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Will Commenting Harm Your Blogging Success?

Man, I love it when comments lead you to a new post. Most people seem to miss that when they sit wondering what to write about next. Analyze your comments and those of your peers folks as you are bound to find some inspiration for a post.

Anyway I digress. The other day I wrote the post Why I No Longer Link To The Likes Of ProBlogger And John Chow,  that seems to have created quite a stir. One of my commentators added David Risley to the bunch which happened to get him involved in the discussion.

In their defense he came up with the following post, When Comments Begin To Hurt Your Blogging Success! (Unfortunately I had to remove that link because David has decided to delete that post) This would only be true if you spent every single moment of  your time commenting, leaving no time for marketing and such. I can’t see anybody doing that.

I personally believe that taking the time to comment can only enhance your presence, especially when others are found lacking in this area. It’s all about time management, and taking the time to interact with people is as important, if not more so, as focusing on ways of increasing your blogs revenue.

If you consider your commentators as customers how much more likely are they going to send people your way if you show them, by replying to their comments, that you value their input?

Sound like a good time for a poll. I think a simple yes or no will do the trick.

Can Commenting Harm Your Blogging Success

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I would also love you to weigh in on the discussion. Who knows, if we make our feeling known, perhaps we can change the way some of the big boys think. Don’t forget to Tweet, Stumble or whatever all posts involved, and it would be great to get as much feedback as possible.

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  1. One thing I’d like to bring up from another angle is where some leaves a comment or question on my blog, I reply back hoping to get a discussion going but it just fizzles out.

    I think a lot of people a re just commenting on blogs to get a back link from every post. However, very few are willing to go back and reply to the blogger’s reply. It’s just something I’ve noticed.

    It would be nice if more people commented on their replied to comments more often.
    .-= Gordie´s last blog ..Why Deadlines Are For Deadbeats. =-.

    1. Gordie, I often return to blogs to reply. :)
      .-= Rose´s last blog ..Social Networking Relationships-Online Drama =-.

      1. That’s great to hear. I do to a core of great blogs. I know it’s impossible for everyone to return to every blog they comment on more than once. I hope mine will become a core blog that people like coming back to.
        .-= Gordie´s last blog ..Why Deadlines Are For Deadbeats. =-.

        1. I subscribe to the comments for every comment I leave.
          .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..UPDATE! 4 Plugin Package – 75% Off! PLUS Something Extra From Me! :) =-.

          1. Do you have a separate email account for that to deal with the volume of notifications?
            .-= Gordie´s last blog ..Why Deadlines Are For Deadbeats. =-.

            1. Nope. It’s a part of my day as important as any other.
              .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..UPDATE! 4 Plugin Package – 75% Off! PLUS Something Extra From Me! :) =-.

    2. This is one reason why I use a do follow plugin that does not do follow links until a certain amount of comments are met; haha on them. lol
      .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..UPDATE! 4 Plugin Package – 75% Off! PLUS Something Extra From Me! :) =-.

      1. Really, I didn’t know that. So I wasted two comments. Sheesh :lol_tb:

    3. That’s why it’s good to build up a relationship, as they are more likely to come back. I liked your blog Gordie so I will be subscribing to it today.

      1. Sire,
        I need to figure out a way to build closer relationships with my readers.

        Thanks for subscribing!
        .-= Gordie´s last blog ..Why Deadlines Are For Deadbeats. =-.

        1. Well, seeing as how we aren’t Probloggers and have the extra time, we have to take things one step further, and that is by reciprocating your comments. By that I mean going to the commentators blog and leaving a quality comment of your own, just as you are doing now. :thumbup_tb:

  2. Sire prior to yesterday I thought blogging was all about networking with other people & building friendships. I know I appreciate those who take time out of their day to comment on my blog.

    Some events took place yesterday though that has me second guessing blogging and commenting on other blogs.

    I hope my outlook changes.
    .-= Rose´s last blog ..Social Networking Relationships-Online Drama =-.

    1. What happened, Rose?
      .-= Gordie´s last blog ..Why Deadlines Are For Deadbeats. =-.

      1. No need to reply, Rose. I just saw what happened in your latest post. I left a comment over there.
        .-= Gordie´s last blog ..Why Deadlines Are For Deadbeats. =-.

        1. Thanks Gordie.
          .-= Rose´s last blog ..Social Networking Relationships-Online Drama =-.

    2. Sorry you had to go through that Rose, but it goes to show that it matters not if your in the real world or the online world, shit happens. And when it does the best thing to do is not to let it get you down.

      1. Thanks Sire.
        .-= Rose´s last blog ..Social Networking Relationships-Online Drama =-.

    3. I am of the opinion that commenting on blogs (real comments not link dropping BS) IS networking. I often return to blogs I have commented on to see replies, especially if I subscribe and comment regularly (just subscribed to this and Roses blog). I have built valuable relationships through commenting. But, as in person relationships, these relationships come and go. I try not to take it personal.
      .-= Keith´s last blog ..Vinyl Vs Wood Fencing =-.

      1. Thanks Keith. :)
        .-= Rose´s last blog ..How do you Twitter- Twitter Tools =-.

  3. Commenting wouldn’t jeopardize blogging success really. It all depends on the extent you’re willing to interact given the circumstances (fame, time, goals).
    .-= Mathdelane @Software Critics´s last blog ..YouTube Grows a Feather but Still Can’t Fly =-.

    1. That is of course that you spent so much time commenting that you are left no time to do anything else, but that would be just plain dumb.

        1. Really or you just pulling my leg?

          1. Yes I am serious to some degree. I really enjoy commenting, the conversation and the community. So I spend a lot of time visiting other blogs. hence my blog (and two other sites) don’t get all the attention they deserve. I really don’t post as much as I should.
            .-= Ned Carey@Baltimore Investing´s last blog ..What is the Best Charity? =-.

            1. As long as your’re enjoying what your doing, I reckon that’s pretty important.

  4. Twitter:
    Hi Sire,

    Hmmm … can we first start out with a definition of “Success”?

    I’m still a very small fish in this pond. But like you, I definitely see the value of commenting and linking to friends as a good way to “get known” by, and “get to know” interesting people.

    That said, I can totally understand David’s point …

    The more “successful” you become at expanding your circle of influence, the less individual attention you’ll to any particular segment of that circle.

    There are only 24 hours in the day for any of us … no matter how much money we make.

    At some point, our activities have to be put through something of a cost-benefit analysis.

    And by benefit, I’m not only talking about money. If having a “successful” blog means that you should be attached to your computer 12-18 hours a day, then I’m not so sure that’s such a healthy goal for most of us to aspire to … especially for people with younger kids.

    I can’t speak for anybody else, but when I get back home, if I’ve got the choice between hanging playing on the floor with my 1 year old daughter, or responding to comments on my blog, it wouldn’t even be a contest.

    … and if that resulted in less comments, so be it.

    lol, in short, I guess my answer is yes and no and maybe.

    For us small timers, with “social” type blogs, commenting (both on our own site, and others) is a very important activity.

    But, I think once you get to the point where there are enough commenters on an average post that spontaneous conversations already take place, I’m not so sure that the personal involvement of the blog author is really so necessary … and definitely not replying to every single comment.

    Just my three pennies ;-)
    .-= Todd Morris ´s last blog ..Why Do You Blog? =-.

    1. People seem hung up on the every single comment thing. Even I don’t do that. Some comments don’t require a reply, and others shouldn’t even be there. I used to delete heaps, but I think the messages is slowly getting through.

      I honestly can’t answer for the big boys as I don’t live in their shoes. I would try and work out a way to reward comments in some way.

      I remember when my kids were rolling on the floor. Damn shame they grow so quickly.

  5. I think commenting can only help your online blogging success. It’s the interaction component that separates blogs from websites.

    Unless you are an expert in your field and your blog exists solely to disseminate information as a social service of sorts.
    .-= Heather Kephart´s last blog ..Interview: DiTesco of iBlogZone =-.

    1. True Heather. I still can’t get over you having a thing for Darren :doh_tb: :laugh_tb:

      1. I didn’t say I have a thing for Darren! I said an intellectual crush. It’s not the same thing. I have an intellectual crush on Carl Jung as well but you won’t find me putting a poster of him in my bedroom.

        Troublemaker. Sheesh. ;-)
        .-= Heather Kephart´s last blog ..Interview: DiTesco of iBlogZone =-.

        1. It’s not! :jittery_tb: My bad. I was just a little jealous that’s all. :wub_tb: Oh hi honey, how long have you been standing there? :wallbash_tb: :laugh_tb:

          1. Does Darren approve of you calling him “honey”?!?! When the two of you meet, don’t forget to take pictures for the Blogging version of Tiger Beat.
            .-= Heather Kephart´s last blog ..Interview: DiTesco of iBlogZone =-.

            1. Not Darren, the wife! Sheesh :doh_tb: :laugh_tb:

  6. I make my own list where I comment always because I believe they produce good thing. I think commenting is a good way to build community around you and get some valid traffic. So, commenting is not harmful at all if you handle it carefully.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..Check Out This Brilliant Google Chrome Ads =-.

    1. That’s right in moderation. It’s like everything in life, too much of anything can get you into trouble. Just look at Tiger Woods. :nono_tb:

  7. Hi Sire,
    I believe that commenting on other blogs is a valid way to increase traffic, and to get to know other bloggers in your area if interest.

    I don’t spend a lot of time cruising the net to make comments and only comment if I find value in the topic.

    The most important thing is to make sure the comment is valid, pertains to the topic and is in no way spammy.

    By the way I was sucked in by your little vote box andjust had to cast my vote.


    1. I agree with Wanda, it can definitely be a good way to increase traffic if done appropriately.

      Finding other like minded folks or simply putting your opinion out there can be a good way to get noticed.

    2. I must agree with both of you. Also interaction with a person that left the comment can help to build more of a lasting relationship, and a sense of trust. Make sure you don’t betray that trust.

  8. So, I followed your tweet over to I’m Just Sharing, then your comment luv link over to here. :thumbup_tb:

    I look forward to your comments. Usually they make me smile. {Hi, Mrs. Sire} But you provoke thought and have a valid position. Maybe commenting on every singe response [if you get hundreds] is not a possibility, but that does not mean you should ignore them altogether either. Of course you know I now have to read those comments on your other post and the other guy’s post. :blink_tb:
    .-= Anne@AnneOnLife´s last blog ..Self Discovery, Epiphanies, & Happiness ~ Part 2 =-.

    1. I love it when I can make people smile. I have to be careful that I don’t overstep the boundaries, but usually I think I do alright.

      Sorry for giving you all those extra blogs to read. :devil_tb:

  9. Twitter:
    Good one, Sire. You know how I feel about commenting and visiting other blogs, and of course responding to comments in your community as well. Yeah, maybe when I start getting 200 comments per post and I’m making $10,000 a month I might feel the need to pull back some as far as visiting as many other blogs, but on my own blogs, I will always participate because that’s what I’d feel I was supposed to do, and should do. You honor those who honor you, right? :guns_tb: :ponder_tb:
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Be Sure You Know Your Audience Before You State Your Case =-.

    1. Mitch how do you feel about visiting other blogs? I guess you just haven’t gotten around to visiting mine being the holidays and all. “Grin” :)
      .-= Rose´s last blog ..Social Networking Relationships-Online Drama =-.

    2. Too right Mitch, and I reckon if I was making $10000 a month, I could sell up and do some real commenting. :thumbup_tb:

  10. Hi,

    I am Jp Manching from (Beginners blogging Guide). I’m new here and actually interested in following this discussion.

    I don’t understand why people voted with YES on the poll… commenting on other blog is another way of increasing traffic and it WONT hurt your blog definitely because your comment might be a good source of NEW ideas. I also experienced this when I started blogging and commenting on blogs really improved traffic little by little.

    Nice topic :)

    1. I think they were the Probloggers vote :wink_ee:

  11. BTW, you’re right… it is really only an issue if you spend too much time in the comments, or don’t comment at all. If you’ve got a balance which works, all is well.

    Also, hope we didn’t work your server too hard. I’ve been noticing some hiccups with the increased attention today. :)

    Have a good evening (time for bed on this end).

    1. Actually the server seems to be handling it quite well thanks David. They use CPU throttling which tends to slow the blog down a little, rather than stopping it altogether.

      As for balance, that is true no matter what you do in this world of ours.

  12. Personally I think blogging is all about commenting, building a little link love between each other and finding more interesting sites to read and comment on, it’s all part of the fun! And I do find that reading comments on my blog does occasionally inspire my blogging ;)
    .-= Karen @ Blazing Minds´s last blog ..Latest Blogger Interview with Eve from Letters to Breathe =-.

    1. Thanks Karen, I reckon we are on the same page on that one.

  13. Sire, what would the legitimate bloggers of the blogosphere do without people like you? To me commenting is the Rosetta Stone of blogging, a key that unlocks the secrets of relationship building and a place that can take you beyond the norm in internet marketing. It is the Holy Grail of Bloggers because nobody knows how many comments or backlinks it takes before you reach legendary status, it’s what keeps us plugging away day after day. All i can say is that I am glad there are people like yourself to run things by because everyone else in my circle, at least right at this moment, has a tendency to glaze over when these kinds of discussions come up.
    .-= Dick´s last blog ..Payson Web Client =-.

    1. Hey Dick, thanks for the support mate. Also I am not surprised that some people tend to glaze over as they’re just sitting on the fence not wanting to offend anyone. Man, you can’t be doing that all your life.

      I understand the Problogger’s time dilemma, but sometimes I feel you just have to give a little back when you can.

  14. I think it is about balance, and the only way commenting can hurt your blogging is if you spend all of your time commenting and very little creating good content. But you’re right… reading comments on your site and commenting on other sites helps trigger ideas for content on your own site, which makes everyone a winner.

    ~ Kristi
    .-= Kikolani´s last blog ..Fetching Friday – Lots of Blogging & Social Media Resources =-.

    1. It’s so nice to see you smiling face Kristi, and thanks for those words of wisdom.

  15. Success in marketing requires communication with people. If we stop commenting, then we stop connecting. The truth is, we get hurt when we are not responded to, it’s a basic human emotion. :-)
    .-= Walter´s last blog ..Treasured possessions =-.

    1. Apparently it doesn’t seem to apply when you hit Problogger status. They seem to have such a presence that people make a lot of allowances for them.

      That’s cool, because they worked so hard to get where they are. I just hope I will be able to manage my time better so to keep in contact with my commentators.

      1. Well, I must admit you are right in this aspect. Perhaps, when we get up to their status we could make a difference. I would, I hope. :-)
        .-= Walter´s last blog ..Treasured possessions =-.

  16. Sure, it can harm your blogging success if you spend TOO MUCH TIME on commenting. If you don’t, then it will not harm it, of course :)

    Personally I don’t have much time available each day, so I put my blog first. Second I try to reply to comments on my own blog and third, I try to get around to comment on others.
    .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..Dots Gloves D200 Finally Arrived – Quick Review & Video Demo =-.

    1. Of course, but I think the question is that commenting in general will harm your success because it’s taking time away from money making avenues.

    1. Content is good, but it would be rather boring if you had the content but no comments. And how do you build relationships if you don’t interact with your readers?

      1. I definitely content a lot on other sites. That’s a signal of good content, b/c it motivates me to share my thoughts.

        Comments only help, unless it’s mundane, boring commentary that clearly shows you haven’t read the article.

        Donno, it seems like it’s the no brainer thing to do. Everybody can create a decent traffic blog (300+ visitors a day), it’s when you get to 1,000+ visitors a day which makes things hard.
        .-= Financial Samurai´s last blog ..Tuition Hike For The Poor Is Like A Tax Hike For The Rich =-.

  17. There is also another point to commenting, i.e. visiting other blogs, it gets you out of your “ivory tower” and broadens your horizon ;-) SY

    1. Nicely put Sy.

  18. Sire,
    I am a bit confused as to how to answer this.
    I don’t think me commenting on other blogs really hurts MY blog to much. It might hurt the blog I am commenting on.

    I guess it could hurt MY blog to comment on others because not everyone likes my sense of humor. That could frighten them away.

    I will add that I do not always rely on Blog commenting to get out & about. There are a few forums that I am pretty active on. Still interacting just on a different script.
    .-= Sheryl Loch´s last blog ..Clearing Up a Link Diversity MisConception =-.

    1. Well, what got me started on this was that one of the Probloggers stated that commenting would have an adverse reaction on the amount of money he earns, because every comment left meant that he had less time doing the things that make him money.

  19. Despite having answered No to your question, there can be times that commenting can hurt your credibility and consequently everything else related to a persona. If people will comment intelligently and add value to the discussion, then I do not see how it will ever hurt your success. On the contrary, it will help a whole lot
    .-= DiTesco´s last blog ..Make Money Using Google’s Analytics Data =-.

    1. Yeah, well I’ve read some stupid comments in my day, and they certainly wouldn’t help a persons career.

  20. Hi Sire,

    I don’t think that commenting can possibly hurt anyone if they comment intelligently.

    By that I mean both the value of their comments and the amount of time doing it.

    Most serious commentators do try to add value so when the spammers are excluded from the discussion there is only benefit.

    As far as the time spent commenting goes, if it happens at the expense of watching TV it’s only for the good.

    Unless one becomes addicted to commenting (that would be really hard since most addictions are brainless) and comments a reasonable but not excessive amount of time, it can only enhance everything else one is trying to do online.

    The super successful bloggers blame lack of time for not responding to anybody.

    Even if that is true they could at least give some comment juice to those who post good comments on their blogs.

    I hope those of us who love to share now won’t become so superhuman as to call the less successful bloggers a herd and refuse any contact with them.

    .-= Vance@Blogging Seo Strategy´s last blog ..Blogging SEO Strategy, Help Fellow Blogger Increase Blog Traffic =-.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Vance, and welcome to WassupBlog.

      You know, with almost every problem their is a solution. With the probloggers the problem is time, it seems that they just need to find a solution. I reckon that once Darren comes up with one we will see a vast difference on his blog.

  21. I’m in full agreement with you. I think commenting is useful in and of itself, it keeps you current in your niche it helps build relationships and most importantly it keeps the conversation going. Ultimately that’s what this blogging lark is all about, creating conversations about subjects that mean something to someone. These conversations are the lifeblood of blogging and unless we start realising the value of our comments in respect of good will as well as increasing the collective discussion we’re all missing the plot.
    .-= Michael´s last blog ..Lessons from Battle Studies: Keep breaking the mould =-.

  22. I really wanted to vote, but I really can’t. Mainly because I don’t care if it could harm my blogging success. I don’t write for success, I write because I’m the best.

    Hahahaha sorry, I’ve been slamming Rum Island Ice Tea’s and felt a little wild.

    I only see comments as a positive unless you have slime balls changing their urls when they comment, and as for the comments I leave. I only leave comments where I want to you know, so I don’t sweat that.
    .-= Extreme John´s last blog ..14 Ways to Get More Blog Engage Votes =-.

    1. Slime Balls changing their urls?

  23. Hi. I voted no for it. For me, i don’t see any harm in making comments equal blogging success. I mean, there could be no reason for me to worry much about it. As long as I give comments that value the presence of the people leaving it, then something worthwhile is happening.
    .-= jeff@Las Vegas Short sale Agent´s last blog ..Hard times for Hi-Rise lender =-.

    1. Apparently, for some, it’s all to do with value for time and seeing how theres no money in replying to comments there is no value in it.

      Can’t speak for all, but that is the impression I got from one site.

      1. Yes Sire, they think of money and not the value, the quality of the comment that might give help to others.
        .-= Jp Manching – Beginners Blogging Guide´s last blog ..You Don’t Have to Compete with Bloggers =-.

  24. Hey if comments are bad you are in big trouble. :laugh_tb:

    I see David’s point but you certainly can’t say responding to comments is bad. However it may not be as valuable use of your time as other blogging tasks.
    .-= Ned Carey@Baltimore Investing´s last blog ..What is the Best Charity? =-.

    1. I also understand David’s point but then I would only do the commenting once all those other tasks are completed.

  25. I love reading other peoples blogs and learning something new. Leaving CRA* comments on other peoples blogs will only end up with the reader skipping your comment and not even wanting to have a look at your website so theres no point. people learn from people and bloggers are willing to tell there story, and over night you have a world wide audience, wanting to find out more about each other.
    the Internet Marketing game is massive play by the simple rules. and don’t pimp your cra*.
    Speak Soon

    Dean Oram
    .-= Dean Oram´s last blog ..Does Your Hosting Account Do This!! =-.

    1. Dean, not only will crap comments go virtually unnoticed, and this blog they either get deleted or marked as spam.

  26. I believe commenting can’t harm a blog, visiting related blogs gives me more knowledge and even a times some challenges comes in.
    You always learn a new few thing each visit, though i don’t comment on all but each that really worth it i drop a few lines and always appreciate the owner to respond. It make the relationship stronger and and a way to keep the going going…

    1. Thanks Biodun, for putting your opinion forward, especially as you don’t always comment.

  27. Sometimes I don’t know if I spend too much time going from blog to blog commenting all over the place. If you do it honestly, most of the time, your comment will pass. I do discover little gems here and there, like some nice website I’ve never seen before, so yeah, overall it ain’t bad, but don’t overdo it.

    1. It’s never a wast if you enjoy doing it, and it doesn’t take you away from more important tasks that need to be done.

  28. Twitter:
    I believe that comments make your blog come alive it also a great way to connect with your readers.
    .-= LarryRivera@NetworkMarketing´s last blog ..Get The Word Out Internet Network Marketing Style! =-.

    1. I hope you remember that when you make it into the big time.

  29. Personally I think it’s all about balance. If you spend all day commenting on other blogs then your blog is going to suffer. Commenting definitely helps a new blogger get known and learn a lot of great things along the way.

    1. Yes, balance is definitely the way to go no matter what you do in life’s travel.

  30. From the title I thought this was about how your comments could be seen as a negative, and turn off some readers. Now that I see you are dealing with a productivity issue I still believe yes it can do harm. I purposely left out “Success” because Todd Morris made an excellent point. I think the point has been made about how it takes away from updating your own site. To make my point about how else comments can do harm, I was interviewed by one of the top fitness blogs and now I visit it and comment often. Well I don’t agree with everything the rest of my industry might believe and I am not afraid to be vocal about it. On a recent post I was in disagreement with the majority of those who left comments. One comment in particular irked me to the point that I had to reply and vent my frustration. This may have harmed me because of the people who don’t see my point of view, they may never visit my site. But I definitely know I won’t visit or comment on the site of the one who made the comment that I took objection to. I felt their comments proved they are not a relationship I care to build. Maybe I just need to take blog commenting 101.
    .-= Aaron´s last blog ..Organic food coupons =-.

    1. Hi Aaron, whilst I agree that a comment you leave could bite you in the ass at a later date, thereby harming your success, that is not the point of the post.

      This post came about because certain A list bloggers do not take the time to reply to the comments left on their blog because they feel their time is better spent creating more posts in order to satisfy a perceived reader hunger for their content as well as spending more time to make money.

      1. Seems like they should either hire an assistant to handle comments or use the “comments off” feature. But I guess the first idea disrupts their bottom line too.
        .-= Aaron´s last blog ..Organic food coupons =-.

  31. Good morning, Sire.

    I have mixed feelings about this issue.

    Some of the points I would have made have already been brought up and responded to, already. (Lack of time, procrastination, lack of anything worthwhile to say…)

    I like reading blogs and visit quite a few of them, but I only respond when I feel I have something to say that adds to the discussion. (Just because I feel that it adds something, doesn’t always mean that it does!)

    In general, if I agree totally, there’s no point in saying it, so I move on. If I disagree, I have to decide if it’s a topic where the writer will listen to other viewpoints and whether it is worth the time to respond.

    It depends a lot on how the writer responds to comments. That’s why I usually have something to say on your blog and enjoy interacting with you.

    I tend to read more blogs and write more comments when I’m not feeling well or when I’m procrastinating.

    When I’m really being productive, I don’t generally have time to do a lot of commenting, but I still try to respond to most comments on my blogs, even if it takes a day or two to get it done.

    So, I have mixed feelings about this.

    In general, I agree with you. Discussions are good if they don’t take you away from more important things (as has already been discussed above).

    If I ever get so successful that I don’t have time to respond to real people with real comments that add something, then I’m no longer successful. I may be busy and have more money, but I would have lost something in the process.

    Act on your dream!


  32. I have left a previous comment on this topic but as I was posting Tips on Commenting on my new blog I came back to this one. I loved what you said about “consider your commenter a customer” – that will be my next post topic with a link to you my friend.
    .-= Dick´s last blog ..5 Tips On How To Be A Better Commenter =-.

    1. Dick, it’s so true, even your readers are potential customers and even though they may not comment they see how you treat those who comment on your blog, and I am sure they take that into consideration. Heck, it will probably even encourage them to comment as they’re going to assume you will interact with them.

    1. Thanks Dick, I’m glad I could offer something useful, and I thank you for the mention.

      I hope you also have a great Christmas and a Happy and blogging good year,

  33. If I ever get so successful that I don’t have time to respond to real people with real comments that add something, then I’m no longer successful. I may be busy and have more money, but I would have lost something in the process.

    That just about says it all John. Money isn’t everything and if you have to give up things that are important just to earn a few extra bucks, well, it kind of loses a little of it’s attraction.

  34. Can you believe I only stumbled across this now. Yes I read both the post and have come to the same conclusion.
    The only way to harm your blog through comments is being a moron.

    Trying to justify that spending time commenting on other blogs can actually hurt your blog is ridiculous unless you spend 5 minutes on you blog. But then it’s the neglect of your blog, not the commenting on others that destroys your blog.

    It’s like this. If I am speaking to a bunch of people, who have had the decency to come and listen, and when they respond to my dialogue, asking questions, giving comments, congratulating me, etc. and I ignore them. Do you think that that is socially acceptable. Would you come back.

    Yes I know that you can’t answer every ones question, and yes I know you can’t reply back to everyone. But a conversation is a two was street. If not then you might as well talk to the wall.

    I believe blogging is an interaction. It’s a dialogue, and not a dialogue between your chosen friends, but a dialogue between you and your readers.

    If you’re just posting blog articles and not interacting, then you are a “Blogtator”
    .-= Robert Bravery´s last blog ..What to get your blog for Christmas? =-.

    1. I actually can Robert, considering the amount of posts that exist on the net it’s not unusual to miss one occasionally.

      Using your own analogy where you are speaking to a bunch of people who were dying to interact with you, not giving them that interaction would be like turning your back and walking out of the room.

  35. I think people who reply to to their commenters start to form more of a community assuming they have some repeat visitors.

    I don’t think not replying will hurt your blogs reader numbers but I don’t feel that the readers will feel like they will be missed if they quit reading your blog if you do not respond occasionally.
    .-= Dwippy@DoFollow Blog List´s last blog ..No Title for this One =-.

    1. Hey Dwippy, there’s a lot more chance of getting repeat visitors if you do reply to them.

      I think what they’re saying in regards to harm related to commenting is that by initiating feedback you are denying yourself the time necessary to create more money producing content.

  36. Anyone who has something to say about pretty much anything is going to write an article on their blog here or there. Commenting is a way to explain how much you either like or dislike what another person had to say about a topic.

    I don’t honestly see how commenting can hurt anyone. In fact, it truly helps in my opinion.

    It helps you write, gain idea, interact with people, and more. Comments are good if you ask me.

    Interesting article I must say. :)
    .-= Eric´s last blog ..The Most Money You’ll Ever Make With Your Blog =-.

    1. I think you may have missed the point which was replying to readers comments could harm your success because you would spend less time on important things like making money.

  37. Commenting wouldn’t jeopardize blogging success really. It all depends on the extent you’re willing to interact given the circumstances (fame, time, goals).
    .-= Donanim Haberi´s last blog ..Daha keyifli bir Windows 7!! =-.

    1. I actually believe that the lack of commenting may hurt your success. The guys who have made it big have done so partly because there wasn’t much competition. It’s different today and so I believe we have to tackle the situation differently.

  38. I only post on blogs who comment back. I like the interaction. Of course a small part of my motivation is SEO, but isn’t everyone like that? However, I do not go to a blog that is not fun to read, and one that does not comment back.

    1. Hi, you may have noticed that I deleted your comments, this is because you did not adhere to my comment policy about using a name and not a keyword. I’ve even stipulated it in the comment form itself.

      Unfortunately I’ve delinked your comment for the same reason. You can use a keyword because I use the keyword plugin but you still need to use your name as stipulated. As an example Name@Tent Rental would do fine.

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