When I first bought Thesis no-one told me that I had to learn HOOKS for me to get it’s full advantage and as far as I know to this day they’re leaving that very important part out.

          1. Ok..ok… I got it now. Now, i’ll go for flexsqueeze..!
            Thanks Sire!

            1. No worries Akshay, I’m sure you’re going to love it. :drunk_tb:

  15. For your Apple MacBook Air, I have one word for you… “WOW!” No wonder how great it is to have this kind of laptop. Who wouldn’t want to work online while using this great gadget! Such a great source of inspiration. LOL Anyway, it’s really important that a new WP user have enough knowledge in building his/her own site. This include the theme that will fit the site topic.

    1. If you’re ever thinking of getting a new computer Maria you really consider a Mac. If you want something compact that you can take everywhere with you then you should consider a MacBook Air

      1. Honestly, I’m thinking to have mac in the future because of its feature. Aside from its light weight of course. It’s just that… still pretty costly for me to have one. LOL Hopefully, soon anyway!

  16. You made a great tutorial here and a video as well. I use to post in wordpress and I’ve been looking for this kind of information, it is really useful to me as a new user of wordpress.

    1. Cool, because it was aimed at people like you Elizabeth. I’m glad you found it useful.

  17. I want to move from blogspot to wordpress , this tutorial helps me a lot to start .
    thank you Sire for this cool video.
    Vera Dast recently posted…Dortmund Nokia ThemeMy Profile

    1. No worries Vera.

  18. Hi Sire, flexsqueeze looks great, also really good wordpress tutorial, can you provide for advance wordpress tutorial too ?
    Thanks for sharing

    1. What do you want to know Dean?

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