I haven’t run a competition here for a really long time but thanks to Zyma I am able to offer three on my readers a full year of web hosting for FREE! So, if you’ve been thinking of finally having your very own blog but couldn’t afford the hosting cost then now is the time to have a go at winning one year of free hosting. Even if you already have a blog winning a year of free hosting may be just what you need to start that new niche you’ve been thinking of. They offer a lot of features to their members, so many that I couldn’t fit them all in this screenshot, even after minimizing the screen.

Zyma Web Hosting Features

Zyma features

So, even if you’re not one of the lucky ones to win a free hosting account you may still want to make use of their services. OK, now to tell you what you have to do to win one of the free hosting accounts available.

  • Join my list and I promise you that I will never spam you, something that my subscribers can verify.
  • Give my YouTube video a thumbs up with a comment so I know you actually visited it.
  • Leave a comment saying why you want to win the free hosting.

That’s it. Pretty easy huh? The competition will end next Monday when I will pick the three winners from what I judge to be best comments. Remember though that you have to have completed all the tasks to be considered. You should send me an email after completing the tasks so that I can check and make a note of your entry. Oh, I will also need the email so that the guys at Zyma can get in touch with the winners.

That’s it, good luck guys.

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