It came to me last night that perhaps it would be a good idea to create a series of How To videos for those new bloggers. I’m sure that a lot of these already exist but perhaps mine would appeal to another group of viewers. Also I’m sure it would be a great resource for anyone who’s decided to Hire Me to set up their blogs for them.

Also, another great advantage is that this particular set of tutorials would include specific reference to FlexSqueeze and that I’m sure that once people actually see what Flexsqueeze 1.5 has to offer there is every chance that it may entice them to buy the theme.

This is the first video in the series

I’m really happy about the video especially because I produced it using my Apple MacBook Air. Man, I am so glad I purchased this Mac and I am now using it more that the PC, and that says a lot.

Since you’re here, perhaps you give me some ideas on what sort of things I should include in my video tutorials. Any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated.

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