Win One Year Of Free Web Hosting

Win One Year Of Free Web Hosting

I haven’t run a competition here for a really long time but thanks to Zyma I am able to offer three on my readers a full year of web hosting for FREE! So, if you’ve been thinking of finally having your very own blog but couldn’t afford the hosting cost then now is the time to have a go at winning one year of free hosting. Even if you already have a blog winning a year of free hosting may be just what you need to start that new niche you’ve been thinking of. They offer a lot of features to their members, so many that I couldn’t fit them all in this screenshot, even after minimizing the screen.

Zyma Web Hosting Features

Zyma features

So, even if you’re not one of the lucky ones to win a free hosting account you may still want to make use of their services. OK, now to tell you what you have to do to win one of the free hosting accounts available.

  • Join my list and I promise you that I will never spam you, something that my subscribers can verify.
  • Give my YouTube video a thumbs up with a comment so I know you actually visited it.
  • Leave a comment saying why you want to win the free hosting.

That’s it. Pretty easy huh? The competition will end next Monday when I will pick the three winners from what I judge to be best comments. Remember though that you have to have completed all the tasks to be considered. You should send me an email after completing the tasks so that I can check and make a note of your entry. Oh, I will also need the email so that the guys at Zyma can get in touch with the winners.

That’s it, good luck guys.

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  1. Twitter:
    I saw many bloggers are using zyma hosting hope this will work well like hostgator in future..

  2. Twitter:
    I’d like to win this competition because I’m a web hosting addicted and I’ve already tried the most popular hosting companies and I still miss Zyma!

  3. Why I deserve to win this competition? Hmmm…

    If I win this competition, I’ll have myself inked with Zyma’s logo below my bellybutton piercing. :)

  4. Twitter:
    It looks like I met most of the requirements before you wrote the post Sire. :) I use a dedicated server but could use an alternate for niche sites. Zyma looks like a nice hosting solution. They’re out of my country but I like that they have contact/support information right on the front page, including a phone number. That’s one of the first things I look for with a hosting company. Something goes wrong I want a fast way of getting it resolved.

  5. I should win just because I listened to your video.
    Zyma looks like it is just what I need. Lots of support!!!

    1. Hey Carol, it wasn’t that bad, listening to the video I mean :wink_ee:

      Zyma does look good, and consider yourself entered in the competition, as soon as you subscribe to my list.
      Sire recently posted…Are You Paying Too Much For Your Domain?My Profile

      1. Watching (instead of just listening to) the video would have made the experience more ‘halloweeny’ as the pictures are really as creepy as the voice. :)

        Someone suggested about speaking into a bucket to make it even creepier. I think you can still create that effect by editing the audio if you like with an audio app, e.g. cooledit.

        1. I like that idea more than the bucket on my head James :wink: Reckon I may use it the next time I do one of those videos.

    1. I can’t answer that question Jeff because I haven’t tried them, yet, but perhaps someone will be able to answer it for you.

  6. Twitter:
    it would be nice to win this competition at this moment in time, in fact the timing could not be better as i am in the process of building a new website, so best of luck to me

  7. Twitter:
    I have already 3 Zyma accounts so am not participating but will participate from next Giveaway…thnkss but i have recommended it to y blogger frnds….

    1. Hey Gautam, so nice of you to give it a Google+ :thumbup_tb:

      So, you already have three Zyma accounts! I reckon that means that you are happy with their service then?
      Sire recently posted…Why I Decided To Start Another BlogMy Profile

  8. Wow! it is one of a positive news i got, Can i migrate my blogspot blog to Zyma Web Hosting, if it is possible let me know.

    1. Don’t quote me but I do believe that WordPress has an import function that will do that for you. All you will need is a domain.

  9. Zyma web hosting was recommended by a friend of mine just few days ago. Ha, and now i’m reading about zyma on your blog. Nice to read this and thumbs up!

      1. Things like this do not happen very often and as you said, it’s funny.

  10. Web Hosting cost bloggers like anything and getting or (framing more appropriately) winning one year of free web hosting is amazing offer. Good Luck guys!

  11. Cool scary poem! How do I join your mailing list? I get sent to the mailchimp homepage…. Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks ;)

    1. Sorry Gabriel, there was a problem with the link in the post. I’ve fixed it now so it will work. Don’t forget to tell us why you want to win the free hosting.
      Sire recently posted…A Review Of WP Zon BuilderMy Profile

      1. Ha ha… thanks for the reminder! (geez! I’d lose my head if it wasn’t attached sometimes). I would love to win this hosting as i’m working back online (I’ve been gone a while..looong story) and I have some brilliant (at least I think so) ideas on a niche I’d loved to get involved in as it is something I am truly passionate about and could write a plethora about (actually I have about 2 different niches I am interested in moving in to) – So there ya have it ;) Thanks again for the reminder.

  12. I wish I could have some luck and win the package, I had been thinking about changing my hosting service because of several problems for a couple of months when I came to your post. I haven’t had any experiences with zyma before, but I really would like to give it a try.

  13. contests like these are a great idea! Not only does it encourage more involvement from a reader base, but it also awards them for doing so and gives them the chance to find greater success. It’s a win win situation. I hope you get a strong turnout and that the winners take full advantage of what they’ve won!

    1. I hope so Paul which is why I am so thankful to the guys at Zyma for giving me this opportunity.

  14. What a great blog theme! I’ve been so busy lately that my spare time for reading was limited, but now I’m back, energized after all the horror movies I’ve seen on Halloween :)) Anyway, free hosting for a whole year sounds extremely tempting. Zyma rocks!

    1. But not enough for you to have a go at winning it Cristian? :ponder_tb:

      1. It’s not that. Actually, I’m only regretting that you didn’t organize this competition earlier. Last month I renewed the contract with my hosting provider. What good would it make if I win? I’d rather let someone who really needs this prize enjoy it.

  15. Hi Sire,

    This is really a great blog, I just found it while reading another article and your site just got me, Great Site in deed.

    Now about the post topic, I don’t know Zyma very well, but what I really like is the fact that you get things for your readers, giveaways or anything that you can get for them, this is amazing for a number of reasons, but for me, the most important is that it shows that you really care about your readership.

    Thanks for that!
    Best Regards,
    Jose Lozano

    1. Thanks Jose, I’m glad you liked the blog. I’m sure that once the competition ends and the three winners are announced we can expect some feedback from them as they will get to know Zyma very well.

  16. Hi, Zyma looks like a good hosting service. I recently paid the fee for my hosting service for the next year so it doesn’t make sense for me to steal this free year away from somebody… maybe the next competition is better timed with my payment ;-)
    Anna recently posted…Mückenschutz in den TropenMy Profile

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