Have you ever wondered why, when talking to some women, you notice that they are not really listening and how they somehow deftly change the subject to something concerning them. It could be about what happened at work, a conversation with the hairdresser or even about the latest Oprah Show! I decided that there had to be a logical explanation for this and so I spent many years of research until I finally came to the conclusion that a lot of women suffer from the “It’s All About Me Syndrome” (IAAMS). Let’s have a look at a few examples.

The Bedroom

When a man initiates sex, many women will refuse citing the old I have a headache or the I’m too tired excuse. This goes to show that they are not at all in tune with the man’s feelings or needs and instead are suffering from their own needs or wants. A man on the other hand, faced with the same situation, is more than willing to comply with their request and many actually report that it actually cures the headache.

At Work

For years women have been complaining about the glass ceiling and how they are discriminated against. Never mind that in many situations they just are not suited for certain jobs, especially in regards to jobs requiring manual labor. Still, these types of complaints are generally from women in the corporate business area. They will bitch about how there are less positions in this area being filled out by women and that it is obviously because women are being discriminated by their employers.

Has anyone ever thought that perhaps women aren’t interested in this line of work or if they are perhaps they don’t have the right qualifications. Instead rather than think about how the company will suffer from their non-experience in the field they selfishly fall into the what about me’ stance showing once again how they suffer from IAAMS

Having Babies

The modern women of today who want that either the government or employers should pay for their maternity leave also suffer from IAAMS. It’s obvious in that their main concern is what they will get out of it. Too bad if the employer has to struggle to come up with the money to pay for them while they are off work or that the government has to raise taxes to come up with the necessary cash to pay for every-one’s maternity leave. Too bad if those who have decided not to have children have to pay for those that do as long as they get what they want.

Men on the other hand just knuckle down and work their butts off to make sure that their family gets what they need.

The Toilet Seat Saga

Now if this isn’t a typical all about me situation’! Where men take the time to look to see whether the seat is up or down and adjust accordingly, women have decided that the natural position is down and that is the only way they will accept it. Woe the man who leaves the seat up.

Hopefully by now you have realized that I am only pulling your leg and that really this post was a load of bulldust.

Once again let me stress that these are not my personal views and the whole thing was meant to be funny. I see by some comments that some viewed it as ‘bad taste’ or ‘prejudice’, and all I can say is that either they can’t take a joke or perhaps some women actually do suffer from IAAMS

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