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Will Adbeans Affect Your PR

Will Adbeans Affect Your PR

I’ve already done two posts on Adbeans, mainly Using Adbeans To Increase Your Online Income and Update On Adbeans – Can You Make Money With Adbeans? I wasn’t planning to do anymore posts but something came up that I felt wass of the utmost importance to a lot of my readers, especially those who are concerned about their PR!

Firstly, let me say that I have had no problems with Adbeans themselves as they have always paid me my dues. Unfortunately Google does have a problem with me using them and because of that they have decided to strip the blog where I was using their ads of it’s PR. Yep, it went from a PR3 to PR0. No biggie for me because I’ve never been too worried about PR but I reckon because I’ve lost my PR Adbeans won’t be sending any more jobs my way. That’s cool too because those links weren’t really related to my blog which is probably the main thing that tipped Google off.

Is Google A Hypocrite?

Speaking of Google, one has to ask the question as to whether or not Google is being hypocritical when it comes to certain things. Take for example my top sexual aids or my load of bullshit blogs. The first was stripped of Adsense because of it’s sexual content and the second because Google didn’t like the domain name. It seems that Google doesn’t wan’t it’s advertisers exposed to things of a sexual content or even to things that some may find offensive, like the word bullshit for example.  :tongue_laugh_ee:

Take the post I did a little while back called Friday Funnies #36 Is All About Boobs for example.  Knowing Google, I made sure there were no Adsense Ads within the post itself. That normally is enough but it seems that without even reading the content Google found the content offensive enough to make sure there were no ads displayed in the sidebars. Go ahead, have a look and you will see two blank spaces where the ads would normally appear.

So, even though it seems Google’s morals may be high enough to ensure that it isn’t associated with anything that others may find offensive it’s quite happy to direct people to porn and sex sites as long as they’re willing to pay for the ad space. The screen shot below shows the results when I did a search for top sexual aids and as you can see from the arrows the ad shows that Google is happy enough to display those sites as long as they get paid for it. BTW, my site appears still on page one  :thumbup_ee:

I understand that some advertisers may not want to appear on certain sites but then I’m sure there are many who do. You would think that Google with all it’s algorithms and stuff would have a way keeping certain ads out and allowing others in. Perhaps by configuring an “adults only” switch for us to use when placing ads?

What do you think, is Google a little harsh when it comes to the way it treats it’s publishers? Rather than just yanking our PR or playing around with out SERPs should it give us some warning first so that we can fix the problem or at the very least so we can explain the reasons behind doing what we did?


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  1. Twitter:
    Google is very strict regarding the paid links if it releases the PR juice to the advertised sites. You can display Google’s link units but not direct links on your site. Google thinks that you’re dead if dropped from higer PR down to ground :-)

    Yes, the idea of a switch is great. Like ‘nofollow’ tag Google could suggest ‘adult’ tag on page. That would be really nice for all parties.

    1. Yep, their strict when it hurts their backpocket. Their happy enough to have you advertise their affiliates :wink: As for the switch or ‘adult’ tag, I don’t know why they haven’t made use of it yet.
      Sire recently posted…Friday Funnies #38 Irish Jokes And MoreMy Profile

  2. Twitter:
    You know I think they’re phonies and duplicitous. Remember when they stripped my blog of its PR because I wrote a post about cleavage baring in entertainment. It wasn’t a sexy post at all except for the images, which they couldn’t read, but because the site attracted tons of traffic because of that post they first banned Adsense from the site and then dropped it to 0. But it came back after a year. I’m glad it wasn’t this blog, although I’m thinking that it would survive fine without it all.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Google Authorship – Pretty Cool!My Profile

    1. I remember that well Mitch. There was no way in hell that particular post should have attracted that sort of reaction from the big G. But then that’s how it is with them.

      You would of thought they would have appreciated all the extra traffic.
      Sire recently posted…Win One Year Of Free Web Hosting My Profile

  3. Twitter:
    Peter, your PR is 3 for me, so it seems that Google give it back to you.
    Regarding Adsense they’ve strictly and “robotic” rules, so I always keep my website with 101% safe and “child proof” content

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