Google is important to a whole lot of people, some for supplying traffic and others for putting money in their pockets. Even when Google sends you traffic your chance of using that traffic well depends on how long they spend on your site. The longer they stay on your site the greater the chances are that they will click on something or heaven forbid, actually buy something. This all has to do with your bounce rate. The quicker they bounce the less likely they will convert.

I did a post on improving your bounce rate some time ago so I won’t be going off and repeating myself in this post. Nope this post is all about introducing a WordPress plugin, something that I also did in the above mentioned post, one which you really should check out :smoke_tb: .  Check out the image below.

A PluginTo Improve Bounce Rate

I took that shot from my lottery site and clicking that link will show you the plugin in action. From the image you can see little arrow icons on the left and right of the post. Clicking on the arrows allows my readers to navigate through my posts. The left one shows the previous posts and the right one the next post. What I really love about this plugin is once you hover your mouse over the icon it comes up with a lovely little box that tells them the title of the post. Another good reason to use killer titles because if it’s intriguing enough it will stir their curiosity enough to check it out.

Something else you will notice is the image which only appears if you use a “featured image” in your post. I loved this plugin so much I spent half the day going through every post in my lottery blog installing those images because I know that using the right image may help to convince them to check out that post, and every time they do that I will be improving my bounce rate and by doing that Google’s opinion of my blog.

I know you’re all wondering what that plugin is called so I’m not going to keep you in suspense any longer. It’s called jj-WP Easy Navigation and you can install it right from within your WordPress dashboard. I linked to the author’s website because I believe he deserves recognition for his great work. So, what do you think, is it possible that it will improve your bounce rate? Oh, one last thing, vistors can even navigate the blog by using the arrow keys on their keyboard. :wink_ee:

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