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Why Zaparena Is No More

Do you guys remember my first ever post on Zaparena called Put Money In Your Pocket And Generate Traffic To Your Blog!? Well, that was the first of many posts promoting a site that I believed actually worked, one that not only generated traffic to your blog but also put a bit of money in your pocket. There were those who said Google would penalise sites who used it and I proved them wrong. There were those who didn’t like the scantily clad women portrayed in their ads and I explained to them that you didn’t have to have those ads if you didn’t want them and I chose to have them because I happen to like scantily clad women? :lol_ee:

 Can You Make Money With Zapunited?

Well, as you can probably tell those ads no longer reside on this blog and let me tell you that is not by choice. What used to be Zaparena is now Zapunited and anyone still displaying Zaparena ads they now link to the zapunited site. Note to self, remove all Zaparena ads from my blogs. I displayed the Zapunited ads in place of the Zaparena ones to see how well they perform. When I noticed they were only generating a minimal amount per click I emailed them.

 I explained how I have advertisers who pay me $30 a month to display a banner on this blog and asked what I could expect from their advertisers. I received an answer saying that I would earn more if I displayed the ads under a post. Somehow I think they missed my point because I wasn’t enquiring on how much they would generate per click I wanted to know what it was worth for them to display their ads on this blog. As you can see from this image there is one ad spot available

earn money with zap united?

 On this blog when there is an empty spot like that someone would fill it by paying me thirty bucks a month. I assume that someone will be getting some cash when that spot is filled but it’s not me unless someone clicks on that ad. I’m not sure I’m happy with that unless it generates well over a dollar a click and I get over a hundred clicks, combined, a month. Anything less and that and as far as I’m concerned it’s simply not viable to display their ads.

I know some of you out there are saying that Zaparena didn’t pay that much for their ads but then you’re forgetting the main reason I displayed their ads is because they generated targeted traffic to my blogs. There is no such advantage having zapunited ads and so they have to pay their way.

I reckon I will give them a months trial to see how they work out. Once the month is up you can expect another post updating you on the results and on my decisions as to whether or not they will have a place on this blog.

As a regular reader I just have to know, do you miss seeing all those near naked women. :lol_ee: As to whether or not you can make money with zapunited, only time will tell.

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  1. Twitter:
    It looks like they already have their brand and an “Advertise Here” ad above the set, it seems a bit wrong to randomly insert more ads when customers/advertisers could fill those spots. I guess they figure it’s more free advertising but they should be serving the ads of the advertiser. Not even Google does that. lol

    I remembered you saying you got traffic from those hot pics. I just clicked a couple to see what was on the other end ;) and at least they open in a new window; plus they are no-follow so that’s good.

    1. Hey Brian,

      I didn’t actually get traffic from the pics themselves. What happens is the picture generate clicks and once I reach a set number of clicks I was able to post my own ad which was shown on the Zaparena network. It was these ads that generated all the traffic and because I was careful with the ads I promoted that traffic was pretty targeted.

      What gets me is that they’re advertising a spot on my site and that once that spot is filled I don’t make anything unless someone clicks on the ad. Seems to me they would be better off approaching me directly so that they also get some PR advantage.

  2. Another ineresting post Pete. Hope you get your income and traffic.What do you lnow about Charter schools? Our new National administration – we had elections last week – is intending to bring them in on a PPP basis. Public/Private/Partnership – asset sales through the back door. Most people have expressed their oppostion. Some claim it will be the beginning of privileged education. Di Hill hasn’t heard of them.



    1. Hi Peter,

      I removed the link in your comment because it bears no relevance to the post. As to traffic, I won’t be getting any extra traffic from zapunited as they do not offer that facility.

      Also, I have no knowledge of charter schools, but if the government is involved I’d be very wary.

      1. We are very, very wary. See you later mate. If we aren’t in touch before hand, a very happy Christmas to you and yours.


        1. Same to everyone on your end Pete. I wish you all the best for Christmas and the New Year.

  3. Hi Sire,
    I use adsense on my blog and have been moderately successful.I have been looking at new avenues for income.I will look forward in a months time for your report on Zapunited. Although by the tone of your post I don’t hold out much hope

    1. At least with Adsense you can get clicks worth well over the dollar mark. It will be interesting to see whether this mob can match that. I’ll let everyone know in a months time.

    1. Hey Suresh,
      it may well be country related because what I see is the same as the image in my post.

      1. For me also all the boxes are empty.BTW thanks for your post.

  4. Hi Sire, I’ll be really interested to see the results of this. I run a blog at the moment using adsense, and obviously it depends on the niche, but it seems to deliver more money cost per click than other companies, although the adverts I’m being provided with aren’t very enticing. I’m looking forward to seeing WordPress’ version of adsense, apparently it’s going to be a a lot fairer to bloggers.

    1. WordPress has a version of Adsense?

  5. I must admit it’s always nice to see a few scantily clad women ;-)

    1. You won’t get any argument from me Matt.

  6. Believe me Sire those pictures were sick, I didn’t know they were some ads I thought you had rented the space and I think they also don’t even a good impression to the visitor if you have a professional or business sort of blog

    1. I reckon you must be the only person who thought they were sick Umair but that’s OK, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  7. Zapunited seems to be exciting but for that “advertise here” tag. But yes, nothing would ever sooth the eyes than those sultry ladies :p

    1. Nothing wrong with having ‘advertise here’ John. How else are people to know there’s a spot for sale?

  8. Sire,

    Yeah! I also noticed that those girls are missing. And for sure, your guy visitors would sure miss those girls! haha Personally, if ind your blog pretty more organized than before. Anyway, it’s Christmas so everybody needs to be a bit holy during this season. :biggrin_wp:

  9. Marketing gimmicks only work to generate controversy and interest for a brief period before disappearing forever. These things have limited long-term viability.

    1. I don’t think Zaparena was a gimmick Alex and I am really sorry to see them taken over as I reckon they had a good thing going.

  10. Twitter:
    No more ladies, eh Sire? Actually I agree with Alex, I thought they were a gimmick as well, and after the initial viewing, none of them ever changed again, at least not here. I say gimmicky because they didn’t always take you to what you thought you were going to see based on the topic; that’s a typical bait and switch scheme, therefore gimmicky.

    These new people sound a lot like Adsense, only without all the advertisers. It’s smart to give them a test if it doesn’t cost you anything but still, isn’t it amazing how quickly some of these sites can disappear?
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…When Your Cause Isn’t Worth The FightMy Profile

    1. Hey Mitch, that’s not Zaparena’s fault, it’s the fault of the advertisers and unfortunately for them it wouldn’t have done anything more than increase their bounce rate.

      Yes it is, but they just didn’t disappear, they were taken over or amalgamated with this present mob.

  11. I believe that you’ve made the right choice,especially for your adsense account.
    Google doesn’t like naked woman,try with man!

    1. It wasn’t really my decision Albert. If I had my choice those image would still be there.

  12. It’s really nice idea ha..! Zaparena turning to Zapunited. I would love to support it. : I can’t wait to watch some more. Congratulation and Good Luck :thumbup_ee:

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